Porto Alegre, Brazil : Action in solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners on hunger strike

via: Attaque
source:Contra Info / Saturday 17 April 2021
To the Anarchist compas struggling in the prisons.
With love and hate.
A few anarchists, we visited the headquarters of the representative of the Chilean State in Porto Alegre, just before they started « work » ; we sprayed the car entrance with burnt oil, making difficult or blocking the entry of cars; we also left a burning tyre on the pavement outside the entrance and went away after leaving fliers saying:
« Combative solidarity with the anarchists on hunger strike in the dungeons of the Chilean State. Strength to you warriors, you are not alone! Long live Anarchy! »
Know that no warrior is alone.
This is our gesture full of tenderness, in support of your hunger strike.
Courage compas !
Translated by Act for freedom now!