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Montreal ,Canada : Rail Lines Blockaded in Solidarity with Gidimt’en Week of Action

More than 50 people blockaded five parallel rail lines outside a CN rail yard in Point Saint Charles, Montreal for more than an hour and a half this Saturday, October 9th. We were there to support the Wet’suwet’en fight to defend their territory against the Coastal GasLink pipeline. There were two banners, one saying “#AllOutForWedzinKwa 1312” and the other “All Out For Wet’suwet’en #ShutDownCanada”. Multiple trains were stopped and some rerouted, and some still seemed be sitting idle on the tracks for at least an hour after the blockade ended. Maybe because of a backlog, or an inspection of the tracks.
We decided to leave as a demo, walking down the tracks for a while then and switching to the streets of the surrounding neighbourhood, chanting slogans against colonization and the police, and in solidarity with Wet’suwet’en land defenders. Some groups of young people were clearly excited to see us, took flyers, and followed behind us for a while before we dispersed. We significantly outnumbered the police who showed up, and they kept their distance. There were no arrests.

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Berlin,Germany: Fight For KøpiPlatz TAG X 15.10.21

Køpiplatz bleibt, damn it! The Wagenplatz needs your support and your presence now more than ever! We have received the date of eviction for the 15th October, but we will still not be silenced.
After a year of ups and downs, empty promises from politicians and the city, discussions in the BVV (the Berlin-Mitte district politicians assembly), false hopes and crushing realities, we are still shocked by the devastating news that we will be evicted from our homes in just three weeks.
But we will continue to fight! KøpiPlatz is here to stay!
We suspected that the election would have an impact on our date. In fact, we received the letter only six days before the German elections. This conveniently takes away the responsibility of this Government and the next during the interim period.
At this point, everyday leading up to the eviction is crucial. We are sad, emotional, and ANGRY, but we are not afraid. We have been preparing for these weeks to use every available way to fight. But now is the time that we also need our friends and supporters. With solidarity comes strength. If we plan to continue with our collective spaces in Berlin, where we live together, work together, laugh and cry together, we must also fight together! This is why we would like to call on our friends and community in Berlin and around the world to stand with us in the weeks before the eviction, to scream a message to the system that we are bigger and more powerful than they can possibly imagine.
Berlin is a city full of alternative and autonomous spaces, particularly in our beloved unruly neighbourhoods. Each one weaves something special and different into the fabric of our communities. But this does not mean that we should be complacent, and let these spaces slip through our fingers. We should not allow our streets to become beige and uniform. We need to stop this now before it is too late. Wir Bleiben Alle!
Upcoming action from Køpiplatz and Comrades
‘DEFEND KØPIPLATZ’ DEMO: Saturday 2nd October at 8pm Køpiplatz will organise the ‘Defend Køpiplatz’ demo. It will take place in and around our rebellious neighborhoods and on OUR streets.

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France: Call for texts on rationality/irrationality

A rather vague call for texts!
-> The relationship between science and rationality/irrationality in anarchist, anti-civilization milieus. <-
Are you tired of anticivs who are against science but shit on you as soon as you mention experiences that go beyond their rationality?
Do you think that several worlds that exist side by side and not everyone necessarily perceives them?
Do you want to attach importance to your dreams and perceptions?

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Bristol,UK : Solidarity Noise Demonstrations outside HMP Eastwood Park & HMP Bristol

People gathered outside HMP Eastwood park with banners reading: “End police violence at Eastwood Park” and “Solidarity with Prisoners”
People gathered outside HMP Bristol with banners
Our passion for freedom is stronger than the prison!
Last week people gathered outside HMP Eastwood park women’s prison to show solidarity with prisoners who have recently experienced increased levels of violence from prison guards. They chanted “you are not alone” and made noise so that the people inside could know that they are supported, and that the violence that they experience behind the prison walls will not go on unnoticed.

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Uruguay: Activity in Solidarity with Prisoners in Struggle in Chilean Prisons

via: publicacionrefractario.Translated by Act for freedom now!
We invite you to participate in the Evening of Internationalist Solidarity with the prisoners in struggle in Chilean prisons to be held on Friday, August 13.
Since we understand the social struggle as a set of practices that involve reflection, projection and offensive action against the state-capitalist system, as well as the moral and economic support of our comrades repressed by the State and its prison system of annihilation, we believe it is essential to become familiar with the situation of our comrades in prison and to take an active part in internationalist solidarity.

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Besançon/Brussels: from technological chains to prison bars

Besançon, Sunday August 29
From technological chains to prison bars: call for solidarity with a Bisontin comrade in coma following a cell fire
Sunday 29 August, 12.30 pm
Square Charmont (Besançon)
After the meal in solidarity with Boris (free-contribution meal at 12:30): coffee and readings followed by a collective discussion about prison and technology

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Genova, Italy: Against Special Surveillance

While power continues to ravage and plunder territories, bodies and souls, we can still count on individuals who do not resign themselves and who, in spite of everything, continue on the tortuous path of freedom.
The capitalist system, now well established, always ready to hide behind the mask of democracy and security, unveils its tentacles a little more each day, which are insinuating themselves into the life of each individual, as well as into the exploitation of the earth, water and air. Those who (finally) realize this and those who are aware of it and have been opposing it for a long time, are immediately beaten and repressed, so that the dirty integrity of the authority that watches over the order and the instituted system is not damaged. Because of this, companions who have always thrown themselves with their tension against the power, see their affinities described as “terrorist associations”, their lives monitored and their freedom limited.

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Protests and repressions in Belarus from anarchist perspective – online presentation

27 august 2021 19:00 (Minsk time)
News from Belarus hardly make headlines of the english speaking media and if something comes it is mostly about some new crazy move of dictator Lukashenko. The protest for now is not happening anymore, but the struggle continues. Massive network of solidarity is supporting thousands of repressed among them dozens of anarchists and antifascists. Some spontanious decentrilized protests are happening on regular basis.
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For Freedom’ – podcast by CNA-ABC Asturies

First podcast of CNA-ABC Asturies, this time in support of the International Week of Solidarity with Imprisoned Anarchists 2021.

Link: “For Freedom” – podcast

‘Para la libertad’ . Semana Internacional de Solidaridad con Anarquistas Prisionerxs description


There is a fundamental lie in the capitalist society. A promise that never comes true. The promise of freedom – you just have to work hard. Every time we stumble upon the crisis of capitalism we are reminded about that. More than one year of Covid-19 lies behind us. Some say, that Covid-19 is a health crisis. But it is not! Covid-19 is another crisis caused by capitalism. Provoked by the urge of more wealth and growth. Which contaminate fertile ground through industrial agriculture, steels habitat for humans and wild animals by extraction politics that turned thriving forests into deserts. It is the madness of capitalism that pushes humankind to ever new frontiers where more viruses are waiting for us.
This year brought more social and economic injustice, more suffering, but also more struggle. People stood up against the capitalist system and authoritarian regimes. People fought for  their freedom and against exploitation. People strike at the factories and rose up inside prisons against the authoritarian and profit-oriented politics.
This was a tough year and more is to come. In those times we need solidarity more then ever – in daily life,  our neighborhoods, our communities. But we should not forget our comrades in prison, who fight for freedom and equality. They experience hard times right now. Because the pandemic isolates people in prison even more.