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Kassel (Germany): incendiary attack of the car park of the German army

Kassel,incendiary attack of the car park of the German army

de.indymedia, August 17, 2022

On the night of Thursday to Friday of last week, two vehicles were completely burned in the district of Bad Willhelmshöhe in Kassel (Hessen region). The two cars that were completely destroyed by fire were two civilian vehicles belonging to the German army fleet, parked near the Bundeswehr technical school. The cops say the damage was in the mid-five figures. A small drop in the bucket compared to the huge sums currently being spent on rearmament.

Since all NATO member countries are required to spend at least 2% of their GDP on war preparations, spending on military and armaments products is skyrocketing in Europe. Since then, the German army has been subtly presented to us as an “antiquated troop, reduced to a pitiful size by cost-cutting” and “not fit for combat”. The aim is to convince the public that the huge investments in the military-industrial complex are justified and serve the security of Europe. When at the beginning of this year the war in Ukraine escalated again and the Russian ruling class sent its army to finish annexing the territories in the east of Ukraine that have been disputed for years, the calls for the necessary rearmament of Europe finally found complacent ears.

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