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Las Condes, Chile : Explosive attack against BancoEstado

via: Attaque
source : Contra Info / Tuesday 4 May 2021
The night of 3rd May, after more than 42 days of hunger strike of our compas Mónica Caballero, Francisco Solar, Joaquín García, Pablo Bahamondez, Juan Flores and Marcelo Villarroel.
A few minutes before the start of the curfew, we headed for the neighbourhoods where there was no banging of pots to demand crumbs from this murderous government. Neighbourhoods inhabited by those who, in spite of the pandemic situation, have increased their wealth enormously while in other parts of the territory dominated by the Chilean State, hunger and poverty are the daily lot of many people.
We attacked this symbol of money and capital, a bank in avenue Apoquindo, at the corner of avenida Manquehue, in Las Condes [commune in the  rich suburb of  Santiago – BancoEstado belongs to the Chilean State; French NdAtt.]. This in solidarity with the compas on hunger strike since March 22 for the abrogation of the amendments of the decree law n. 321. They are using their bodies as the only trench in their gesture of defiance against the prison structure and its judiciary.

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Porto Alegre, Brazil : Action in solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners on hunger strike

via: Attaque
source:Contra Info / Saturday 17 April 2021
To the Anarchist compas struggling in the prisons.
With love and hate.
A few anarchists, we visited the headquarters of the representative of the Chilean State in Porto Alegre, just before they started « work » ; we sprayed the car entrance with burnt oil, making difficult or blocking the entry of cars; we also left a burning tyre on the pavement outside the entrance and went away after leaving fliers saying:
« Combative solidarity with the anarchists on hunger strike in the dungeons of the Chilean State. Strength to you warriors, you are not alone! Long live Anarchy! »
Know that no warrior is alone.
This is our gesture full of tenderness, in support of your hunger strike.
Courage compas !
Translated by Act for freedom now!

May the solidarity, heterogeneous and insurrectionary, spread over many regions

Received by email:
“Last March 22nd different anarchist and subversive partners from the revolt, kidnapped in many prisons of the Chilean state, have begun a hunger strike demanding the repeal of the article 9 and the restitution of the article 1st from the decree of the law 321.
The retroactive character of this law modifies the request’s periods of conditional release, which directly harms mates with long sentences, and thousands of prisoners across the region

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Thessaloniki, Greece: SOLIDARITY ATTACK CLAIM by Arsonist Troublemakers groups

Technology has always been a strong ally of domination. Today, however, one could say that it is one of its most important weapons. So technology has flooded every corner of our daily lives. “Smart phones”, “Smart watches”, “Smart homes”, even “Smart cities”. Everything ready and arranged for our convenience. Behind this apparent convenience we have been given, there is huge business. A massive collection of information on each individual. Mobile phone companies clearly have their place of honour in this situation. Always available to hand over conversations, messages and any other information they have, they have proved their good cooperation with the institutions of power many times.
One of these times was the dystopian period 2020-2021. At the first warning of “mass imprisonment”, these companies hurried to comfort the people with packages of offers to gild the pill of each person, who had to stay home at all costs. Still, they have been and are one of the most basic means of social control, as movement is allowed mainly by sms, while at any time the civil protection have the ability to send out messages, with ridiculous sirens blaring.

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Athens,Greece: Update on the decision of the 2nd degree hearing of the 3rd trial of R.O.Revolutionary Struggle

Today after the lawyer’s speech and comrade Pola Roupa’s statement concerning the prosecutor’s proposal, the judge requested a suspension of 2 hours to issue the court decision. So, despite fact that this had not been planned, a decision was made on the appeal of P. Roupa, a member of Revolutionary Struggle, for the organization’s bombing of the Bank of Greece-ECB and the IMF office in Athens on 10/04/2014.
After a long (over many months in the court of appeal) ideological-political struggle in court and vigorously defending her political views and the action of the Revolutionary Struggle, the court aligned itself with the decision already made by the 5-member second degree Court against the comrade for misdemeanors while she was in “clandestinity” and Nikos Maziotis was tried alone at the 2nd Revolutionary Struggle trial. At the time, Pola Roupa was sentenced to 11 years’ prison.

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Solidarietà con i compagni imprigionati in Cile. Contributo alla solidarietà internazionale dall’occupazione Utopia A.D. di Komotini (Grecia, aprile 2021) [it, en, el]

Solidarietà con i compagni imprigionati in Cile

Striscione in solidarietà con i compagni in sciopero della fame in Cile affisso a Komotini davanti all’edificio governativo della regione della Macedonia Orientale e Tracia.

Recentemente si è concluso lo sciopero della fame (e per un periodo anche della sete) del prigioniero politico Dimitris Koufondinas, che a seguito dell’entrata in vigore di una legge vendicativa riguardante i prigionieri politici di lungo corso ha perso il diritto a scontare la condanna nelle carceri rurali. Il seguito è ben noto, con il governo che si rifiuta di applicare la sua stessa legge e Dimitris Koufondinas che intraprende uno sciopero della fame durato numerosi giorni, esigendo il proprio ritorno al carcere di Korydallos come previsto dalla legge stessa.

Un trattamento simile nei confronti dei prigionieri politici, questa volta da parte dello Stato cileno, è il motivo dell’inizio delle mobilitazioni nelle carceri di Santiago. Così, da lunedì 22 marzo 2021, a Santiago del Cile, anarchici e altri prigionieri, così come i prigionieri per la lotta di liberazione di Mapuche, hanno iniziato una mobilitazione avente le caratteristiche di uno sciopero della fame che proseguirà per tempo indefinito. Continue reading Solidarietà con i compagni imprigionati in Cile. Contributo alla solidarietà internazionale dall’occupazione Utopia A.D. di Komotini (Grecia, aprile 2021) [it, en, el]

Thursday, April 22, 2021 Santiago de Chile : 2nd Public Communique on the 32nd day of the Hunger Strike.

2nd Public Communiqué on the 32nd day of the Hunger Strike.
To the peoples, individuals, communities and territories in struggle and resistance.
To those who rebel against this present of oppression and misery.
To our herds, families, friends, complicities, comrades and loves around the world.
To all!
The anarchist prisoners and subversives of the social war Mónica Caballero Sepúlveda in the female prison of San Miguel, Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda, Juan Flores Riquelme and Joaquín García Chanks in the high security prison, Francisco Solar Domínguez in the Maximum Security Section and Pablo Bahamondes Ortiz in Module 2 of the prison company of Santiago 1 and Juan Aliste Vega in the Cas adhering but not on strike for medical reasons; we declare our total persistence in the decision to continue in this just mobilization in which we have already transit 31 days since 9 kidnapped comrades, in different periods in Chilean prisons, decided to begin this mobilization with characteristics of a liquid and indefinite hunger strike, thus activating a heartfelt demand in the prison world and, in the same way, uniting different generations of comrades as inescapable evidence of the continuity of the conflict with the State, the prison and capital in an undeniable context of Social War.
After 17 and 18 days of this journey with the body as a weapon of struggle, the comrades arrested in the context of permanent revolt and today prisoners in the prison company Santiago 1 module 3 Tomás, José and Gonzalo stopped the movement for „health reasons and lack of experience“ however those of us who continue to mobilize realize the clear will expressed by the comrades to take this necessary step of collective struggle and we greet them in the daily learning of living the millimetric resistance to the daily prison confinement.
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Athens,Greece: Announcement, of the sentences… on 23/4/21 at the terror-court in the trial against anarchist V.Stathopoulos and D.HATZIVASILEIADIS AND D.M.

Banners and slogans earlier in the courtroom, after the announcement, of the sentences… on 23/4/21
Baggelis Stathopoulos : 19 years without appeal
Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis : 16 years without appeal
D.M. 10 years with appeal


Solidarity is judged on my person with the heaviest accusations, because I helped an injured comrade. My prosecution and trial are based solely on political criteria, on the attitude of dignity and solidarity that I have consistently followed throughout my life. I have nothing to dispose of but my own life, I have nothing to defend despite the constant struggle against the murderous rage of the State and capital! If my practical solidarity is the crime for which I am convicted and imprisoned, I declare myself unrepentant!
P.S.: Closing here, I would like to greet from the bottom of my heart the comrades who stayed by my side, in every way, those who stood by me and continue to fight. Knowing that the conditions are adverse and things are difficult outside, they did not desist! And to renew the appointment on the streets, where I grew up and have never forgotten.
Using the power of the opponent we reverse the terms, the shortest path is the straight one!
No battle was won without ever being given
Vangelis Stathopoulos
Korydallos Prison

fire to the prisons!
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