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Argentina : El Urubu lives in the revolt

via:  Attaque translated by Act for freedom now!
I’m not lying in saying that almost every day for a quarter of a century now I remember you as if it were yesterday. Someone might doubt this statement, but I don’t care because, surely, that person did not know this comrade; and even less do they know me (or my innermost feelings). I hate “ephemeris”, but (on this occasion …) it is impossible for me to avoid writing these words. Your gun jammed and they shot you in the chest. They shot you again, in the back. You, precisely, who wrote in your poems that you were not going to attack them from behind. We, anarchists, are like that: we face them knowing that we have everything to lose, but we throw ourselves into the unequal battle anyway, like David against Goliath. Your memory and your courage, comrade, continue to illuminate our struggle…
I was a little younger than you in the mid-90s … A bunch of teenage punks were circling around you when we met at anarchist initiatives.
This is what I want to talk about: life stories that, to this day, I have never shared with anyone. These were things that only sprung up between us, Sergio. Forgive me if I open my sorrowful soul and share them: if I don’t do it now, maybe I never will. And never is too much. There is no doubt about your intuitive insurrectionism. You didn’t have to read “Alfredo”, because informality flowed through your veins, contagiously. And many of us got involved – with no return – in permanent revolt, which (in the 21st century) is far from over. On the contrary, it grows and bears fruit in every insurrectional action!
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» Let’s continue the assault on the existent with all means, undeterred by those who would silence us with weapons from the stockpile of reaction, be they the kick of the democratic jackboot, the empty chatter of opinion or the siren calls of the candy men of hope.»

Jean Weir. Tame Words from a Wild Heart.

«… sometimes it seems to us something so obvious that we forget to insist punctiliously on the anti-authoritarian character of anarchism and, therefore, consequently anti-systemic… Roughly anti-systemic! We are against all Authority. That is our maxim».

Gustavo Rodriguez. Talk at the Squatted Social Center «Casa Naranja».

The authoritarian offensive has not stopped in these times of pandemic, Covid-19 has turned out to be the perfect excuse to deepen social and political control, prisons being the main place of experimentation and application of these measures.
We have systematically read updates on the situation of anarchist prisoners around the world in this particular context. We have seen how our comrade Eric King, who keeps alive his permanent antagonism and his irreducible stance in Englewood prison, has been tortured by the guards and beaten by white supremacists, causing him severe physical and psychological injuries. The same happened to our comrade Dimitra Valavani, who was beaten and tortured, under the pretext that they wanted to obtain a DNA sample and, in recent days, our comrade Giannis Dimitrakis, who was also brutally beaten in Domokos prison by the prison mafia, leaving him in a serious condition, and we still do not know the consequences of this cowardly aggression.
June 11 is the International Day of Solidarity with comrade Marius Mason and with all the anarchist comrades sentenced to long sentences around the world. In the framework of this new June 11, we want to denounce what is happening in all the latitudes of the planet with our anarchist comrades in prison and present our response (without mincing our words) to concretize and consolidate solidarity with all those with whom we have affinity (in theory and in practice) who are continuing the anarchist war behind bars.


New International Counter-Information Project – ‘Dark Nights’
“In the Dark Nights there is always the warmth of the fire!”
‘Dark Nights’ because we found each other during these dark times, we do not fear them, instead we as anarchists see the moment between sunset and dawn as the moment to attack, to strike the powerful in their hearts, to make the fear change sides.
We are an anarchic, anti-info project of incendiary critique and direct action. Against the State, capitalism and the techno-industrial system that is rearing its head more powerful than before. Our network holds onto the principles of DIY, that we don’t expect anyone to fight the social war for us. Neither do we form any sense of a traditional hierarchical or even any organisation to adhere to or issue membership for anything, we met and act together, beginning an informal network, that goes beyond a circle of friends or contacts.
Our outlet is a destructive alternative to the spectacle and disinformation that is the mainstream media that are the weapons of the state and capitalist system we oppose. We publish direct action reports from revolutionary/insurrectional/anarchist groups, not in the interest of reproducing endless streams of empty words and theory but to support said groups and to spread the ‘propaganda by the deed’, to avoid the blatant attempts by the system to eliminate them and any memory of
anarchist and revolutionary struggle.
Solidarity for us is not based on ideological dogma, what matters more to us is the direct attack upon what we perceive as the enemy. We DO NOT support the cops, they are not our friends, neither our protectors, they are our enemy as much as anyone who snitches, provides information on comrades, allies or co defendants. Continue reading New International Counter-Information Project – ‘Dark Nights’

The book in italian language “La guerra di classe in Spagna: 1973. Gangsters o rivoluzionari?” has been published (Italy)

“Written paper represents a fundamental element, both for revolutionary movements and for individualities determined to act. Historical experiences of struggle and armed agitation have always equipped themselves with pamphlets, libraries, mimeographs and whatever else was necessary to produce autonomously the material to be diffused. The times? Long. The places? Often cramped. People? Reliable, before being specialized or computerized militants. It is in the structuring of these physicalities that the threads of the actions are recomposed, that the enemy is identified, that it is possible to better establish where to strike him, anticipating and unmasking his next moves” (from the introductory note).
“Revolutionaries or gangsters? A title that says it all. Formulated at the time in a critical manner towards those European ‘revolutionaries’ who, in the years preceding Puig Antich’s death, had done their best to obfuscate the innovative energy that the MIL–GAC (Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación – Grupos Autonomos de Combate) was bringing to the post-1968 European revolutionary panorama.

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en/de/ anarchist publication RUMOER #4

Anarchist publication RUMOER #4 is out! Check it on:
BOOOOOOOM!!! RUMOER number four on your screen (or preferably, on paper). Loaded edition with thoughts and reflections. About the curfew riots in the Netherlands, corona-stress of anti-authoritarian people but also on accountability-processes. Also there is lots of news from very far and  pretty nearby…
Like the last issues, this RUMOER will be spread on the streets, in
spots that are not 100% hygienic. You may also find it in your better bookstore or (anti)social-center. If you cant find it there you can also just print it, or send us an email with your order. You could order a couple more, so your friends and family profit from it as well. Quite nice is that you can send us some money, if you have any, otherwise we will just send you one for free. Send your request to RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET. Continue reading en/de/ anarchist publication RUMOER #4

Mauricio Morales – Let’s turn the city to ashes, a collection of writings by and for a fallen comrade. $antiago, $hile, Septiembre Negro 2009. English Edition 2014.

cover pdf:
book pdf:
See to it that anarchy lives
Contents: Introduction – Poems – Correspondence with Axel Osorio – Music – Some found writings – Conversations – Stories – Love, kaos and anarchy – Words of your brothers – The fire spreads – Prologue
Published by Elephant Editions 2014.
Printed by some anarchist comrades, with contribution from comrades of Act for freedom now! project. Layout by Antonia.
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MADRID, ESPAÑA: [Local Anarquista Motín] [Actividad periódica] «¡Leer y luchar!»: presentaciones de libros y fanzines los primeros miércoles de cada mes

Actforfree receive by email:
¡Leer y luchar!
En Motín nos gusta leer. Nos gustan los libros. Nos gustan los fanzines.
Por eso tenemos en nuestro local varias distribuidoras con libros,
fanzines, libelos, panfletos. Y una biblioteca, que tiene el nombre de “Agustín Rueda”.
Sin embargo, no contemplamos la lectura como algo al margen de la lucha, como una mera actitud contemplativa e intelectual, que contribuya a la pasividad imperante en nuestras realidades. Nos parece importante promocionar la autoformación y el debate, a través de las reflexiones, escritas y no escritas, en el intercambio entre compañeros y compañeras, que se contextualicen en las luchas que llevamos acabo, y se profundice en ellas. Por eso no dudaríamos en usar de combustible los libros y fanzines si con ellos prendiéramos los pilares de este mundo de miseria.

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avis de tempetes : Bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale# 41 – 15 mai 2021

Télécharger Avis de tempêtes #41 en PDF


Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°41 (mai 2021) vient de sortir.

Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est
en format A5, et celui-ci fait 20 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque
nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le
blog :

“Mais qu’est-il donc passé par la tête de vieilles ganaches galonnées,
suivies par des militaires d’active trois semaines plus tard, pour se
livrer à un exercice aussi vulgaire que d’adresser une longue plainte au pouvoir en place ? Ah, mais c’est qu’il est plus facile de déployer
toute l’étendue de ses talents de bourreau en étant couvert par
Papa-Etat face à des villageois insurgés (ou même pas) des quatre coins du monde, voire derrière l’écran meurtrier d’un drone… que lorsqu’ils’agit de lui quémander un peu d’attention comme n’importe quel citoyen imbécile.
Si l’élection présidentielle de l’année prochaine a certainement quelquechose à voir avec ces missives au ton aussi menaçant que leur analyse est réactionnaire, comment ne pas y voir non plus un avatar de ce que le syndicalisme policier compte de plus avilissant ? D’abord on hausse le ton et on frappe du poing sur la table, puis on deale quelques miettes avant de rentrer dans les rangs et de continuer à faire son sale travail.

Certes, en la matière, il est évident que la besogne de ces
pétitionnaires en treillis n’est pas tout à fait ordinaire, puisqu’elle
consiste à mener directement, à appuyer ou à soutenir une infinité de bains de sang sous forme de massacres, d’assassinats « ciblés » et de tortures, le tout au service d’un terrorisme de masse qui s’incarne dans le plus froid des monstres froids. Et plus exactement encore, en service commandé de tout ce qu’un même territoire compte de puissants et de leurs intérêts variés, industriels, financiers, commerciaux, énergétiques ou politiques, afin d’écraser ce qui viendrait les menacer, à l’extérieur comme à l’intérieur des frontières. Et ce, indépendamment du prétexte initial invoqué pour lancer des orages de feu et d’acier ou déployer toutes les armes contre-insurrectionnelles à leur disposition


English pdf   and  French pdf
The monstrous Black Volcano which has loomed
and leered menacingly over Happy City since it was
founded has finally erupted.
Vast rivers of lava are streaming down the
mountain slopes towards the human settlement and
ash is already beginning to rain on the rooftops. It is
only a matter of time before a pyroclastic cloud
scorches instant death onto the people or the molten
rock pours into the narrow streets and kills