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Roberval, Quebec : beautiful like a court reduced to ashes (Canada)

via: sansnom
 After seeing so many men and women in handcuffs being lugged endlessly through interminable corridors, then going to jail after dark … After attending so many videoconference hearings where cables and screens now prevent physically spitting in the face of the judges, or thinking full of rage to jump from the box and try to run off… After contemplating a beautiful sample of what humankind can offer most vilely – executioners in uniform, scoundrels in togas, conscientious journalists, experts in the right of the strongest, I’m-only-doing-my-job clerks, repentant scales … By dint of hearing the complaints of fine talkers claiming what a tool of domination cannot structurally give them, namely justice or truth, which moreover is non-existent in heaven as on earth …
By dint of, who knows ?, reflections on the absolute incompatibility between authority – that which it embodied so well – and freedom …the court of Roberval went up in flames in the evening of May 8th 2021. . But after all, doesn’t the famous motto on the coat of arms of this small Quebec town located on the shores of Lake Saint-Jean proudly profess “For a valiant heart, nothing is impossible“? Although humans often have poor memories, what was one of the last historic buildings in the city (1910), however, remembers very well that the following year a regional prison was added to it. Certainly the mark of some civilizational progress on the predecessors of the shores of the lake, these Innu nomads whose wisdom had for too long Continue reading Roberval, Quebec : beautiful like a court reduced to ashes (Canada)