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Las Condes, Chile : Explosive attack against BancoEstado

via: Attaque
source : Contra Info / Tuesday 4 May 2021
The night of 3rd May, after more than 42 days of hunger strike of our compas Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Joaquín García, Pablo Bahamondez, Juan Flores and Marcelo Villarroel.
A few minutes before the start of the curfew, we headed for the neighbourhoods where there was no banging of pots to demand crumbs from this murderous government. Neighbourhoods inhabited by those who, in spite of the pandemic situation, have increased their wealth enormously while in other parts of the territory dominated by the Chilean State, hunger and poverty are the daily lot of many people.
We attacked this symbol of money and capital, a bank in avenue Apoquindo, at the corner of avenida Manquehue, in Las Condes [commune in the  rich suburb of  Santiago – BancoEstado belongs to the Chilean State; French NdAtt.]. This in solidarity with the compas on hunger strike since March 22 for the abrogation of the amendments of the decree law n. 321. They are using their bodies as the only trench in their gesture of defiance against the prison structure and its judiciary.

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Rome, Italy – 5G antenna on fire

We receive from anonymous mail and spread:
Against the technological system and advancing control we can only oppose destructive action. For this in the night between 14th and 15th April a 5G WindTre antenna was set on fire in Via Tor tre Treste, Rome.
Fiery thoughts for Juan and the brothers and the sister on hunger strike in Chile. Freedom for Marcelo Villaroel!
Long live anarchy!
Translated by act for freedom now!

Buenos Aires (Argentina) : Car on fire in solidarity with the hunger strike in the Chilean prisons

via: Attaque
Contra Info / Saturday 24 April 2021
Coercive measures cannot but sow the seeds of hatred and vengeance. It is a deadly circle. Moreover, since you have been slicing off heads and populating the prisons and penal colonies have you prevented hatred from showing itself?» Alexandre Marius Jacob*
In the night of Sunday April 18, while out walking in the street under the curfew restrictions, we set fire to a bin and a high-end car, a Volkswagen Polo 1.6. The theatre of this liberation by flames is 4000 Yerbal Street, in the Flores district.
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Altsasu (Spain) ATMs sabotaged in solidarity with prisoners

via: Attaque
Contramadriz / Sunday 25 April 2021
Wednesday 21st April, we destroyed 3 automatic cash dispensers of the Caixa, in Altsasu (Euskal Herria).

We broke the first for freedom for subversive, anarchist, mapuche prisoners and those of the revolt in Chile; in solidarity with those on hunger strike since 22nd March and those who have ended their strike for health reasons.

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Three Dussmann Company Cars Arsoned (Germany)

By chronik
Bremen, April 1, 2021
Companies like Spie, WISAG, Massak, Sodexo….. or, as in this case, Dussmann, keep state power alive through their pandering. It is a misconception to think that companies like Dussmann Service GmbH are neutral. They make the decision to profit from degrading and exploiting people. They consciously poison and destroy the bodies of inmates. Dussmann is a supplier company. It supplies „catering“ to detention centers and also to prisons. Every little contribution to this system is a contribution to a society which needs prisons and their order. It is also the supposedly small contributions to the system for which companies should be held accountable if we are to live in an anti-authoritarian world. Jails are full of people who have often been living on the margins of society. Prison is supposed to deter, to discipline people and thus to keep the alleged social peace. Prison punishes those who are poor, those who do not have a German passport, those who have addictions. Prisons do not solve problems, but are an integral part of this capitalist, racist and chauvinistic social logic. Continue reading Three Dussmann Company Cars Arsoned (Germany)

Indonesia: Solidaritas Berarti Menyerang! (Solidarity Means Attack!)

Wadas is the current regime’s national strategic project. Another option if the quarry mining plan in Wadas fails, they will move places. Since when have state withdrawn from their ambitious project? The state will not withdraw until it is repelled.
But to make the state backdown is difficult, and holding the police or bulldozers is also difficult. Nobody knows how long solidarity would last in Wadas village. Everyone has their priorities, and Wadas can’t always be first. We were worried that when the police arrived, the solidarity network was not there. The enemy could have brought even greater force as the solidarity network came after the houses of the Wadas residents collapsed.

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Action against prison builders Kier (Bristol,UK)

received by anonymous email:
This week we targeted the Bristol based offices of Kier, a company who,hand in hand with the State, profit from the misery and suffering of others.
It was easy and fun as we splashed paint and sprayed messages across the walls and smashed the windows of the building to highlight where some of their profits come from.
Kier has been working with the ministry of “justice” for the last 14 years, having worked on the Midlands mega-prison, HMP Oakwood and the new mega-prison in Wellingborough. The conditions within these institutions can be described as nothing less than torture. Kier are literally materialising physical and psychological trauma before it’s even been appointed its receivers.

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Buenos Aires, Argentina : An action two months after the murder of Emilia Baucis

via: Attaque
Buenos Aires, 16 April 2021.
Two months after the murder of Emilia « Baucis » Herrera, in the Wallmapu.
In solidarity with the subversive prisoners, anarchists and of the revolt, on hunger strike for 26 days, in Chile.
Today we are sharing an act of complicity.
In fire we find again the active flame of the memory of our trans comrade Bau, shot dead by a gang of thugs because of their resistance, two months ago during the recuperation of land in the Lof Llazcawe. Emilia : the offensive does not forget you, your memory has been transformed into direct actions and the strength of your convictions is more present than ever.

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Montréal (Canada) against the curfew? Rampage through the town centre!

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Mayhem in Old Montréal after a demonstration against the curfew
LPC/Radio Canada, 12 April 2021
Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the Old Port of Montreal on Sunday evening to protest the curfew. They wanted to challenge the new directive of the Legault government which raised the curfew from 9:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. Protesters completely blocked rue de la Commune near Place Jacques-Cartier.
The majority of the demonstrators were young people not wearing masks. They chanted slogans insulting prime minister Legault and demanding more freedom, while setting off fireworks. The initially festive atmosphere, however, deteriorated when some of them set fire to rubbish in Place Jacques-Cartier.
Dozens of police officers from the police service of the Ville de Montréal (SPVM), some from riot police forces, were sent to the scene to disperse the crowd. On the arrival of the police, shortly after 8:30 p.m., dozens of demonstrators dispersed to wreak havoc on the cobbled streets of Montreal’s tourist district. Fires were started in garbage containers at many intersections. Protesters picked up any objects they could find on the street to throw and smash shop windows.

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