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Chile: Text of Mónica, Marcelo, Juan, Joaquin, Francisco and Juan before the trial against comrade Pablo Bahamondes: Let’s multiply the gestures of solidarity and insurrectionary complicity

Our comrade Pablo Bahamones Ortiz was arrested along with Herny Mendez (today imprisoned in the former penitentiary of stgo) and Hugo Moraga (in the street after an abbreviated trial that sentenced him to 3 years) while they were being transported in a vehicle on September 8, 2018 under an investigation regarding an explosive attack occurred in April 2017 in the Corporation of Judicial Assistance of Melipilla for which the prosecution asks him 13 years in prison. In addition in said vehicle are found various handmade weapons for which Pablo is accused of manufacturing, transporting and carrying weapons and ammunition, specifically 6 shotguns, 1 box of cartridges, 1 revolver and 12 shots, asking the prosecution 23 years, totaling a total of 36 years of prosecutorial request.
His option and positioning for the permanent confrontation that led him to prison has been maintained and deepened inside the prison being an undeniable contribution both in the intra-prison struggles and in those that take place outside these walls uninterruptedly and without pause. This way of understanding and carrying out life in prison breaks with the passive figure of the victim prisoner that places him as a mere recipient of solidarity aid, positioning the comrade as an active subject in the uprising of varied and confrontational initiatives such as the hunger strike that we carried out together for 50 days demanding the repeal of the amendment to Law 321 and for the release of our comrade Marcelo Villarroel.

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325 Collective Contact Email & PGP Key

Received by email:
To all our comrades internationally, be they in the streets or in the hellholes of the state, we would like to let everyone know that we are still active as a collective & working on new publication projects.
For anyone who would like to be in contact with us, we share our most recent PGP key. New proposals for publications are very much welcome for the expansion of the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis and against the techno prison world.
325 Collective



Chile: Text of anarchist comrade Mónica Caballero from San Miguel prison

This week marks 8 years since various groups of the Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) and different individuals around the world raised the initiative to maintain a week of international solidarity with imprisoned anarchists, and that this week coincides with the day on which the anniversary of the legal murder of anarchists Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco by the U.S. government in 1927 is commemorated.
The official history written by the powerful plus the progressive democratic left and a part of anarchism have been especially concerned with creating a victimized image of Sacco and Vanzetti and far from any illegalist practice. All this based on the recognition by the American judicial apparatus that within the criminal process that condemned Sacco and Vanzetti there were many irregularities and that they would be legally “innocent” (information that became known many years after the murder of the comrades). Probably the comrades had no relation with the expropriation of South Braintree, which is important to know and make visible, as it is also important to emphasize that Sacco and Vanzetti were anarchists of action, who propagated anti-authoritarian ideas and exercised different illegalist practices.

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Chile: URGENT! On the recent illness detected in the anarchist comrade Francisco Solar and his delicate health situation

Translated by darknights
In the first months of 2021, Francisco together with other anarchist and subversive prisoners carried out a hunger strike that lasted more than 50 days against the modification of Decree Law 321 and for the immediate release of Marcelo Villarroel.
In 2010 Francisco had already put his body as a barricade of combat in another strike of more than 60 days in the framework of the Bombs Case.
It is during the last mobilization that several blood tests were taken from Francisco by the prison administration, including a suspicious situation, where Francisco was urgently admitted to the prison hospital due to the bad result in the blood tests, but a few minutes later the jailers recanted and alluded to a mistake, returning him to prison.

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Solidarity from Athens (Greece)

Writing in Greek at the banner: Until all are free, no one is free
At 30th August 2021, in Athens some comrades put the banner in the Exarcheia square. We joined the Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners with this symbolic support.
In Greece, as well as in many other countries, our comrades face persecution for taking action and responsibility in revolutionary struggle. Our solidarity aims at struggle for the society where prison will not be a solution and where we all can live together with other people in freedom that is created by our common power, dreams, responsibility for each others’ freedom and our ability to defend it.
Until all are free!

Spain: Elisa di Bernardo – “We are winning battles for the freedom of Gabriel Pombo”

“Never using drugs, being very clear about his ideas, and his physical and mental strength have helped him survive in prison despite the FIES. Almost all of his comrades have died. He survived a genocide,” explains the companion of the anarchist prisoner in Oviedo.
Elisa di Bernardo went to Oviedo yesterday to relate the situation of her companion Gabriel Pombo da Silva. She was invited by the group Higinio Carrocera, in collaboration with the Cambalache community centre, taking advantage of her visit to Pombo in the prison of Mansilla de las Mulas in León. Elisa gave a very complete account of both the legal situation of the anarchist prisoner and his life and struggle during more than 30 years in prison. It was a talk that not only provided information about Pombo but also showed how, inside the prison walls, “democracy” disappears and one enters a dark world, subjected to physical and psychological torture, to personal revenge by judges and jailers, to prisons inside the prison (FIES). In addition, Elisa gave us perspective and context on how inequality, misery, injustice and poverty inherent to the capitalist and statist system manufactures ‘criminals’.
Elisa began the talk by taking from her backpack three important books about the situation of prisoners and the world of the anti-prison struggle: “Extreme Destitution, Extreme Violence”, “So You Don’t Forget Me” by Mothers United Against Drugs and the Report on Torture in the Spanish State, which Elisa explained was censored by the police, as it recounts the saddest years of the FIES (files of inmates under special monitoring) regime.

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[Uruguayan State] Propaganda for the international week of solidarity with imprisoned anarchists

via: es-contrainfo:Published September 8, 2021

August 29, Costa de Oro, Region usurped and plundered by the Uruguayan state.
Responding to the international call in solidarity with anarchist prisoners, on the night of August 29th we stamped our signature of complicity with our kidnapped comrades, in a new activity of ecstatic propaganda. Stubborn propaganda, erased a thousand times and returning again a thousand times to disturb. Propaganda that is an irreverent cry accompanying and announcing acts.
For the destruction of prison society and the freedom of our caged brothers and sisters in struggle!
Let’s ensure that Anarchy lives!!!!!!
Translated by Act for freedom now!


France: Anarchist comrade Boris gets out of prison but is not out of danger..  

via: sansnom
Indymedia Lille, 29 September 2021
[The trial] of 20 September, which would have dealt with the appeal against the 4 year prison sentence, could not take place because of the still critical state of health of our comrade who continues to be in an artifically induced coma.
The judges decided to “release” him without judicial control, and to postpone his trial until further notice.
While we can only rejoice that he is no longer under the control of the prison administration, he is unfortunately not finished with the justice system, since the end of his sentence [of preventive detention] and his appeal are only suspended.
The words and deeds that are multiplying in solidarity with Boris give rise to the desire to live outside of all authority.
Anarchists in solidarity and complicity,
28 September 2021
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Montevideo (Uruguay): Banner in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Boris

The message of this banner is a sign of solidarity with the comrade Boris, who has been in a coma for more than a month, following a fire in the cell that has kept him locked up for a year in French prisons.
“In France and in the world, down with prisons. Courage Boris”.
The action that led the comrade to prison is part of the attack against the structures that capitalism calls “progress”, but whose aim is, in reality, to refine social control. Setting fire to two mobile phone masts is an attack on contemporary domination, and has nothing to do with the fascist/conspiratorial theories that the dis-information media want to display to disorientate us.
We raise our fists and send words of encouragement to Boris and to all those who fall into the hands of institutions of torture.
The banner was placed near the French embassy in Montevideo.
via: attaque. translated by Act for freedom now!