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A world without mothers? by Silvia Guerini (Italy)

A world without mothers?
The term ectogenesis was coined in the 1920s by geneticist and biologist researcher J.B.S. Haldaine to refer to the development of a new being outside the maternal body. Haldaine considered ectogenesis “an important opportunity for social engineering” inscribed in a eugenic society where a complete separation of procreation from sex would lead to a “liberation of humanity in an entirely new sense.”
Haldain was interested in understanding the origin of life in order to direct and control the development of life itself. His goal was to synthesize living creatures in biochemistry laboratories, an aspiration that, in later years, would take shape in synthetic biology and genetic engineering laboratories.
Haldaine believed that ectogenesis would allow for eugenic selection in which only the best gametes would be used for the next generation. Selection that today has become the practice in the field of MAP techniques. Haldaine and Julian Huxley strongly promoted a “positive eugenics” that in those years resulted – well before Nazi Germany – in sterilization programs regulated by legislation in favor of them in the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and widely funded by philanthropic associations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, issues that we have explored in our previous texts.

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Italy: Program Three Days Against the Techno-Sciences 23-24-25 July EN/IT

July 23-24-25, 2021
3rd International Meeting
at Altradimora, Strada Caranzano 72, Alessandria (AL), Italy
13.00 Lunch
15.00 Presentation of the meeting
15.30 Introduction by Resistenze al nanomondo
Immunity and the machine
Contribution by Sarajevo (Athens)
World-Laboratory: from the health emergency to the techno-sanitary dictatorship
Contra Toda Nocividad (Madrid)
As a result of the “health emergency” decreed practically all over the planet, our lives have been regulated and structured under the imperatives of health: social distancing, confinement, masks, “vaccines”, virtual relationships, etc. All these pharmacological and non-pharmacological measures have been taken from a sanitary-securitarian and authoritarian vision by the health technocracy. Measures that are solely and exclusively ideological and political and in no case show improvements in population health.
The catastrophic story of the media and authorities has meant the exposure to high doses of fear and terror of a large part of the population that has accepted this health dictatorship, we wonder if it would have accepted with the same submission a dictatorship of any other type. This catastrophic history has led us to a war scenario in which we have seen the invasion of space by the military and the acceleration of repressive measures and laws. In the course of this war against the ‘virus’ the enemy to be beaten are our own pathologized bodies and possible carriers of the ‘virus’, we will focus the discourse on the critique of this attack on our bodies and especially on our immune system that will involve pharmacological measures. Especially gene therapy, which is hidden behind mRNA “vaccines”, which will mean the expropriation of our immune system, the mechanization and conversion of our bodies into a drug factory at the service of the pharmaceutical industry and the cellular-genetic alteration of our bodies that will lead to a true epidemic of autoimmune diseases.

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