Spain – A provincial court rejects request for the release of the 6 prisoners of 27 of February in Barcelona

We receive and spread:
Today, 4th May, a provincial court made public the rejection of a request for the release of the six prisoners being held in custody since 27 of February.
Judges don’t care about our comrades and friends being deprived of freedom for 67 days already, about the inconsistency of the evidence or disproportionate charges. In the face of this response we persist. We continue and will continue to give them solidarity and to demand their freedom.

The plenary assembly of support meet as usual every Friday at 6: 30 at Ágora in Raval.
This Saturday a gathering has been called outside the prison of Brians 1. We hope we will be many. We won’t stop until we see our comrades free!
Translated by Act for freedom now!