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The Mohawked Salamanders Burn Down the Salamander’s School: Why We Attacked the Zad

From Attaque, Translated by Act For Freedom Now!
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“I simply didn’t see where the inevitable reformism was coming from this time, discreetly but surely, from those who speak of insurrection and autonomy by the thousands of copies.”
Quote from “The movement is dead… Long live reform.” 2017

The Zad was our pirate ship, the mother of all Zads. It emerged in a time with no way out and it was as if the world became a little more bearable. Like a brief glimmer of light, a possibility breaking through the thick, sticky fog of our future. For those of us who lead full and busy lives, off the beaten track, it was the knowledge that there would always be a place to welcome us if we were on the run. A place where the state would never come for us. A place where we would always find allies to feed us, to clothe us, to hide us in the folds of its hedges. Continue reading The Mohawked Salamanders Burn Down the Salamander’s School: Why We Attacked the Zad

Nostang (Morbihan) France: the sabotage of antennas continues

Nostang. A telephone antenna set on fire
Ouest France, 17 August 2021
A telephone antenna was set on fire in Nostang (Morbihan) on the edge of the RN 165, at a place called Kerbol, about 150m from the highway. The events occurred during the night of August 16, confirms the gendarmerie of Lorient.
An investigation is underway. The burnt antenna is one of the six relay antennas currently on the territory of Nostang, two of which are located in the town centre.
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Translated by Act for freedom now!

France,Belfort: zealous citizen vs. camera burners

Attempted arson of the new video surveillance camera camera
Est Républicain, 27 August 2021 (extract)
The new video surveillance camera in Moscow Street, Belfort, has been the victim of an arson attempt.
On Wednesday night, shortly after midnight, the fire brigade of South Belfort and the police were called by the municipal police because the base of a lamppost and the grass were burning at 7 rue de Moscou, near a sports field and parked cars.
Three individuals sprayed an accelerant halfway up the pole before setting it on fire; the liquid spilled to the ground. When the emergency services and the police arrived, the flames had been extinguished by a local woman with a bucket of water. The camera is still working. Only the pole is blackened.
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Translated by Act for freedom now!

France,Orange (Vaucluse): the police station hit with a molotov and updated

Orange : the police station targeted with a Molotov cocktail during the night
La Provence, 26 August 2021 (extract)
It was around 1.40am on Wednesday night that police officers stationed at the Orange police station on Avenue du Général de Gaulle noticed a loud explosion in the building’s courtyard on the video surveillance footage.
A fire then spread rapidly, given the very dry vegetation. The fire was only contained by the rapid intervention of the officers on duty. Once the fire had been extinguished with fire extinguishers and buckets of water, the officers found that it had been caused by a Molotov cocktail, thrown over the fence, most probably from the skate park adjacent to the police station.

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Carqueiranne (Var) France: police cars smashed

Three vehicles of the municipal police vandalised
Var matin, 10 August 2021 (excerpt)
Smashed out windshields, broken mirrors, punctured tyres – during the night of Saturday to Sunday, three cars of the municipal police were victims of malicious acts. “At 6am, we received a call from the municipal police stating the facts. We had already had tags, but not this kind of damage to our equipment. The windshields had probably been kicked in. The police have my full support, we will respond with the utmost severity,” says Mayor Arnaud Latil.

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Saint-Sauvant (Vienne): direct action against industrial agriculture

Deux-Sèvres/Vienne: the burning of a construction machine reignites tension on the reservoirs
Centre Presse, 13 August 2021
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On the night of Wednesday 11 to Thursday 12 August 2021, a 23-ton excavator was set on fire on an archaeological excavation site linked to the reservoir project in Saint-Sauvant, a commune in the Vienne department located about four kilometres from the commune of Avon, in the Deux-Sèvres. The excavator belonged to the 2 Sévrienne Service company, located in Saint-Gelais.
The gendarmerie has opened an investigation for criminal damage. The Volvo machine was rented by the National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research (INRAP). The site had started on Monday 9 August 2021. The archaeologists were intervening before the construction of a water storage facility for agricultural irrigation: Saint-Sauvant is part of the project of 16 “reservoirs” to be built along the basin of the Sèvre Niortaise, a project that has been the subject of controversy since 2017.

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Servigny-lès-Sainte-Barbe (Moselle), France: Telephone, TV and internet are just a few wires away

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Le Républicain Lorrain / Thursday 13 August 2021
On 30 July last, in Servigny-lès-Sainte-Barbe, 123 homes were left without telephone, TV and internet following an act of vandalism on the village’s fibre optic cabinet.
After a late warning, Orange is said to have restored the situation for 90% of them. This Thursday evening, 18 homes still need to be reconnected.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Roubaix (Nord) France : National Police School hit with molotovs

Roubaix: They throw two Molotov cocktails at the police school and run off 4th of August 2021
The National Police Academy (ENP) in Roubaix (Nord), located in rue Joseph-Dubar, was targeted with two Molotov cocktails on Tuesday night, at around 00:30 according to our information. It was the head of the station at the reception desk who saw the perpetrators and gave the alert.

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Grande-Synthe (Nord), France: Goodbye to the municipal workshops

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La Voix du Nord / Wednesday 28 July 2021
There is nothing left of the municipal workshops of the town of Grande-Synthe after the fire that broke out on Wednesday night. All of the municipality’s maintenance equipment and around thirty vehicles went up in smoke. A criminal investigation is being considered.
The fire broke out between midnight and 1am on Tuesday night. Two intruder alarms were triggered successively. The fire then started at the back of the 2,700 m2 building. It spread at breakneck speed. When the fire brigade arrived (about fifty fire fighters were mobilised), the Grande-Synthe municipal workshops on avenue de Suwalki were completely engulfed in flames.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Altena,Germany: Three patrol cars set on fire

Altena, 30 +31 July 2021
Unknown persons set fire to two police patrol cars in an underground car park in Altena (Märkischer Kreis) on Friday. The fire, which completely destroyed the two vehicles, was discovered at around 12.30 a.m., according to police.
In addition to the police station, the complex also houses shops and flats. The building was largely evacuated, the fire brigade extinguished the fire and pulled the vehicles into the open. No one was injured. All tenants and users of the building were able to return to their rooms after the extinguishing work.

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