Argentina: Explosive Attack against Police Car in Buenos Aires

Responding to the appeal of action by our subversive and anarchist comrades on hunger strike from May 16 to 23.
We say that after the completion of the hunger strike, we felt the same urgency of action. To absorb the incendiary / destructive activity as an accomplice continuity form with whom today and yesterday, we fight from the enclosure of the State / Capital dungeons.
On the night of May 18 we left a tube sealed at its two ends, stuffed with fragmented munition, ground aluminum and black gunpowder. Activated by a timer of washing machine. Deposited below the infamous police vigilant patrol a few meters from the commissioner of the commune 15 of the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, Calle Camargo. Caba.

We were able to hear the strong liberating rumble and then check on the destruction. The first objective is to create the greatest damage. The second is the diffusion of action to demonstrate and propagate the actions themselves, not as a vanguard to imitate, but from everyday position, as self-practice. Antagonistic and subversive. Without accommodating these concepts on the pedestal of the fight. We are not surprised by the silence of the media…
Everything continues!!!!!
While there is misery, there will be rebellion!!!
Marcelo Villarroel and all anarchist and subversive prisoners, prisoners from the revolts in Chile and in the world and the Mapuche prisoners to the streets. Freedom for All!
Strength to comrade Gabriel Pombo da Silva This action is also for you.
Momentarily violent and spectacular Nucleus.
via: amwenglish