Italy – Updates on” Operation Bialystok”

via: roundrobin.infoTranslated by act for freedom now!
Concerning Claudio’s detention situation, about two months ago he was transferred from the AS3 unit to the “commons” unit in the prison of Syracuse. The reasons for his transfer have yet to be clarified, but it seems it is a “ministerial” order, i.e. by DAP [Department of Prison Administration] (actually the body that decides over placements in detention). Moreover it was declared that custodial measures for 280bis were not valid, but he remains in prison for ‘carrying and fabricating weapons and explosives with purposes of terrorism’.
We recall that the first grade trial for ”Operation Bialystok” started on 25th February 2021 with statements from the witness for the prosecution Luigi Imperatore, a ROS colonel. On 12th May Imperatore was still the protagonist, carrying on his historical ramblings regarding the anarchist galaxy and actually giving prominence to the usual written “evidence” for lack of concrete facts.
The next hearings will be on 8th and 30th June, when experts for the defence will be heard (concerning accusations against Claudio), who will present their consultation based on the reports produced by the prosecutor. After the summer break hearings will continue on 7th, 9th September and 6th October. From 30/06 hearings will be held in the bunker courtroom of Rebibbia.
This is the address to write to Claudio:
Claudio Zaccone
C.C. Siracusa
Strada dei Monasteri 20
96014 Floridia