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Anarchist publication RUMOER #5 winter 21-22

The riots in Rotterdam (and shooting people by the cops there) happened just too late to still be analyzed or celebrated or…. But, luckily enough tasty things did make it to the paper. Good tips to destroy your mobile phone, a callout to refuse the corona pass, and also a conversation on the anarcho-blocks at demonstrations, ideas on housing struggle and of course lots of news from far away and really nearby. It has not been quiet in the world of pandemics, disasters, control, and exploitation, so we shouldn’t be quiet either.
Here it is: #5 English digitaal
If you subscribe to our mailing list, we will make you happy with a mail every time there is a new RUMOER (no worries, never more than 3 times a year). And if you send us money we can right away start making the next edition of this sweet magazine. The RUMOER will once again be spread on the street in non-corona-proof pick-up spots and also in the better bookshops or (a)social centres. And if you do not find it there, you could print it or send us an email with your order (the amount you want and in which language). Order some extra to share with the people around you, so you have something to talk about. Send your request to: RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET.
See ya later,
For a hot winter, a big kiss

Chile: ‘The risks of multiformity’ – Words of anarchist prisoner Francisco Solar EN/ES

The search for freedom implies the attempt to establish and develop practices in that sense. Breaking with imposed directions, dogmas and predetermined schemes is essential in the construction of anti-authoritarian relations and in the strengthening of these.
Multiformity in terms of action (and not only) is circumscribed in this way of understanding and carrying out the struggle. It is an expression of freedom that denies singular rigid behaviors and ways of doing things, as well as encouraging imagination and autonomy.
It is also a rejection of specialization and specialists who, as we have seen, sooner rather than later become leaders who become enlightened vanguards. It was and is recurrent to see how the armed apparatuses that perpetrated significant actions became the leadership of an organization or the part of a movement that arrogated, through the use of arms, its representation, demonstrating a militarism that we are alien and contrary to.
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Kalinov Most. Publicación Anarquista Internacional #8/Octubre 2021.

Sale a la luz, un nuevo número de nuestra revista:
Kalinov Most. Publicación Anarquista Internacional #8/Octubre 2021.
*Sobre las estrategias represivas
*Algunas consideraciones alrededor de la ética y la práctica terrorista
*El amanecer de un nuevo mundo: La dominación tecnológica y digital
*¿Afrontar o esquivar las miserias? Algunos cuestionamientos al interior de los entornos anárquicos.
Aportes Externos
*Viviendo la anomia
*Anarquistas a contratiempo en el sur del Bra$il

Brussels, Belgium: End of the Acrata project

Acrata, 3 November 2021
Hello everyone,
The anarchist library Acrata opened its doors in 2008. At the time, a text presented it not only as a “space for meetings and discussions”, but also as an “instrument to sharpen our knowledge and to find solid bases to confront domination”.
Throughout the years, people from here and elsewhere met there, publications from different parts of the world were disseminated and discussed, struggles (local or international) were defended and debated. Acrata was also a space for those who recognized themselves in it. As is often the case with struggles and interpersonal relationships, the dynamics within Acrata have changed over the years, sometimes marking fault lines.

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Storm Warnings #42-45 (June – September, 2021)

Storm warnings, anarchist bulletin for the social war, issue 42 (June 2021), 43-44 (August 2021), and 45 (September 2021) came out. It is the full English translation of Avis de Tempêtes.
Earlier issues and translations in different languages are available for reading, printing and spreading on the website
 Storm warnings, issue 42 (June 15, 2021) :
For reading
For printing (A4)
For printing (Letter)
“Since its beginnings, the management of the covid-19 epidemic by the authorities has been logically characterized in our latitudes by a predominance of economic imperatives and the preservation of the social order, which even the constantly-invoked medical rationale of the State no longer manages to conceal. Continue reading Storm Warnings #42-45 (June – September, 2021)

325 Collective Contact Email & PGP Key

Received by email:
To all our comrades internationally, be they in the streets or in the hellholes of the state, we would like to let everyone know that we are still active as a collective & working on new publication projects.
For anyone who would like to be in contact with us, we share our most recent PGP key. New proposals for publications are very much welcome for the expansion of the Black International of Anarchists of Praxis and against the techno prison world.
325 Collective



Fire Ant: Anarchist Prisoner Solidarity #10

[PDF for printing]
Fire Ant is a quarterly publication focused on spreading the words of anarchist prisoners and generating material solidarity for our imprisoned friends. Begun as a collaboration between anarchist prisoners and anarchists in Maine, Fire Ant seeks to raise material aid for anarchist prisoners while fostering communication between anarchists on both sides of the walls.
Issue #10 features essays, letters, and poetry from anarchist prisoners Michael Kimble, Pepe, Thomas Meyer-Falk, and Sean Swain; as well as an introduction by Robcat to the new Fire Ant Food Autonomy Project.
by Bloomington ABC

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Update of Material “Expanding the Revolt”.

From the project “Expanding the Revolt” in Buenos Aires, we wanted to provide different comrades with an update of the work that we have been doing in the last year in terms of anarchist zines, magazines and books.
For us it is extremely important to make our own editions, some of them coming from our own pens, and others from the research, compilation and selection of different comrades to tell diverse stories and deepen our anarchist memory.
In addition to the dissemination and the always attentive call that the material we produce be destined for the social war and not for the product in itself or historicist labour, we bring these words to encourage the need for a greater quantity of our own productions, ceasing to delegate our memory to representatives of state institutions or to eternal reprinting without updating of materials produced decades ago.

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Italy,Greece: The book Varkarides. I battellieri (Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, 2021) is available

The book Varkarides. I battellieri. Il gruppo nichilista di Salonicco. 1898–1903 [Varkarides. The boatmen. The nihilist group from Thessaloniki], first Italian edition by Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, is available
“… we are a handful of fanatics descending the vast river of history shouting with joy. And there we will arrive.”
In 1894 thirteen-year old Macedonian students Yordan Yordanov (Ortzeto) and Konstantin Kirkov went to Thessaloniki – in the Ottoman era – to attend grammar school. A year later along with their schoolmates they form a revolutionary nucleus and lead student mobilizations. In 1897 they form the group of AGITATORS and make contact with anarchist-nihilist circles in Geneva. The group evolves and takes the name of BOATMEN. Their “ideology” is terrorism.

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