Athens,Greece: Update on the decision of the 2nd degree hearing of the 3rd trial of R.O.Revolutionary Struggle

Today after the lawyer’s speech and comrade Pola Roupa’s statement concerning the prosecutor’s proposal, the judge requested a suspension of 2 hours to issue the court decision. So, despite fact that this had not been planned, a decision was made on the appeal of P. Roupa, a member of Revolutionary Struggle, for the organization’s bombing of the Bank of Greece-ECB and the IMF office in Athens on 10/04/2014.
After a long (over many months in the court of appeal) ideological-political struggle in court and vigorously defending her political views and the action of the Revolutionary Struggle, the court aligned itself with the decision already made by the 5-member second degree Court against the comrade for misdemeanors while she was in “clandestinity” and Nikos Maziotis was tried alone at the 2nd Revolutionary Struggle trial. At the time, Pola Roupa was sentenced to 11 years’ prison.

The inappropriate life sentence plus 26 years imposed on her at the first trial against her, fell today. She was acquitted of the accusation of management of a “terrorist” organization. For the act of supplying and possession of explosives, she was also acquitted. She was found guilty and was sentenced to six years in prison for simple complicity in the preparation of an explosion with the aggravating circumstance of the “terrorist” act according to the law 187A (where, according to the charge, there could have been danger to persons). Finally, for the theft of the car used with the explosives at the specific action, she was found guilty of simple complicity in car theft with the prosecutor’s proposal of 10 months. The court imposed a total sentence of 6 years and 3 months.
The audio from today’s meeting will be uploaded soon as well and, given the circumstances and her immediate transfer after the trial back to Thebes in quarantine again, a text for the political resolution of this trial will follow when possible.
Comrades in solidarity with Revolutionary Struggle
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