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The Local Kids Issue 7 – A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

Population management is now supposedly the responsibility of everyone. Obedience to the state has been dressed up as solidarity. More surveillance is called freedom. All in the name of a return to normal life that appears as a mirage in the desert. Should we rehash for the umpteenth time a comparison to 1984? Its author might have thought that it takes a continuous and considerate effort to see what’s right in front of your nose; can we truly say that? Is it difficult to see what’s going on? Or is it that we speak different languages and will find no common understanding of life?
We could jump into the fray, unveil their lies, battle for the real meaning of words, uphold a correct perception of reality. But then we would be entering the realm of politics where we can only fight with words without radically changing the narrative. A stubbornness that can have its value to demonstrate the absurdism of society. But only by refusing to do politics can we challenge the power of this system over our lives. That also means that we cannot pretend to have solutions at hand for the crises we’re passing through. The existence of capitalism is based in the progressive destruction of the living conditions of all living beings.

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Belgium: About the Sentence Against Anarchists in November 2020

EN,PDF: Bulletin #3 – April 2021
Starting in 2008, the Belgian State carried out a large investigation aiming at different struggles that were in conflict with detention centres, borders, prisons and the world of authority and exploitation – always without concessions. In its sights: the anarchist library Acrata, anarchist and anti-authoritarian publications (Hors Service, La Cavale and Tout doit partir), dozens of flyers and posters, more than a hundred actions, attacks and acts of sabotage…in other words, the fight against Power in all its different expressions.
Initially, 12 comrades were charged with “participation in a terrorist group”. After a procession of many years through juridical limbo, in the year 2020 the Appeal Court finally sentenced 9 of the accused to probationary prison sentences and suspended sentences. Another court case is pending for 7 comrades, the main charge is “incitement to commit crimes and misdemeanours”.
Back in the Dayz
In late 2008, amidst diffuse hostilities triggered by the revolt in Greece following the assassination of the young anarchist Alexis Grigoropoulos by police, the Federal Prosecutor launched an exploratory investigation aimed at anarchists in Belgium. In 2010, while the struggle against the construction of a new detention centre in Steenokkerzeel was underway, investigative magistrate Isabelle Panou was assigned to lead the investigation. From then on, the investigation was executed by the counterterrorist branch of the Federal Police. In May and in September 2013, a dozen house raids took place within this investigation, targeting different homes as well as the anarchist library Acrata in Brussels. It was on this occasion that the existence of a counterterrorist investigation first emerged. The investigation closed in 2014, culminating in the prosecution of twelve anarchists in the courts.

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Interview and dialogue with Alfredo Cospito from the prison of Ferrara [Published in anarchist paper Vetriolo, issue 2, autumn 2018]

What international? Interview and dialogue with Alfredo Cospito from the prison of Ferrara.
Part One
 Internationalism has always been the principle inspiring the actions and horizons of the exploited who do not accept the role that society has given them. It has always been a vaccine against opportunism of every kind, a guarantee that those who practice it are not the servants of their boss or a foreign boss, but are authentic enemies of all forms of exploitation and authority. Internationalism as tension, as spirit, does not change with the changing of times. But the way it becomes real in history changes. Reformists, opportunists and authoritarians have always tried to pervert internationalism towards their own interests. The question of questions, the lever get the world to rise up, is therefore the International. How, what should the International be today? Should it be a real “organization”, a federation of groups, a “world party”? Or can there be instruments or “structures” that are closer to the anarchist Idea and that are more effective in this historical period?
Like “scientific” socialism, anarchism was born to oppose a global process, capitalism and the advent of the bourgeoisie. It is more than natural that anarchists and Marxists have from the beginning pursued with alternating fortunes an international organizational dimension. In the nineteenth century, with Bakunin, anarchy abandoned the philosophical, idealist level to take its first steps in the real world. First against Mazzini’s messianic liberalism, to then clash with Marx’s state socialism, giving rise to the autonomist federalist currents within the First International.

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[Chile] With anarchy, beyond limits!     

via: contramadrizTranslated by Act for freedom now!
June 23, 2021
“In seeking the impossible, man has always realized and recognized the possible. And those who have wisely limited themselves to what they thought possible have never taken a single step forward.” Mikhail Bakunin
Intervention in the prelude to this June 11 in international solidarity with Marius Mason and all long-term anarchist prisoners.
As of this day, more than 50 anarchists are being held in prisons around the world. An intimate embrace of the wind to those who in their anarchic path have not been satisfied with democratic passivity and have broken with the tranquility of those who hold power. To those who for different circumstances have had to navigate their confinement with cunning many times, but always with their heads held high, because becoming one more inhabitant of these prisons is such a possibility for us – the anarchic subjects – even when taking precautions in combat, and that must be taken into account. In the same way, just as imprisonment can strike us, there are also a thousand and one reasons to directly strike the structures of Capital. And why not strike the very promoters of the established order, generating the worst of winter storms, because in the practice of combat there are no limits, and the use of violence is always possible as long as it is dignified. Perhaps the names on the path of anarchy are repeating themselves: Severino Di Giovanni; Simon Radowitsky; The Bonnot Gang; The Russian Nihilists; Nicola Gai and Alfredo Cospito; Pola Roupa; Nikos Maziotis and how many more comrades that we have not named to our own detriment. Those who with successes and errors knew how to reconfigure and elevate anarchist action, in their own times and contexts, attacking the enemy where it hurts the most – submerging their souls in fear in their privileged domains, in those places where they never in their despicable lives thought they might feel threatened.

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Avis de tempêtes #43-44

Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°43-44 (juillet-août 2021) est sorti. Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est en format A5, et celui-ci fait 24 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le blog :

“A l’heure où dans le monde entier, les conséquences de l’avancée folle de la machine industrielle et technologique se font ressentir chaque jour davantage, où les changements climatiques induits par
l’industrialisation pourraient bien inaugurer des scénarios inouïs qui risquent de reconfigurer drastiquement les assises de la domination, la lutte mapuche dans un coin « perdu » du monde où des habitants et habitantes porteurs de façons de vivre antagonistes avec le capitalisme et l’étatisme se battent pour chaque mètre accaparé et exploité par des entreprises et l’État, peut avoir une signification qui dépasse le territoire du Wallmapu.

EN: Issue 7 / Year 3 / April 2021 CONFRONTACIÓN Irregular anarchist publication / Chilean region

In this issue:
About the Extension of Control and the Response to Repression
March 29th of Memory and Confrontation
About the Constitutional Farce and the New Electoral Circus
Anarchist Activations: For the Destruction of The Existent or Nothing
Translated by Act For Freedom Now!

Here we are, once again, reaching unthinkable places in CONFRONTATION against all forms of power and authority. Yes, all forms of authority, including that which disguises itself as revolt and “revolution” trying to bring the struggles toward new and old ways of taking, controlling or constructing power. With clear anti-authoritarian conviction we tirelessly shout: neither command nor obey! Attack and destroy all forms of power!
In this new special issue, we continue agitating against and reflecting on elements of reality that we feel are important to view from an anarchist perspective, far from all dogma, rigidity or idealization. We hope that you like this new issue and that you receive it as a contribution to the propagation of the anarchist tension among diverse individuals, groups and territories.
Using the statistics from a new wave of cases in the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage, the Chilean state managed to extend the “State of Catastrophe” into the month of June 2021. With this, the curfew and military presence – on top of the police presence – remain in the streets, something that we already experienced throughout the previous uprising and the pandemic. And so we arrive at a new period of repressive and sanitary management of the pandemic marked by the failed attempt to force schools to restart in-person classes, the start of vaccinations and the implementation of measures which restrict mobility, oblige confinement and punish disobedience. Punishments which, as we have seen, are imposed unequally in a society marked by privilege and the impunity of those who have historically held power.
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-Interview with comrade Gustavo Rodríguez (First of three parts)
These days we have received a torrent of statements generated in the mass disinformation media about the recent protests in Cuba. On the one hand, there are those formulated by the Cuban officialdom and the leftists of the world in the name of anti-imperialism and in defense of what they still call the «Cuban revolution», on the other hand, there are the traditional right-wing media that accuse the «communist dictatorship» of the lack of freedoms and rights.
The Cuban Communist Party and its international acolytes call for solidarity with the regime, arguing that they are facing a new intervention of «Yankee imperialism» which is taking advantage of the disastrous economic conditions caused by more than sixty years of blockade and the greatest health crisis in its history. While the supporters of the free market and the right-wing forces claim that what is happening in the country is the result of its citizens’ oppression due to the lack of opportunities in the socialist regimes.
In these times of post-truth we are suspicious of all these positions, but also, as anarchists, we are not only suspicious of these channels of manipulation but we identify positions that are contrary to our praxis and enemies of our desire for total liberation.



-The dilemmas of the contemporary «anarchist movement» versus the instituting character of the «social movements.»1.

«Vulgarly it is held that the «great mass» could not remain without religion; the communists extend that claim.»

Max Stirner, My Enjoyment of Myself, in The Only One and His Property.

«To see what we have in front of our noses requires a constant struggle.»

George Orwell, In front of your nose.

Contrary to what all the verbal diarrhea of post-modern neo-Leninism claims about the so-called «social movements», the novelty of these movements does not lie in the replacement of trade unions and traditional political parties, but in the motivational structure of the subjects involved; That is, in the convergence of perceptions around multiple factors (economic-socio-cultural) that nourish the collective longing for the welfare state and the labor society and, through processes of social mobilization, constitute a new institutional force that serves as a platform for the different fascisms -whether black, brown, red or whatever color they are given in order to persuade the «masses»- and paves the way for populist leaders.

Meanwhile, the social scientists (neo-Marxians and/or proto-populists) juggle a thousand and one times to semantically accommodate «institutionalization», giving the concept a one hundred and eighty degree turn so that it is grammatically instrumental for them; that is, hiding the intentions of co-optation of the struggles and forced integration to the «new» domination. Continue reading AGAINST THE TIDE – GUSTAVO RODRÍGUEZ