Unmarked police car arsoned (Germany)

By chronik on 1. Mai 2021
Bremen, May 1, 2021
Another spark in Bremen: Against the curfew! Against the world of order! Unmarked cop car torched downtown!
We join the Autonomous Group that lit a fire on the first night of the curfew (https://endofroad.blackblogs.org/archive/12330).
The curfew is enforced with a massive contingent of cops and property protection, which leaves no other association than that of a police state.
If you are still on the street after 10 p.m., you are suspect. Until midnight you are exposed to police arbitrariness, which certainly has no witnesses. Cops decide whether you look like you could be doing sports or on your way home. After midnight there is no escape.

Curfew means preventive detention at home. A dream for all law-and-order fans and supporters of the police law here in Bremen.
Who feels safe and sound when there are only uniformed people lurking outside?
What happens to the people who have no home? What if I have to consume even at night? Who stands together against police violence and racial profiling? What about the high rates of domestic and sexual violence and who bears responsibility for the all those who become mentally ill due to isolation?
The curfew is the logical extension of an authoritarian control state that craves supposed security. What can quickly and impressively suggest the ability to act? In dealing with the pandemic, this instrument will not help anyone in the long run.
This cop presence is impressive, no question. And the fact that very likely no one will be there to witness being harassed, intimidated or arrested is scary.
Still, now and even before the curfew, we make our own decisions about when and where we travel and with whom we meet. We are able to take responsibility for ourselves and our surroundings. Since when do we need cops, law enforcement or a state to tell us how to treat our friends, family or work colleagues?
A burning unmarked car downtown is a sign for us that we are alive and resistant. We do not accept the power and threatening gestures on the part of the pigs and their superiors, who are endowed with more and more competences. One less car that the fucking cops have under their asses to snoop around, to denounce, to threaten, to surveil…
At the same time we fight the cop in our head and social control, which wants to make us believe that we only have to wait a little bit and hold out until everything goes its „normal“ course again.
We hate this normality!
See this direct action also as revenge. For the friends in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Berlin who were seriously injured by cops! We stand by your side!
All Cops Are Targets
Operation Qosay K.
Source: OMPF (Tor
Video: https://kolektiva.media/videos/watch/ddc81481-a721-465e-8efa-874ef57d952f