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France: Tours (Indre-et-Loire): names and addresses

“Dirty Pig”: the car of a municipal policeman of Tours tagged and damaged by fire
France Bleu, June 25, 2021 (extract)
A municipal policeman of Tours, living about twenty kilometers from Tours, has been in shock since Wednesday night when an attempt was made to set fire to his personal car, around 2 am. A “tag” was also left on his hood, “dirty pig”, an inscription “in the form of a scratch with a key, or a screwdriver” he explains.
*Remi was asleep when his wife was awakened by noises coming from outside his house, around 2am. She first saw a bright orange color, similar to flames. When he went outside, *Remi did not see anyone, but smelled a strong odor of gasoline. He then saw traces of attempted fire on his vehicle, as well as impacts on the window, proof that the passenger window was forced, also without result.
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Cham (Switzerland): Internet and TV connection cut in the early morning

Telecom cables damaged by fire in Cham
ATS, 27 June 2021
A fire broke out in a sewer housing telecom cables around 00:30 on Saturday night in Cham (ZG, i.e. the canton of Zug). A part of the population of the region is deprived of television, internet and landline phones, but not of cellular.
The cause of the fire is unknown. No one was injured, the police said Sunday. The repair should take a long time. The damage is considerable, it said in a statement. Despite the rapid intervention of firefighters, many lines have been completely destroyed. In some parts of the Cham-Ost region, landline connections as well as Internet and TV lines are therefore interrupted. The cellular network, however, is not affected by the interruption.
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British Columbia (Canada): the fires of revenge consume the churches

In Canada, new arsons of catholic churches on native lands
The World, June 27, 2021
Two new churches were burned down on Saturday 26 June on native territories in western Canada, bringing the total number of churches burned to four, since the discovery of a thousand unmarked graves near former residential schools run by the Catholic Church in British Columbia.
In the early hours of Saturday, St. Ann’s Church and Chopaka Church, both located on strips of aboriginal land in British Columbia, were burned within an hour of each other, federal police said. “Both churches were destroyed,” said Sgt. Jason Bayda of the Canadian Mounted Police in a statement.

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Crest and Eurre (Drôme): Cable fires block TGV trains

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France Bleu / Friday 25 June 2021

The high-speed line is out of service in Drôme because of several arsons over the night of Thursday, June 24 to Friday, June 25, around 3 am in Crest. Power, signal and fiber cables were set on fire in four different places in an area of 100 square meters. The damage is very important, 50 SNCF agents are mobilized for the repairs. The amount has not yet been calculated by the SNCF.
The repairs will take time, the traffic could resume normally Saturday at 16:00, it is only an estimate of the SNCF, nothing is certain at this stage. Trains are running, but are obliged to use the classic line. This means that no train leaves or arrives from the Valence TGV station.  They have to go through Valence Ville. The Paris-Marseille line, which is very busy, is particularly affected.
All the TGV and TER trains on the same line cause traffic jams. According to the SNCF, all trains are about an hour late on Friday. The SNCF has filed a complaint. The research section of Grenoble is in charge of the investigation with the research brigade of Crest. In December 2019, a similar fire had already taken place, with the same method. The trains had also been stopped.

France 3 / Saturday 26 June 2021
“This Friday, June 25, around 03:30 in the morning, south of Valence, four facilities containing signal cables located on the Mediterranean high-speed line have suffered a fire,” said the SNCF in a statement. “An act of sabotage was committed on the high-speed line at Eurre in the Drôme, electrical cables located underground were set on fire along the tracks cutting the power supply and signaling,” said the prefecture.
On the photos taken on the vandalized site, one can see charred cables. The SNCF indicated that the damage was “very important”. […]
An official was giving an update this Saturday morning. “Since yesterday (Friday), 4am, we have mobilized more than 50 specialized SNCF agents. This is specific work that had to be done,” explained Alexandre Bertholet, head of the Marseille-Valence LGV, this Saturday morning. “We have replaced more than 20 cables. More than 1,000 meters of cable were renewed. “
In addition to replacing the 20 cables affected, it was also necessary to carry out verification operations. “We had to mobilize resources to carry out this work but also to test the installations and make sure that we can resume traffic this morning (Saturday) at normal speed and in complete safety.” 
According to the Dauphiné Libéré, “the damage caused by the sabotage of the TGV line amounts to more than one million euros” (title of a paid article dated 26/06).

Ramonville-Saint-Agne (Haute-Garonne) France : Turning off the civilized light

via : attaqueJune 27, 2021
At the beginning of June, we attacked the Lespinet electrical substation (63kV) in Ramonville-Saint-Agne.
We chose this small transformer station because we had to start somewhere. Because these structures are sensitive nodes of the electrical network. Because electricity appears to us today as the blood of civilization. Because we are prisoners of the human empire. So much so that even when we try to escape by contemplating the stars, satellites chase us. Because it blinds us, and we want to extinguish the civilized light.
A plunge into the unknown. When we entered the enclosure, we wondered if we would die electrocuted. But nothing happened, even 2-3 meters from the transformers. When we set fire to the transformers, we wondered if we were going to reduce this station to ashes and plunge a part of the city into darkness. If there would be an explosion, if the surrounding factories would stop, if the streetlights around us would go out. But that didn’t happen either.

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full responsibility claim text : Arson attack on power supply of Tesla plant, by Volcano Group: Against the Progress of Destruction (Germany)

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Arson attack on power supply of Tesla plant
Berlin, May 26, 2021
In the night 25th to 26th of may 2021 we attacked the electricity supply at the construction site of Tesla’s Giga-Factory in Berlin-Grünheide by setting six main high voltage cables on fire.
Tesla is neither green, ecological nor social. Tesla is a company exploiting land and peoples’ lives on a global scale, it relies on and produces colonial conditions. Our fire stands against the lies about green cars. Target was the sabotage of the construction site of Tesla’s Giga-Factory. Putting an end to the ideology of unlimited technological progress and the global destruction of the planet will not happen just by nice words.
Against the progress of destruction – we put sabotage
Climate strike for a different world!

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Conveyor belt of a coal mine sabotaged (Germany)

In the early morning hours of May 23/ 2021, we decided to take a leisurely spring walk and put a stop to shitty extractivist capitalism.
We took some tools and broke a conveyor belt at the coal mine in Nochten. It was surprisingly easy to do. We are outraged by the destruction in the name of profit and power by LEAG and the so-called government that gave them permission. We are no longer willing to wait for a big spark to start the revolution. Nor can we afford to wait while our planet and people die from the consequences of climate change.
For the death of capital and the reclamation of our lives!
Coal is death Sabotage is fun!
How to do it
The Open Pit: In the front area of the open pit, there are many wooded areas where you can hide. In the middle of the western front edge there is a path into the pit. On the other sides of the pit it is not so easy to get in, because the edge is too steep to climb down safely.

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France : Action in Caen (2)

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June 2021: Last week, office of the Socialist Party vandalized in Caen
Continuing this nice start, during the night we vandalized the office of the Les Républicains party (rue Varignon) in Caen. We tagged their facade and delivered some rotten eggs onto it (but less rotten than these politicians).
The choice could have equally been made on the premises of the National Front, of the LREM, of EELV or of La France Insoumise, on any party that participates in this biased political game and in the progression of conservative, republican and reactionary ideas.
Down with their elections, long live self-management!
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Le François, Martinique: Bad times for the blues (end of May 2021)

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Le François (Martinique) : To commemorate the end of slavery, they attack the media, technology and centralized distribution of resources, which shackle us all
FranceInfo / Sunday 23 May 2021
On the night of Saturday, May 22, around midnight, the prefect of the territory and the mayor of François went to Cap-Est, in order to ascertain the damage. Three fires had been started at the entrance to the neighbourhood, in the residents’ garbage room, in water meter boxes and at Pointe-Cerisier. Telecommunications boxes were also damaged.It is in this residential area that journalists from several media (Martinique 1ère et RCI) were attacked and threatened in the exercise of their mission, on the sidelines of the May 22 commemoration which took place earlier on the site of the Clément dwelling (owned by the Bernard Hayot group). For his part, the Franciscan mayor also deplored these acts perpetrated by activists. These are unacceptable acts that marred the May 22 commemoration. To attack public telephone installations in particular is irresponsible.

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