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Arson of the construction Praxis that demolished the occupation of Biologica by Cores of Immediate Action (Thessaloniki,Greece)

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, numerous repressive forces surround the facilities of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and begin the operation to evacuate the occupation of the Biologica. They invade the hangout(at Biologica) and after the end of the research, they start the demolition works of the area. The renovation project, which concerns the “Investment in education, the acquisition of skills and lifelong learning” and amounts to a cost of 1,320,600 euros, concerns the creation of a sterile waiting area.These are the real needs of academic education: sterile spaces in a landscape deliberately degraded, to create the empty man of tomorrow, a willing servant and ruler in the appeals and interests of capitalist reconstruction.
The repressive gang war of Rector Papaioannou against the squats that belong to the(ΑΠΘ)Aristotle University of Thessaloniki continues. After the evacuation of the Terra Incognita squat in the summer of 2020, the evacuation of the squat on Nikis Street in the past (buildings that remain sealed even today), the uniformed academy proceeds to evacuate and demolish a space inside the university campus that over 3 decades captured what freedom in knowledge, self-education, access without profit and price means.The academic community officially opens its arms to militarism and repression, with the rubbish of the rectory sending its excited thanks personally to Mitsotakis himself. This is the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki:a matrix of collaborators of repression in which the officials of the uniformed Republic are hatched. Sludge like Papaioannou who does not care where he puts his signature and Margaritis who enacts laws to send to cement anyone who actually challenges the state monarchy.

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Paris, France : Solidarity with Francisco ! by Anarchists

 5 January 2021
Prison hovers permanently like a dark cloud over the lives of those who do not want to resign themselves to this world of authority and exploitation. It crushes the lives of so many people whom the State considers useless or dangerous.
We carry in our hearts the names, words and deeds of our imprisoned comrades around the world.
Among them is Franscisco Solar, a Chilean anarchist who recently took responsibility with strength and dignity for the explosive devices that shattered the illusion of security so dear to the cops, the politicians and the rich. So that fear finally changes sides.
Despite the distance and the walls, we wanted to send him a message of solidarity.
And so in the night of 24 to 25 December we set fire to a vehicle of prison builders Eiffage, and another with a diplomatic plate, in rue Courat in Paris.
Courage comrade ! The anarchists don’t forget you!
A thought also to Toby, comrade imprisoned in England.
Fire to the prisons, to the companies that build them and the world that needs them.
Solidarity means attack.
A few anarchists
via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Milan, Italy – Bomb against Unicredit

The clamour of revolt shattered the silence of a freezing winter night. Anarchist violence was unleashed against Unicredit, exploding in the night against one of its Milan branches in the neighbourhood of Barona. An explosive device placed on the threshold of the institute destroyed the entrance and adjacent cash machines.
The bank giant, chaired by ex-minister of the economy Padoan, is the second most important bank in Italy and can be found in eighteen countries. It has been financing exports of arms and military systems for years, and among its shareholders is Black Rock, a world leader in investment funds. In a world where banks have the power to determine market trends and people’s lives, direct attack on these structures is one of the best weapons of struggle.

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Genoa, Italy – Claim for an incendiary attack on a high voltage pylon

In the night of christmas eve, tired of the artificial panorama of a city ready to celebrate on the capitalist sleigh, we decided to contribute to the illuminations by lighting up a Terna high voltage pylon with cans of petrol. Our little nocturnal present succeeded, illuminating the grey sky with dazzling flashes and some dull thuds.
As for today we don’t know how much actual damage was caused, but we do know that Terna might have to add our christmas pylon to its endless list of maintenance, improvements and adjustments which it is set to do over almost 75,000 km of Italian network.
Obviously the hope was, remains and will remain that of definitively turning off the system of energy supply, the beating heart of this sick world of consumerism and opulence, devastation, wars and death.

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Paris : Solidarité avec Francisco !

Publié le par Attaque
reçu par mail / mercredi 5 janvier 2021
La prison plane en permanence comme un nuage sombre au dessus des vies de celles et ceux qui ne veulent pas se résigner à ce monde d’autorité et d’exploitation. Elle broie les vies de tant de personnes que l’État considère comme inutiles ou dangereuses.
Nous portons dans nos cœurs les noms, les mots et les actes de nos compagnon-nes emprisonné-es partout dans le monde.
Parmi elleux il y a Franscisco Solar, un anarchiste chilien qui a récemment assumé avec force et dignité la responsabilité des engins explosifs qui ont brisé l’illusion de la sécurité tellement chère aux flics, aux politicards et aux riches. Pour que la peur change enfin de camp.
Malgré la distance et les murs, on voulait lui envoyer un message de solidarité.
Du coup dans la nuit du 24 au 25 décembre on a mis le feu à une voiture des constructeurs de prisons Eiffage, et à un’autre qui avait une plaque diplomatique, rue Courat à Paris.

Courage compagnon ! Les anarchistes ne t’oublient pas !
Une pensée aussi pour Toby, compagnon emprisonné en Angleterre.
Feu aux prisons, aux entreprises qui les construisent et au monde qui en a besoin.
La solidarité c’est l’attaque.
Quelques anarchistes
Notes by Act for freedom now! soon will do the English translation

Lille,France – Action against ANAA Architects: destroy the C.R.A.! 

On the night of 21 December, we went to the premises of ANAA Architects, located at 14 rue du quai in Lille. Their front door was sealed with expanding foam and a small message was left on their window: “The State is murdering in the CRAs / ANAA is an accomplice”.
The company ANAA Architectes is responsible for drawing up the plans for the extension of the Lesquin Administrative Detention Centre. This company had already drawn up the plans when the centre was created (in 2006).

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[Chilean Prisons] Taking responsibility. Excerpt from the declaration of anarchist comrade Francisco Solar

Original Published December 22, 2021 Translated by Act for freedom now!
Received 12/21/2021:
Extract from the judicial declaration of anarchist comrade Francisco Solar taking responsibility for sending explosive packages to the 54th station of the carabineros [Federal Police of Chile] and against the former Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter in July 2019, action claimed by “Cómplices sediciosos/Fracción por la Venganza” [Seditious Accomplices/Vengeance Faction] and for the double attack on the Tánica building on February 27, 2020, in the midst of the revolt, action claimed by “Afinidades Armadas en Revuelta” [Armed Affinities in Revolt].
(…) In November 2017, our idea was to move away from the big cities, mainly Santiago, because of its frenetic way of life, and to start a self-sustaining project. Although I opted for that way of life, I did not stop thinking that the most appropriate way to fight against an overpowering system based on authority and predation is through violent revolutionary action. Only from this is it possible to achieve moments of destabilization that, even if they are fleeting instants, reveal the vulnerability of power
In the middle of 2018 I decided to start pursuing that kind of action (…) Once I made that decision I started to think about some target, being clear that if I was going to take a great risk, the action had to be powerful. I thought of carrying out an action as a response, as revenge against people linked to repression and business power. Both criteria were fully met by Rodrigo Hinzpeter, who in 2019 was manager of the Quiñenco group, whose president is Andronico Luksc. Hinzpeter had also been Minister of the Interior under the first government of Piñera, leaving a trail of repression that will be difficult to forget. He harshly repressed social and student mobilizations, trying to pass a law marked by prohibitions of all kinds, known as the Hinzpeter Law. As Minister of the Interior he was politically responsible for the murder of young Manuel Gutiérrez, harshly repressed the social mobilizations in Aysén and Freirina, militarized the Mapuche territory, resulting in hundreds being wounded, many of them children, and countless prisoners.

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Maule, Chile: Arson attack against the companies Áridos Bullileo and Asfaltos Maule

We denounce its complicity in the plundering of the environment, in all areas and in all corners of this territory called Chile.
The result of this action was the total destruction of :
3 truck mixers
2 hopper trucks
1 truck tractor
1 tractor
1 mobile sorting installation [the one in the picture above; NdAtt.]
1 backhoe
To make a long story short, an amount of 800 million pesos [about 835,000 euros at today’s exchange rate; NdAtt.] of damage.
Before October 18, 2019, [date of the beginning of the great social revolt in Chile; NdAtt.] the workers of the companies mentioned mobilized to demand better wages and treatment from the owners. After a month of struggle, the Vega-Ruiz family resolved the conflict by buying off the head of the union, a traitor, which led to the demobilization of the workers, and then proceeded to unjustified mass dismissals. The anti-union practices of these people are constant and are part of the corruption maintained by the labor inspectorate and the large companies in the region.

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Bavaria,Germany : Police relay antennas burned

Bavaria: Police relay antennas burned
translated from German to French from de.indymedia, 17 December 2021
During the night of 13.12. we set fire to two transmission antennas of the Bavarian Criminal Police Centre in Nuremberg.
There are countless reasons for hating and attacking the police.
The main mission of the police is to keep the existing social status quo in place. This means that police officers are paid to ensure the preservation of an exploitative, racist, sexist social and economic system based on the exclusion of minorities. It is their job to defend profit and the dominant position of the powerful in this system against any attempt to change in the direction of social justice, equality, redistribution or environmental sustainability. The police thus share the ideology of inequality in which LGBTQIA+, migrant, poor or disabled people are worth less than others, so are systematically denied access to basic and equal rights. By their very function, the police are necessarily conservative and politically right-wing.
In the media, political and legal spheres, the police are attributed inexistent neutrality and expertise, which is supposed to allow them to describe events or judge situations objectively. In fact, they are a political operator who openly acts against those they consider the embodiment of their enemies (people considered to be deviant, those who aspire to social change, or migrants), and are also given the sole right to interpret their attacks.

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Lyon,France: Direct action against the ARS

Direct action against the ARS
Published December 12
We are fed up with the breakdown of public services.
For years, nurses have been protesting against the administrative mismanagement of hospitals, the withdrawal of beds in the wards, the lack of staff…
For these reasons, one night during the weekend of 4-5 December, we visited the Regional Health Agency in Lyon, wrote “No more beds!” on its façade and smashed its windows.
Next time we’ll come in 200
Solidarity with the rioters in Guadeloupe and Martinique
Translated by Act for freedom now!
Actforfree notes : Guadeloupe: blockades, looting and shooting at cops during riots against the health pass
Martinique : looting of ATM, police station, supermarkets, high school and shooting at cops [MaJ]