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Action against prison builders Kier (Bristol,UK)

received by anonymous email:
This week we targeted the Bristol based offices of Kier, a company who,hand in hand with the State, profit from the misery and suffering of others.
It was easy and fun as we splashed paint and sprayed messages across the walls and smashed the windows of the building to highlight where some of their profits come from.
Kier has been working with the ministry of “justice” for the last 14 years, having worked on the Midlands mega-prison, HMP Oakwood and the new mega-prison in Wellingborough. The conditions within these institutions can be described as nothing less than torture. Kier are literally materialising physical and psychological trauma before it’s even been appointed its receivers.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina : An action two months after the murder of Emilia Baucis

via: Attaque
Buenos Aires, 16 April 2021.
Two months after the murder of Emilia « Baucis » Herrera, in the Wallmapu.
In solidarity with the subversive prisoners, anarchists and of the revolt, on hunger strike for 26 days, in Chile.
Today we are sharing an act of complicity.
In fire we find again the active flame of the memory of our trans comrade Bau, shot dead by a gang of thugs because of their resistance, two months ago during the recuperation of land in the Lof Llazcawe. Emilia : the offensive does not forget you, your memory has been transformed into direct actions and the strength of your convictions is more present than ever.

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Montréal (Canada) against the curfew? Rampage through the town centre!

via: sansnom
Mayhem in Old Montréal after a demonstration against the curfew
LPC/Radio Canada, 12 April 2021
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Old Port of Montreal on Sunday evening to protest the curfew. They wanted to challenge the new directive of the Legault government which raised the curfew from 9:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Protesters completely blocked rue de la Commune near Place Jacques-Cartier.
The majority of the demonstrators were young people not wearing masks. They chanted slogans insulting prime minister Legault and demanding more freedom, while setting off fireworks. The initially festive atmosphere, however, deteriorated when some of them set fire to rubbish in Place Jacques-Cartier.
Dozens of police officers from the police service of the Ville de Montréal (SPVM), some from riot police forces, were sent to the scene to disperse the crowd. On the arrival of the police, shortly after 8:30 p.m., dozens of demonstrators dispersed to wreak havoc on the cobbled streets of Montreal’s tourist district. Fires were started in garbage containers at many intersections. Protesters picked up any objects they could find on the street to throw and smash shop windows.

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Attack on Portland Police vehicles during simultaneous protest (usa)

submitted anonymously
Late April 12th, while the pigs were busy attempting to control a rowdy demo at the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, the opportunity was seized to attack. The chainlink fence surrounding the parking lot of the Portland Police Bureau’s traffic offices in St John’s was cut through. Tires were slashed and windows were broken on multiple police vehicles, and side mirrors were smashed off.
At the same time, a black bloc was breaking windows in at the local sheriff’s office, lighting fires, tearing the light fixtures off of the building, and throwing rocks at police and their cars. There’s a lot of potential in simultaneous autonomous attack, you can take advantage of most cops being busy somewhere else, and you can make the pigs pay for centralizing their resources to repress a demo. If such attacks during militant protests became the norm, it make the police scared to focus all their strength on attacking one crowd, and so spread thin the state’s resources.
The night is yours, if only you take it.

State Vehicle and Security Car Set on Fire in Komotini, Greece in Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Chile

There are people who are bullets for weapons that have disappeared or have not yet been discovered. Others are knives and recognize as a sheath only the heart. And others are flowers that bloom in cement. The rest could and do not exist.
From March 22nd, political prisoners in Santiago, Chile started a hunger strike. The requests of the fighters are not to pass the amendment to Article 321. A law aimed at killing political prisoners as it significantly reduces the conditional release. They also fight for the release of anarchist and subversive prisoners, the prisoners of the rebellion and those imprisoned for the Mapuche struggle. A typical example of the mediated modification of law against the enemies of power is that of the comrade Marcelo Villaroel, who has been imprisoned for 25 years for attacks against state and capital. Based on this law, he won’t be entitled to a request for conditional release until 2036.
Wanting to show our solidarity with Chilean anarchist comrades, we burned a state vehicle of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and a security vehicle on Saturday April 17. As we saw the vehicles brighten, a wide smile formed on our faces, seeing our action successfully completed.

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Balance of March 29: Day of the Young Combatant in Chile

As it is already custom, youth, inhabitants and workers came out to commemorate the murder of the Vergara Toledo brothers.
36 years ago the Vergara Toledo brothers lost their lives in an ambush in Villa France. Today, with honor and combative organization we commemorate them, 36 years later, we followed the legacy of the fighters of the past.
From March 28 at about 9 pm at night, different populations of the Chilean territory begin to shake up what would be another year of commemoration.

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Berlin: Attack against equipment supplier of greek police and border patrols

No Border No Nation – Fire at a defense company in Berlin
Nissan is one of the largest internationally active manufacturers of operation vehicles for police forces, private security companies and the military. At the moment, vans and off-road vehicles from the Japanese group are products that stand up to the competition on the market.
For example, the Hellenic Police recently announced that it would make the Nissan Qashqai the new main model of its vehicle fleet. 790 of these jeeps have been ordered from Nissan. (1) They will be used especially for border protection in rural areas, but also for special units such as “OPKE”. Furthermore, the ND (Nea Demokratia) regime has ordered new and smaller vans from Nissan in order to show more presence in the winding streets of the cities, where the hunt for people is no less intense.

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France: Smoke signals in spring: EN/ IT / FR / GR

 french: pdf
On May 19th, after eight months on remand in the prison of Nancy, the State minions will put the anarchist B. on trial for the burning of two relay antennas during the great confinement.
However, as is well known, solidarity is attack, so this is a good opportunity to not leave the comrade alone to face the scoundrels in togas, while continuing the urgent work of demolition of the old world… Salins-les-Bains (Jura), 10 April 2020. While self-confinement is in full swing all over the world, an anarchist climbs the slopes of Mont Poupet. With his ideas and determination he sends the two large relay antennas transmitting the waves of the police, the gendarmerie and mobile phone operators up in smoke, before disappearing back into the night from whence he had come. This is not the only one, by the way, as officially at least 174 antennas have been sabotaged all around the region over the past year, half of them by fire.

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Madrid, Spain: Attack on an Iberdrola agency, in solidarity with the prisoners in Chile

via: attaque.

Last week, the windows of an Iberdrola agency [Spanish company that produces and supplies electricity and gas. NdAtt.] were shattered with stones, in Madrid, because of the economic interests of this company in Chile and its relations with the Chilean State.
In solidarity with the prisoners in struggle in the Chilean State.  For the abrogation of article 9 and the reinstatement of Article 1 of the Legislative Decree 321.
 Death to all States!
Long live anarchy!
Translated by Act for freedom now!