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Paris France: Arson of an Enedis vehicle   

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Paris: Arson of an Enedis vehicle   
A former dictator once said that communism is the soviets plus electricity. This image shows how compatible his worldview was with today’s society. The passage of time has shown us how false the promises of technical progress were. But the “empowerment” of workers, who no longer need foremen because they have them in their heads, or citizen involvement in the management of the “common good” are increasingly used as instruments of social pacification.
Instead, we prefer the equation “anarchy is fire plus freely and temporarily associated individuals”.

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Besançon (Doubs) France: It’s not just their techno-surveillance tools in our lives, it’s the lice too

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Besançon (Doubs) : It’s not just their techno-surveillance tools in our lives, it’s the lice too
Indymedia Lille, 15 September 2021
As 5G is deployed, the fight against this controlling society continues apace. Attacks against telecommunication antennas or companies involved in them also continue: in France, more than a hundred sabotage actions have been carried out since March 2020. Enough to piss off this capitalist society and the state that protects it. The repressive wave knows no truce, and the cops use all the technological surveillance tools at their disposal to try to repress and stifle any hint of revolt.
Since last year, about thirty people have been raided, indicted or imprisoned for sabotaging cell towers. This is the case of Boris, a fellow anarchist who was sent to prison in Nancy in September 2020 for burning two of them in Jura, and is now in the hospital following a fire in his cell. In a letter written from prison, he mentions the devices used by the cops and gendarmes to spy on his daily life during the investigation: imsi catcher suitcases, cameras in front of a home, GPS under the cars of people close to him, live listening and geolocation, GIGN undercovers (from Versailles) following him around and staged in hideouts, requests for placing microphones in a home and in the wall of a park where he regularly met friends, discreet seizures of beer bottles left in public spaces,…
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Grenoble, France : In solidarity with anarchist prisoner Boris 

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Original text: Indymedia Lille / Monday 6 September 2021
In solidarity with Boris, who has been in a coma for a month now following a fire in his cell, an Orange vehicle was set on fire in front of the Orange offices in the centre of Grenoble on Sunday night.
Why Orange? Simply because we have read the summary of Boris’ trial, and we have seen that Orange, through its lawyer, has tried to hammer our comrade as much as possible. Of course the judges, prosecutors and wardens are just as responsible for his situation, but we wanted to start a campaign against Orange, because it is easily accessible everywhere: slashed tyres, broken shop windows, tags, burned cars, burned antennas, etc., there is something for everyone who wants to take part in this little campaign, to show that we don’t forget Boris and that we think of him, with our heads held high and our hearts burning!
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Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne): In-Vinci-nation of a utility vehicle (France)

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Original text: Indymedia Lille / Monday 6 September 2021
It’s hard to find a sordid area in which Vinci is not involved. From Qatar to Chile, from France to Russia, the flagship of industry exports its infrastructures of control around the world. The destruction of life, the exploitation and confinement of human beings are of course on the menu. So the Vinci van that was burnt down a few days ago in Ivry will not prevent Vinci from continuing to build rubble.
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Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for arson in Vyronas area

The capitalist economy needs to sell security to society, a miserable, sleeping society. The capitalist machine, its cops in uniform and the shit that surrounds them are there to make people obey orders then consume shit and buy plastic trinkets like mobile phones.Of course an economic crisis does not bring the repression, but the migrants, the virus, the fires and the opponents. Governments will use anything to increase surveillance of the masses, to sow fear, boredom through screens, just follow the apps and you are safe.
Some, of course, do not follow orders but are consciously on the other side, resisting against empty capitalist reality. Some continue the struggle in the cells of tyranny. For them and for us. Let’s bring the fires from the forests to the city. Let the aristocrats, the security forces and their masters pay every price for the disasters. Monday, August 30, we burned a vehicle of the ELTA (Greek Post Office) Courier in Vyronas area, in Ymittou avenue.
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US Bank Attacked in Los Angeles, California

The U.S. Bank building in downtown Los Angeles was subject to an anti-capitalist attack on August 27.
A group of about 20 people descended upon the building’s main foyer at 5th Street and Grand Avenue, hammered the plate-glass windows and spray painted messages.
Others used paint to scrawl messages such as “Burn All Banks” and “ACAB,” and “Land Back,” a reference to the Land Back initiative, an effort to re-establish indigenous people’s political control over land that has historically belonged to them prior to colonization.
The group succeeded in shattering the front door and destroyed most of the huge plate-glass windows lining the lobby.
The group left the area expediently, and were able to avoid the pigs.
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USA: Roseville Office Attacked In Solidarity With Atlanta Forest

Responding to the call from comrades in Atlanta for an 8/18 day of action in solidarity with the struggle to defend the Atlanta forest; vandals broke into the office complex housing Corporation Service Company’s (CSC) regional office in Roseville, a suburb of Minneapolis. After smashing the office door and throwing cans of paint inside, a message was left sprayed across the front: HANDS OFF THE ATLANTA FOREST.
Demands are being made for CSC to drop their client, Blackhall Studios. Blackhall Studios would like to level the South Atlanta Forest to build the country’s largest soundstage and an airport, creating unprecedented levels of gentrification in the city.

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Neither nuke nor 5G! ( Nancy,France)

In the heights of the outskirts of Nancy, on August 18th, a 5G antenna burned. “Ni nuke ni 5G!” was spray-painted on a wall of the enclosure that protected access to it.
This was one of several responses to the government’s insistence on forcing through its project to digitise the world. This year will also be decisive for the nuclear waste landfill project at Bure, which is also taking hold despite local and wider opposition that has been ongoing for years. Nuclear and 5G are the pillars of an industry of death.
Solidarity with everyone facing charges as a result of these struggles!
Illuminated joggers.
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Buenos Aires, Argentina: Graffiti and Locks Glued at Havanna stores

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Buenos Aires July 2021
Graffiti painted and locks glued in Havanna stores.
On the “coldest morning of the year” we visited several Havanna coffee shops and managed to intervene on six of their facades. Gluing locks and padlocks, we painted their windows to show that we are not inert, we have the capacity to act and we know that the “traditional” alfajor is sold there with a new ingredient in its recipe: GENETICALLY MODIFIED WHEAT.
Wheat is the food staple in the region; not corn, nor rice, nor cassava. Wheat is the bread, the tortilla, the pasta that we consume daily.

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Chile: attacks in Mapuche areas continue to grow   

On Friday 9 July in Carahue, a 29-year-old former anthropology student who had joined the Mapuche struggle through CAM (Coordinadora Arauco Malleco), Pablo Marchant, was murdered by a carabiniere with a bullet to the head during an attack on vehicles belonging to the Forestal Mininco forestry company. Far from seeking justice from the murderous state, various radical Mapuche groups from different regions (Biobío, La Araucanía and Los Ríos) immediately set out to keep the ideas of ‘Toño’ alive by attacking companies that exploit water or the forest. In less than a week, the authorities had already counted 44 road blockades, 22 gun attacks on carabinieri patrols or security guards, and 11 arson attacks that had destroyed 39 vehicles (trucks and forestry construction equipment).
Today, 1 August, a little less than a month later, all those who had hoped to reduce these vengeful attacks to an inevitable temporary flare-up of rage and anger for a few days were given a cold shower by the traditional official assessment of the Ministry of the Interior. Not only did the Ministry of the Interior report a 94% increase in “violent acts” in the Mapuche zone (Macrozona Sur) in the first half of 2021, but it also counted more than 150 “attacks” following the murder of Pablo Marchant.

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