Buenos Aires, Argentina: Summary of the “Chaos Gathering”

One autumn Sunday, we gathered to share a friendly day with rounds of talks and a meal.
The proposal arose with the intention of furthering the tension with the existent, the passivity present in the wider context as well as in our practices and perspectives.
We seek to generate a break in the agenda of (public) anarchist activities in the city of Buenos Aires. We are concerned to see that every anarchist meeting ends in a festival or concert, that the call is limited to groups of friends who share a costume and a musical taste. We believe that in addition to activities of relaxation and enjoyment, which already abound, we need more spaces for meeting and reflection that help us strengthen ties and deepen practices, giving more strength to our actions and multiplying the existence of active groups.
We hope that this activity has achieved some of that. With our mistakes and successes, that is what we tried to achieve. We made our self-criticisms.
At the time of carrying out an action together it is necessary to assess the context in which we are going to intervene. We know that in the street a fascistic common sense prevails that does not support us and most likely never will.
Is it too pretentious to hope that some passer-by will take our side when it comes to attacking the police? Can we only count on our affinities? And act without witnesses?
We appreciate the presence of groups and individuals who came to share in a context where social gatherings are illegal.
The talks were given with sincerity and trust. Everyone came to participate or to listen without detracting from the nature of the activity. We would like to receive your feedback, criticisms, proposals!
We are motivated and continue to think about how to discontinue the logics of inertia; how to spread affinity, chaos and anarchy. Nothing is over, everything continues!
Living and active memory with the subversive prisoners through the hunger strike in the prisons of the $hilean state, and in the current strike for the transfer to the company prison of Rancagua.
with Punki Mauri 12 years after his death
with Emilia Baucis Herrera 3 months after her assassination
with all those who are resisting in every corner lighting the fire of anarchy!
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Translated by relampago for Act for freedom now!