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Rome, Italy: Update on the trial for operation Bialystok


On 12 September at the Assize courtroom of the court of Rome one of the last hearings took place in the trial that started in the wake of the anti-anarchist repressive operation named Bialystok, in which 6 anarchists were accused of various charges including subversive association, bombing, arson, incitement to commit a crime, plus several ‘minor’ offences.

At the hearing the defence arguments of the lawyers of 3 of the accused comrades were heard. The next hearing will be on 15 September, during which the lawyers defending the remaining 3 comrades will be heard.

The verdict in this first instance trial is scheduled for Tuesday, 20 September.

Updates to follow.

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via:ilrovescio.info Translation by Act for freedom now!

Bristol, UK: Anarchist comrade Toby Shone’s SCPO was rejected by the court!

To the wild celebrations in the public gallery, the presiding judge rejected the application for anarchist comrade Toby Shone’s Serious Crime Prevention Order, declaring there were no grounds for it to be applied under the circumstances. Shouts of ‘Not one step back!’ were responded to with Toby shouting ‘The Revolution is inevitable!’

The result of the court means that comrade Toby will now be released at the earliest in August of this year, if his application for electronic tag is permitted. It is highly likely that it will be refused. If refused, he will be released on December 28th 2022 on automatic halfway release. The extreme conditions of surveillance and control, that would have led to him not only being cut off from his comrades, but his family, friends and partner. It would have restricted his way of living, his ability to fuction as an anarchist, with many conditions that have been listed before, such as his use of electronic devices through to him having to declare who visits his residence. It would have lasted 5 years and could have been renewed. If it had been broken by Toby it would have led to him serving 5 years in the hellholes of the UK prison system. Continue reading Bristol, UK: Anarchist comrade Toby Shone’s SCPO was rejected by the court!

About the upcoming trial regarding the incident of 2018 with the hunter in Evia (Greece)


Republished from a counter-information website. “About the upcoming trial regarding the incident of 2018 with the hunter in Evia On May 26, 2022, the court case for the incident that happened about 3.5 years ago, on December 26, 2018, in Evia, concerning a dispute with a hunter, will be heard at the Single-Member Court of Appeal for Felony Cases in Chalkida. The persons brought on trial are two.

For reasons not at hand, however, both this text and the political opening of the case is now being done only by the signator. What happened in December 2018 was a spontaneous attempt to prevent a hunter from pursuing his killing hobby and kill an animal. After being asked repeatedly to stop to no avail, tension ensued, the result of which was that his shotgun was thrown somewhere in the woods. With the hunter in a furious state the end of the incident came with our departure from the scene. The hunter called the police and as a result we were stopped on the route by a number of their vehicles and arrested us.

The charges held against us were robbery (for the shotgun) which is a felony and theft (of a cell phone) which is a misdemeanor. At the same time, a restrictive condition to leave the country was imposed, which is still in force today. More about the incident and the statements, role and attitude of the hunting clubs on the case can be found in the previous text published here (editor’s note: this text can be found translated inside the blog here). Continue reading About the upcoming trial regarding the incident of 2018 with the hunter in Evia (Greece)