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Madrid, Spain: Attack on an Iberdrola agency, in solidarity with the prisoners in Chile

via: attaque.

Last week, the windows of an Iberdrola agency [Spanish company that produces and supplies electricity and gas. NdAtt.] were shattered with stones, in Madrid, because of the economic interests of this company in Chile and its relations with the Chilean State.
In solidarity with the prisoners in struggle in the Chilean State.  For the abrogation of article 9 and the reinstatement of Article 1 of the Legislative Decree 321.
 Death to all States!
Long live anarchy!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Yearly overview of attacks against power in France 2020-2021

Received  by  anonymous email: [With a few minor corrections in the introduction by act for freedom now]


Face to face with the enemy
Domination has acquired a dazzling rhythm of mutation. The veil of technological advance is covering the world as we knew it in shrouds. Ecological disaster is not “coming”, is already there. While industrial progress advances triumphantly, instability on all levels (social, political, economical, ecological) is increasing. A difficult challenge for those who will continue to fight for freedom as a totality, and not as a negotiation on the lengths of our chains. Old models of revolutionary intervention are fading away as the urge for new perspectives presses.
A century ago, anarchists on the banks of the Rio de la Platain South-America declared war on power and came “Face to face with the enemy”. They went to seek out the enemy in their lairs with offensive moves. They bombed banks, police stations, institutions, getting ever more closer to the enemy. With anarchy in their hearts, and a gun in their hands, they went forward, not waiting for the masses or the building of a broad movement. And every bomb they put echoed with the numerous publications they spread. Action and idea went together, hand in hand. Today, how do we come “face to face with the enemy”? Where does he hide, where can we hit him? As domination shifts to new models, anarchists and rebels also broaden their views.

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Barcelona, Spain: Incendiary devices on 5G relay antennas

imc_barcelona / Friday 26 March 2021
Incendiary devices placed on 5G antennas in Barcelona
One early morning in the month of March we decided to sabotage domination and technological progress by setting fire to four 5G relay antenna electrical cabinets in Barcelona; this action is a sign of solidarity with all the anarchist and subversive prisoners on hunger strike in the territories dominated by the Chilean and Greek states.
It is also a small contribution to all the revolts that have been taking place recently.
Death to the State and its domination
via: Attaque Translated Act for freedom now!

Bremen, Germany: Three Vehicles of Prison Profiteers Dussmann Set on Fire

Autonomous fire prevention! Result: 3 vehicles on fire for the profiteer of prisons Dussmann!
There are companies like Spie, Wisag, Massak, Sodexo … or, as in this case, Dussmann, who, by their collaboration, maintain the authority of the state.
It is wrong to think that companies like Dussmann Service GmbH are neutral. They make the decision to make profits by the humiliation and the exploitation of people. They consciously accept to poison and destroy the organs of the prisoner.
Dussmann is a subcontracting company. It provides “food” for retention centers [prisons for immigrants] and prisons.

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Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information (UK)- en/ gr/ it / fr/es/de

On 29.03.21 the Dutch police raided the data center that holds the server, seizing the server itself as part of a criminal investigation into ‘terrorism’. is a collective that provided a platform for international movement websites from prisoner solidarity groups, multiple campaign collectives, anti-summit pages and international counter-information. Significant sites that used as a platform that have been targeted by this repressive attack by the Dutch police are Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Montreal Counter-Info, Northshore Counter-Info, Act For Freedom Now! (now re-activated on and 325.
We as a collective are aware that this was not just an attack by the Dutch police, but was done in coordination with the Counter Terrorism Unit of the United Kingdom in connection with their recent repressive attacks upon the anarchist circles in this country. Not only have they been threatening ourselves, but recently threatened unless they shut down our site. Along with this they demanded information be given to them of the identity of anyone involved in 325. The extent that the authorities will go to attack us and anyone they suspect of aiding us is of no surprise to us, the examples through history of state forces repressing anyone who dares to stand and fight them are numerous.
This repressive attack should be seen as an attack upon all
counter-information, on anarchist circles internationally. Under the present ongoing environment of Covid-19 and the repressive actions of states around the world, it is no surprise to us that they work together on an international level, the recent repression against anarchist comrade Gabriel Pomba da Silva, with co-operation between Spanish, Italian and Portuguese states, is a more than obvious recent example. Continue reading Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information (UK)- en/ gr/ it / fr/es/de


received anonymously via encrypted email:
“In the early hours of the 4th of April we paid a visit to the butchers shop in Hanham, Bristol. Every available shutter,door and wall was painted with slogans such as “scum” “ALF” “go vegan” and “meat kills”.
A small side window was also gleefully smashed! We can’t fully comprehend the pain and suffering animals go through on farms and in slaughterhouses so instead we take action for them. Together we can bankrupt animal abusers and create a better world.
Action dedicated to the Bristol rioters – hurt cops not animals!