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June 11, 2021 update from Jennifer Rose (usa)

I have a lot on my plate. Like Marius, I’m also a student paralegal – recently enrolled in Blackstone Paralegal Studies Program. I’ve also applied for summer courses at Coastline College.
On top of that I’m always pursuing various writing projects, and have recently been granted a writer’s mentorship after being accepted into the Writer’s Cohort of Empowerment Avenue & Prison Renaissance Project, started by Rahsaan Thomas at San Quentin. All this, in addition to my prison job assignments on the Recycle Crew, ISUDT Intensive, and Inmate Advisory Council (I.A.C.) Transgender Rep.
I’m always busy answering a stack of mail, reading books/zines, and pursuing my legal campaign for Executive Clemency/commutation of sentence, and to challenge the unfair parole denial and housing discrimination. I recently hired the National Clemency Project to help prepare my commutation application packet. I need support letters! Continue reading June 11, 2021 update from Jennifer Rose (usa)

Chile:Two Comrades Arrested for Explosive Attack on Police Station in Talca

On May 26, 2021, a large operation occured in the San Clemente sector, Maule region, where repressive forces manage to arrest two comrades accused of sending an explosive device to a Talca police station in November 2020.
At the end of 2020 “entities without face, nothing and nobody that you know” claimed the explosive attack on the police station that ended with two policemen with acoustic trauma. Since then, the Southern Prosecutor’s Office, self-continuing expert in research of this type of actions, together with OS-9 personnel developed the investigation. Continue reading Chile:Two Comrades Arrested for Explosive Attack on Police Station in Talca

About the mafia-style attack on anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis in Domokos prisons (Greece)

On 24 May 2021, anarchist fighter G. Dimitrakis was murderously attacked with multiple blows to the head by a group of prisoners in Domokos prisons where he is currently being held. Following the attack, Giannis was transferred to the hospital of Lamia in a critical condition. Eight days on, although our comrade has escaped the danger to his life, the damage done is still very serious. Giannis’s strength and mental vigor make us optimistic that he will also come out of this battle victorious.
The cause of the attack on Giannis was his refusal to accept and subordinate himself to the authoritarian and brutal laws that the prison mafia are trying to impose on the prisoners in full consensus with the prison services. The cause of the attack is that he has steadfastly defended his ethical, value ​​and political substance as anarchist, as an insurgent, as a social struggler. The cause of the attack was his refusal to kowtow to those who want to humiliate and violate the weaker prisoners to affirm their prestige in their sick “code of conduct”. It is his refusal to subject himself to the unfavourable correlations and mentalities that prevail nowadays in prisons and overall in social and class antagonism. So his refusal to accept prison as a life condition is ultimately his refusal to submit to the State and its mechanisms.
Strength to the anarchist fighter Giannis Dimitrakis
Giannis stay strong, until freedom!
comrades from act for freedom now!


Urgent updated information 3 and 5 of june – Comrade Giannis Dimitrakis is in solitary confinement in Domokou prison, an isolation that in the situation of the comrade is obvious torture. Giannis survived the danger that his life was in the first hours, but the blows he received caused multiple haematomas in the head, affecting the basic functioning of his brain.
Wednesday, June 9 at Exarcheia Square at 7pm: Gathering – Microphone of solidarity with the Anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis (followed by a march in the neighborhood of Exarcheia)

June 11, 2021 statement from John Paul Wootton

I suppose my story is far from usual. It begins as a teenager, not yet 18 years old and angry at socio-economic conditions within his community.
Growing up in working-class Irish Republican areas, it was inevitable that I would be intensely exposed to that ideology and its propaganda. It claimed that all the ills in Irish society could be blamed on British state interference and that only an independent socialist state could offer a solution. The history, the romance, and the already strong presence in the community were hard to resist. I had found my answer.
Being young and inexperienced, my involvement was quite peripheral. It amount to not much more than attending street protests and distributing propaganda. However minor my role, the state took a dim view. I had dared to challenge its status quo; I was now a legitimate target.

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June 11, 2021 statement from Thomas Meyer-Falk

A Call from the Dark Dungeons – 2021
Millions of people are in the prisons and dungeons of the world’s rulers. Countless people are on death row, others are there for days, weeks or months, and still others have been there for decades. Only a few weeks ago, it was announced in Germany that Hans-Georg would be released in 2021. It was January 20, 1962, when the Berlin prison gates closed behind Hans-Georg – he has been in custody since that day. He had shot two people after a robbery.
Long-term incarceration is in some ways similar to the death penalty; only, perfidiously, with the death penalty the state is more honest, openly wanting to kill the delinquent. With decades of imprisonment, death is also the often realistic prospect of escaping the walls, but on the way there, body and soul wither away.

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Athens,Greece: International Solidarity to the 3 Imprisoned anarchist comrades( German/Greek)

from: athens.indymedia.
International Solidarity to the 3 Imprisoned comrades
The trial of the anarchist prisoners Konstantina Athanasopoulou, Giannis Michailidis, Dimitra Valavani begins on May 31. The comrades had been arrested after an operation of the anti-terrorist unit in the area of ​​Agia Paraskevi in ​​a stolen vehicle in which a weapon was found. Giannis took full responsibility for this. From the first moment of their arrest, a campaign was launched to discredit and criminalize by the media.
Meanwhile numerous accusations were added to their trial in order to frame the comrade as a “criminal organization” with the implication of a more severe sentence. In the trial that starts on May 31, the essence is that the state will try to condemn the struggle choices of our comrades in order to show through their exemplary punishment the futility of the struggle. Risky and costly choices, such as escape from prison, the choice of means, practical solidarity with the persecuted were, are and will remain an integral part of the history of the anarchist struggle.

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Athens, Greece : 31.5.21 Update of the trial for anarchist K. Athanasopoulou , D. Valavani and G. Michailidis

The trial for the 3 anarchist comrades was postponed for Thursday 10/6/ 2021
A solidarity call again 10/6 at 9:00 at the Court of Appeal in Loukareos in Athens .
Freedom to the anarchist comrades Dimitra Valavani, Giannis Michailidis, and Kostantina  Athanasopoulou.
None alone in the hands of the state.
Solidarity is our weapon!
Act for freedom now!

Nancy, France : Relay antenna fires, 4 years, 2 in prison for b.

Imprisoned since his indictment on September 24th 2020, for the burning of two relay antennas in the Jura during the first confinement, today B. was sentenced to 4 years, two of which in prison.
He was tried behind closed doors, without a lawyer, the only public a journalist and two members of his family, while about twenty people were present outside the court of Nancy to show their solidarity.
A dozen cops came specially to prevent us from entering the court, and we were given a lecture by the proc on justice, sanitary version. Hearings are public but only a little. Only family members can go in “exceptionally”. He was careful not to mention that this doesn’t concern journalists.

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Prison de Mont-de-Marsan : Claudio Lavazza extradited to France

via: Attaque
source:Il Rovescio / Wednesday 12 May 2021
Last week the anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza, who has already spent almost 25 years in the prisons of the Spanish State, was extradited to France, where he has a sentence of 10 years pending (the cumulative sentence process, which will establish the actual time still to be served, is underway).
Regarding the sentences against him in Italy for his militancy in Proletari Armati per il Comunismo (PAC) [Armed proletarians for communism], the assize court of appeal of Milan declared this morning that they have expired under the statute of limitations!
To write to him (he speaks Spanish, Italian and French):
Claudio Lavazza
n. d’écrou : 11818
Centre Pénitentiaire de Mont-de-Marsan
Chemin de Pémégnan
BP 90629
40000 – Mont-de-Marsan
Against all jails !
Cassa AntiRep delle Alpi Occidentali
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Chile: Statement on End of Hunger Strike by Anarchist and Subversive Comrades in Chilean Prisons

To peoples, individuals, communities and territories in struggle and resistance. To those who revolt in the face of this present of oppression and misery. To our families, our friends, our accomplices, compas and loved ones, throughout the world.
To everybody!
Ideas without actions are worthless, they’re just theoretical shit, so idea and action have to be and are one and the same.
-Mauricio Morales
We, the anarchists and subversive prisoners of the social war Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda, locked in the women’s prison of San Miguel, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Juan Flores Riquelme and Joaquín García Chanks, in the High Security Prison (CAS), Francisco Solar Domínguez, in the Maximum Security Section and Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz, in module 2 of the Santiago 1 company-prison, as well as Juan Aliste Vega, in the CAS, who joins but is not on strike, for medical reasons, declare:
our decision to end our mobilization, a hunger strike (continuing to ingest liquids), after 50 days of intense agitation and action, in prisons and in the streets, in an urgent framework of control and social repression, to demand: Against life sentences! For the repeal of the amendments to Legislative Decree No. 321! And for the release of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel!

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