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Varces (Isère): four car fires in the parking lot of the screws (France)

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Isère: vehicles set on fire in the parking lot of the Varces-Allières-et-Risset prison
Le Dauphiné, 9 September 2021 (extract)
Act of intimidation or reprisal? Four vehicles were destroyed or seriously damaged by an arson attack on the grounds of the Grenoble-Varces prison during the night of Wednesday 8 to Thursday 9 September.
It was about half past midnight when the sound of bursting tyres alerted the guard posted on one of the watchtowers overlooking the prison, who then saw the flames rising from the parking lot reserved for prison staff. This is a fenced parking lot, located at the back of the compound, after the visitors’ car park, which is accessed through a gate that opens with a keypad code.

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Carsan (Gard) France : it connects… so it can be sabotaged 

Carsan: Acts of vandalism on the fibre optic box
Midi Libre, 9 September 2021
The village of Carsan has recently been connected to the fibre optic network and already acts of vandalism have been committed against the Orange box located at the northern entrance to the village. The incident occurred on the night of Tuesday 7 September and Wednesday 8 September.
The box was opened and the wires were cut. Part of the village is therefore without internet connection. The situation should quickly return to normal, while technicians repair and reconnect the wires.
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France, Les Ulis (Essonne): the cameras meet a sledgehammer

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Essonne: destruction of video surveillance cameras in Ulis
Le Républicain de l’Essonne, 9 September 2021 (extract)
On the morning of Wednesday 8 September, a group of 6 to 7 individuals damaged four video surveillance cameras, installed on rue du Périgord near the La Daunière residence, using a hammer. The perpetrators fled.
The urban security unit of the Massy-Palaiseau police district is conducting the investigation.

Kochersberg (Alsace) : A new act of vandalism deprives residents of the internet

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DNA, 8 September 2021
Since Monday evening, a hundred inhabitants of Kochersberg are – or have been – deprived of Internet connection. “Two network cabinets containing fibre optics were vandalised in Schnersheim and Mittelschaeffolsheim,” says Benoit Brechon, managing director of Rosace, the company charged by the Grand Est region with deploying fibre optics in around 700 rural communities.

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The Hague (Netherlands): fire at Thales cash machines  

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Two Thales ATMs set on fire
 11 September 2021
Last night, two NS [Nederlandse Spoorwegen, the Dutch National Railways] ticket machines were set on fire at The Hague Moerwijk station. The NS ticket machines are managed and operated by the arms company Thales. Thales controls the railway network in the Netherlands: payments and doors, signal changes, video surveillance, etc. (see: ).
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Pithiviers (Loiret) France : Grievances against the Internet…   

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La République du Centre / 1 September 2021
Twenty-one cables dedicated to the Orange fibre optic network were apparently cut on Sunday 29 August at a box installed in the Saint-Aignan district of Pithiviers.
It could be “an isolated act of maliciousness” by someone who has “grievances against the Internet”, reports Squadron Leader Fabien Fourcade, who commands the Pithiviers company.
It will be up to the gendarmes to look at the video surveillance of the neighbourhood to try to identify the saboteur who has deprived twenty-one homes of Internet. The operator Orange should file a complaint very soon.

The Mohawked Salamanders Burn Down the Salamander’s School: Why We Attacked the Zad

From Attaque, Translated by Act For Freedom Now!
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“I simply didn’t see where the inevitable reformism was coming from this time, discreetly but surely, from those who speak of insurrection and autonomy by the thousands of copies.”
Quote from “The movement is dead… Long live reform.” 2017

The Zad was our pirate ship, the mother of all Zads. It emerged in a time with no way out and it was as if the world became a little more bearable. Like a brief glimmer of light, a possibility breaking through the thick, sticky fog of our future. For those of us who lead full and busy lives, off the beaten track, it was the knowledge that there would always be a place to welcome us if we were on the run. A place where the state would never come for us. A place where we would always find allies to feed us, to clothe us, to hide us in the folds of its hedges. Continue reading The Mohawked Salamanders Burn Down the Salamander’s School: Why We Attacked the Zad

Nostang (Morbihan) France: the sabotage of antennas continues

Nostang. A telephone antenna set on fire
Ouest France, 17 August 2021
A telephone antenna was set on fire in Nostang (Morbihan) on the edge of the RN 165, at a place called Kerbol, about 150m from the highway. The events occurred during the night of August 16, confirms the gendarmerie of Lorient.
An investigation is underway. The burnt antenna is one of the six relay antennas currently on the territory of Nostang, two of which are located in the town centre.
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France,Belfort: zealous citizen vs. camera burners

Attempted arson of the new video surveillance camera camera
Est Républicain, 27 August 2021 (extract)
The new video surveillance camera in Moscow Street, Belfort, has been the victim of an arson attempt.
On Wednesday night, shortly after midnight, the fire brigade of South Belfort and the police were called by the municipal police because the base of a lamppost and the grass were burning at 7 rue de Moscou, near a sports field and parked cars.
Three individuals sprayed an accelerant halfway up the pole before setting it on fire; the liquid spilled to the ground. When the emergency services and the police arrived, the flames had been extinguished by a local woman with a bucket of water. The camera is still working. Only the pole is blackened.
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