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Têche (Isère) France : the fight against antennas continues

Têche (Isère): the fight against antennas continues
Investigation on a series of relay antenna arsons
Le Dauphiné, June 3, 2022
The gendarmes of the Isère department are investigating a series of incendiary attacks on telecommunications infrastructures committed between Nord-Isère and the Saint-Marcellin region.
One of these arsons occurred in Têche, on the night of Wednesday 25 to Thursday 26 May, at around 3 a.m. Unknown individuals broke into the premises of a site belonging to the operator Free, and set it on fire. The company of Saint-Marcellin opened an investigation, as the damage deprived numerous subscribers of Internet.

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Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Russia): the military national guard lit up


Komsomolsk/Amur (Russia), June 4, 2022: fire at the entrance of the Russian military national guard

On June 4, 2022, a resident of Komsomolsk-on-Amur set fire to the entrance of the local office of the Rosgvard [Russian Military National Guard] in the Khabarovsk region. The man spilled gasoline from a can on the porch and set it on fire. Unfortunately, he was arrested, his name is Vladimir Zolotarev, 50 years old. Continue reading Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Russia): the military national guard lit up

Sardinia,Italy: Molotov against the military headquarters? 

Molotov against the military headquarters?

Newspapers, not only Sardinian ones, reported the news that a molotov was thrown at the military headquarters in Via Torino in Cagliari. We’ll have our say to state how things really went and what we think about them. Yesterday there was one of the many demos that have been going on in the city in recent weeks against military exercises, which have invaded our island this month with even more violence than usual.

Yesterday evening the demo went through the streets of the centre promoting tomorrow’s demonstration in Teulada and ending as usual outside the military headquarters, where walls were smeared with red paint to remind of the blood with which they stain their hands every day. Continue reading Sardinia,Italy: Molotov against the military headquarters? 

Geneva (Switzerland): beautiful like a future deportation center and cop shop going up in smoke

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A gigantic fire broke out on Friday, May 20, around 5 pm in Grand-Saconnex, in the airport area of Geneva. The entire upper part of the building under construction for the future federal asylum center went up in smoke. This building, which is currently under construction and located right next to the runways of Cointrin airport, was to open in the fall of 2023 and house both refugees seeking asylum in the district of Geneva and rejected asylum seekers from all over Switzerland (250 beds planned). Valued at 25 million Swiss francs, the building has been contested since its creation as a “semi-prison center”, and many tags “No to the deportation center” still adorn the neighborhood.

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Saint-Chef and Soleymieu (Isère) France: the relay antennas go up in smoke

Isère: new arson of a relay antenna
Le Dauphiné, May 31, 2022

Since the beginning of the year, the list of relay antennas burned continues to grow in Nord-Isère. The most recent concerns an installation on the town of Soleymieu.

According to information from the Dauphiné Libéré, it was around 7:30 in the morning on Friday 27 May when an employee of the water union was alerted that an electrical fault had just occurred on the water tank located on the village heights. On arriving at the site, Chemin de la Roche, the agent quickly realized that the electrical fault was in fact the fire of a relay antenna located on the same site: flames several meters high ravaged the fence of the installation as well as the pylon. He immediately alerted the fire department who intervened as the fire began to spread to the neighbouring vegetation.
The gendarmes were also alerted. Because of the sensitivity of the site, the gendarmes of the research brigade were also sent on site, with the help of criminal identification technicians from Grenoble. Continue reading Saint-Chef and Soleymieu (Isère) France: the relay antennas go up in smoke

Beauvais (Oise)France : to burn the opening of the new police branch

Beauvais: police premises damaged again in the ZUP
The Beauvais Observer, June 1, 2022

On Saturday May 21, around midnight, one or more individuals set fire to the opening of the municipal police station located in the Champs Dolent shopping center. The firemen intervened.

This is the second act of vandalism after the damage to the window that was reported on May 3 [while this new police station in the Argentine district is due to open soon in the former premises of the Caisse d’épargne].

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Russia: incendiary attacks continue on registration offices

Shchelkovsky (Moscow)
On May 18, two molotovs flew inside the military commissariat in Shchelkovsky, near Moscow. Both offices were damaged by the flames, including the archives of the military registration and enlistment office
On May 15, unknown individuals targeted the military registration office in Volgograd. At least one “molotov” flew into the basement of a recruitment center, where a fire broke out consuming the 20 square meter room. No one was arrested.
Pronsk (Ryazan)
Barely an hour later, a message arrived about a fire in the door and window frame of the military registration and enlistment office in the village of Pronsk, Ryazan region. No one was arrested.
Gukovo (Rostov)
On May 13, at about 2:00 a.m., an attempt was made to set fire to the military registration and enlistment office in Gukovo, near Rostov. A flaming molotov hit the wall of the building. According to the state media, the perpetrator “disappeared in an unknown direction”.
Military registration offices in the northern Khanty-Mansi region and in the southern Volgodonsk region were also attacked. (Moscow Times)
[From the Russian anarchist site a2day, May 15 and 18]

France: Rise in incidence of antenna and fibre optic sabotage!

Rise in incidence of antenna and fibre optic sabotage!

Die Lust der Zerstörung ist zugleich eine schaffende Lust

Bakunin, 1842


Following the coordinated sabotage on April 28 of several sections of fibre optic cables of the French Internet network (in particular that of SFR), the French Federation of Telecoms (FFT), which brings together all major operators, immediately made a show of trying to minimize their impact by highlighting the resilience of networks. And all this, despite the fact that millions of inhabitants of Grenoble, Besançon, Reims or Strasbourg, without counting those of the Paris region and tens of thousands of companies, were temporarily deprived of their electronic leashes. It was a crisis communication of the TFF, intended to reassure the good citizens, while not giving bad ideas to those who could be inspired by this attack, since the traps of these sensitive networks are everywhere, and it is of course impossible to put a cop at the foot of each of them.

Two weeks later, once the storm has passed, it is now far from the white-hot spotlight that the President of the FFT has changed his tune somewhat. In a long alarmist interview given to a specialized economic newspaper, La Tribune, on Tuesday May 10th, Arthur Dreyfuss claims with an eloquent title (“It is necessary to make penalties for acts of vandalism more severe”) that he calls for “a strong hardening of the penal sentences so that they are really dissuasive” against the saboteurs, considering that “the stake is not only to protect the operators, but also all the most sensitive and essential activities of the country”. And what better way to support his carceral statement than to lift a corner of the veil on the real extent of sabotage against communication networks, pointing out their number and their “criminal” character this time, especially for state activities “of security or defense”, which are indeed very dependent on all these cables? Continue reading France: Rise in incidence of antenna and fibre optic sabotage!

Los Álamos (Chile): “Capitalist development is not compatible with the life of the Mapuche”

Los Álamos (Chile), April 28, 2022: thirty-three trucks and construction machinery destroyed by fire in an attack against the forestry industry


On Thursday, April 28, 2022, a group of 40 people from the group Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (RML) attacked several logging companies in the municipality of Los Álamos in the early morning, in the region of Bío Bío (Chile). Thirty-three dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and other vans surrendered to the flames in less than three hours, while the two access roads to the companies (Trongol road and Pilpilco road) were blocked either by burning trucks moved there or by barricades of felled trees. This coordinated attack was described by the Chilean press as the most significant “since the resumption of the violent struggle by radical Mapuche groups in 1997.”

Needless to say, the forest devastation companies (such as the Asociación de Contratistas Forestales) immediately demanded the extension of the state of emergency established in October 2021 in all of southern Chile, which had ended on March 16 with the new left-wing government of Gabriel Boric. It should be noted that in the north of Chile, the same state of emergency (Estado de Excepción) with military intervention to support the police, established last February, has been maintained on the border with Bolivia and Peru. But the arrival of migrants from Venezuela in the north is not the prolonged struggle of a part of the Mapuche in the south to recover the land and drive out the exploiters, with whom the Chilean state is trying to re-establish dialogue. And the new Minister of the Interior Iskia Siches will not deny this, she who on March 15, in her first days in office, had the bad idea of trying to calm the conflict with a symbolic gesture, going to the community of Temucuicui (Araucanía region) to meet with the father of Camilo Catrillanca, a young peasant shot in the head in November 2018 by the Special Operations Group of the Carabineros responsible for restoring order.

Temucuicui (Ercilla), March 15, 2022: car set on fire on a bridge, shots fired and trees cut down to welcome the Minister of the Interior Continue reading Los Álamos (Chile): “Capitalist development is not compatible with the life of the Mapuche”