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Spain: V Encuentro Contra el Sistema Tecno Industrial y su Mundo. 27,28 y 29 de mayo. Madrid / V Meeting Against the Techno Industrial System and its World. May 27,28 and 29. Madrid


During the 27th, 28th and 29th of May will take place the “V Anarchist Meeting against the Technoindustrial System and its world”. A place where we can meet, get to know each other, debate, spread and sharpen our ideas against the technical organization of the world. We intend the meeting to be one more tool to fight the techno-scientific-industrial system, because we think that the field of confrontation should be concentrated in the field of technological progress, since it is and will be what will trace the present and future dynamics of domination over each and every one of the aspects of our lives: social, political, economic and environmental. During the duration of the conference there will be a space for distributors (those who want to set up a distributor in the space are kindly requested to confirm their presence in advance) and 100% vegetarian canteens. In the coming days we will disseminate the full program of the meeting, which this year will be held at PVA Sputnik (C / Gonzalez soto, 21, Vallecas, Madrid).

Historically, the systems of domination have taken advantage of moments of crisis or catastrophe to transform the world, to carry out a metamorphosis of it. In other times this metamorphosis was carried out when capitalism was threatened by the advance of the class struggle or by the need for economic and productive changes to maximize profits. In our time we see how technocracy takes advantage of emergencies, be they energetic, sanitary, economic, climatic… to accelerate the techno-totalitarianism that the machine-world implies. A new “great transformation” is underway, driven by the techno-financial elites, a Great Reset. Restarting life in all its dimensions to impose a new way of life and a new world under the imperatives of the 4th Industrial Revolution, that is, restarting life to submit it to the machine-world that seeks to optimize the human being and all living things to turn them into just another cog in the machine-world. Once nature has been artificialized and controlled, the objective now is the human being. Continue reading Spain: V Encuentro Contra el Sistema Tecno Industrial y su Mundo. 27,28 y 29 de mayo. Madrid / V Meeting Against the Techno Industrial System and its World. May 27,28 and 29. Madrid

A world without mothers? by Silvia Guerini (Italy)

A world without mothers?
The term ectogenesis was coined in the 1920s by geneticist and biologist researcher J.B.S. Haldaine to refer to the development of a new being outside the maternal body. Haldaine considered ectogenesis “an important opportunity for social engineering” inscribed in a eugenic society where a complete separation of procreation from sex would lead to a “liberation of humanity in an entirely new sense.”
Haldain was interested in understanding the origin of life in order to direct and control the development of life itself. His goal was to synthesize living creatures in biochemistry laboratories, an aspiration that, in later years, would take shape in synthetic biology and genetic engineering laboratories.
Haldaine believed that ectogenesis would allow for eugenic selection in which only the best gametes would be used for the next generation. Selection that today has become the practice in the field of MAP techniques. Haldaine and Julian Huxley strongly promoted a “positive eugenics” that in those years resulted – well before Nazi Germany – in sterilization programs regulated by legislation in favor of them in the United States, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and widely funded by philanthropic associations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, issues that we have explored in our previous texts.

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