Bremen, Germany: Three Vehicles of Prison Profiteers Dussmann Set on Fire

Autonomous fire prevention! Result: 3 vehicles on fire for the profiteer of prisons Dussmann!
There are companies like Spie, Wisag, Massak, Sodexo … or, as in this case, Dussmann, who, by their collaboration, maintain the authority of the state.
It is wrong to think that companies like Dussmann Service GmbH are neutral. They make the decision to make profits by the humiliation and the exploitation of people. They consciously accept to poison and destroy the organs of the prisoner.
Dussmann is a subcontracting company. It provides “food” for retention centers [prisons for immigrants] and prisons.

Any little collaboration with this system is a contribution to a society that needs prisons and their order. It is also for these so-called small contributions to the system that businesses should be held responsible, if we want to live in an anti-authoritarian world.
Prisons are filled with people who have often lived in the margins of society. The purpose of the prison is to dissuade, discipline people and thus maintain the so-called social peace. The prison punishes the people who are poor, those who do not have a German passport, those who are addicts. Prisons do not resolve problems, but are an integral part of this capitalist, racist and social-chauvinistic logic.
“Prisons are hidden worlds in the Seine of our society and at the same time are an integral part” (from the Dussmann website).
A very mystical description of the prisons and, at the same time, a clear message. Those who need prisons and such society, will suffer our anger.
There will be no social peace with prisons.
Solidarity greetings to those who struggle against pacification and against this prison society.
Many strength for Rigaer94, in Berlin!
Freedom for Lina * and Freedom for All Prisoners.