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ES/EN : La Cizaña Trashumante an anarchist diffusion project (Mexico)

La Cizaña Trashumante
Proyecto de difusión anarquista
Distribuidora. Ediciones. Información. Radio.

La Cizaña Trashumante es un proyecto de difusión anarquista que nace en Ciudad Juárez, México, el 1 de mayo de 2022 con la intención de difundir y profundizar en el debate teórico y en la práctica anarquista. En este sentido, el material que distribuimos y difundimos tiene la intención de, por un lado, recuperar textos clásicos que, por diversas razones, olvidos u ocultamientos deliberados, no se encuentran al alcance del público en la frontera y, por el otro, incorporar nuevas voces e investigaciones dentro del amplio espacio ácrata.

También difundimos material audiovisual y serigrafía de contenido afín a los ideales de solidaridad, apoyo mutuo, defensa de la vida, antimilitarismo, feminismo no autoritario, entre otros tópicos, que alimentan el horizonte de ese otro mundo que llevamos en nuestros corazones. Continue reading ES/EN : La Cizaña Trashumante an anarchist diffusion project (Mexico)

Messina, Sicily – Protest against Mattarella [president of the Italian republic]

Mattarella guarantor of rearmament


On 13th April a celebration for the 50 years of Gazzetta del Sud, where the president of the republic was present, was met with protests in Messina.

After a meeting against war in Piazza Municipio we moved closer to the Teatro Vittorio Emanuele at the start of the celebration, in spite of the fact that the city centre was militarized and the streets adjacent to the theatre were blocked for Mattarella’s arrival.

We tried to oppose this circus of power by unfurling a banner, shouting chants against rearmament and military bases, which are everywhere on the island, and improvising a cacerolazo with pans, bowls and spoons. Police seized the banner and broke the microphone used for speeches after about ten minutes. Continue reading Messina, Sicily – Protest against Mattarella [president of the Italian republic]

Flyer: Caen, The battle is played out in the streets ! (France)

The battle is in the streets!

“There are no supreme saviours.
Neither god, nor Caesar, nor tribune”,
An old song

The results of the first round of the presidential elections, which in any case had nothing cheerful to offer except the funeral oration of the old parties of the PS and the Republicans, have arrived. In a pale replay of 2017, we should delegate our power and march in step behind the ideal gendarme and, above all, the State and Capital, or abandon ourselves to the throes of racism and an ”anti-system” complicit in the reign of hierarchy and money. Another possibility is to express our revolt without waiting.

The electoral system and their democracy are illusions, where we are urged to identify with the concerns of the power, to accept the language and the agenda. All this reveals what elections have never ceased to be: a moment synonymous with passivity where the appetite for delegation and resignation is stimulated. We should, with sorrow or enthusiasm, confuse our interests with those of the established order and empathize with representatives vying for an extra share of wealth and power. Continue reading Flyer: Caen, The battle is played out in the streets ! (France)

Antimilitarist Notes, On the Anarchist Struggle Against Conscription in Italy. For Social Rebellion Against the Exploiters and Murderers!

A new pamphlet, circulated in London, recalling the proud rebellion and ‘total objection’ to militarisation and its logic from a period of escalated social-conflictuality in Italy in the 70s/80s.
“I don’t want these words, fruit of a gut refusal to do military service, deepened and enriched with the critique and practice from the movement of total objection that was a force in Italian anarchism at the time, to disappear into oblivion. Surely they are more than mere sheets of paper among the many clogging up the anteroom of the paper shredder.
And the protagonists? What has become of them? Would they say the same today decades later, and be ready to pay the consequences: years of prison or a life on the run? Or were their discourses forged with the fire of youth, arrogant in the ugly face of the warmongering State avid for their bodies and minds to dull and indoctrinate, train as insensate killers in uniform prepared also to be killed or maimed themselves? Does it matter, does it detract from the power that the words still hold? Still today military service is a plague in many parts of the world, and our hatred of armies, killing machines, prevents us from becoming indifferent to the plight of millions of young people all over the world should we just stop to think of them for a moment, all the more so as new tanks are beginning to trundle and populations are egging on thousands of enthusiastic youth (killers or corpses?) in staged photo shoots. Continue reading Antimilitarist Notes, On the Anarchist Struggle Against Conscription in Italy. For Social Rebellion Against the Exploiters and Murderers!

[ZINE] Nuclear or lignite : Fragments of the struggle against this world’s juice, from the Bois Lejuc to the Hambach Forest.. [nov. 2018]

This is the translation into english of the zine “Nuclear or lignite : Fragments of the struggle against this world’s juice, from the Bois Lejuc to the Hambach Forest..“, originally published in french in november 2018. Good reading !
PS : if problem of translation, you can write to traductions-bureburebure(a]riseup(dot]net !
The nuclear waste burial centre at Bure, in the Meuse, gives all of us multiple possibilities for fighting on the one hand against this nuclear garbage bin, but more globally against nuclear power and all the companies and humans that collaborate with it. Andra’s project is but an aspect of this world that cannot stop using always more energy to ensure this society runs as smoothly as possible. Like so many others, this devastating energy, once used, needs a dump site. And it is of course with the support of Meusian local politicians and institutions, in exchange for payoffs for the region, that this ecocidal project could take place here. Numerous companies are taking part, be it construction giant Vinci or Enedis (ex-EDF) and its energy avatars.
Engineers from Ingérop and its subsidiaries are also allowing for the realization of this waste site buried kilometers deep. Most of these companies are present everywhere, which allows for an extension of the conflict (cf the blog, which gives multiple infos of the different promoters and collaborators in this project). This isn’t only going on at Bure, but everywhere.

Continue reading [ZINE] Nuclear or lignite : Fragments of the struggle against this world’s juice, from the Bois Lejuc to the Hambach Forest.. [nov. 2018]

Storm Warnings #49 (January 15, 2022)

Storm warnings, anarchist bulletin for the social war, issue 49 (January 2022) came out. It is the full English translation of Avis de Tempêtes.

Earlier issues and translations in different languages are available for reading, printing and spreading on the website

Storm warnings, issue 49 (January 15, 2022) :

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“In the end, on reflection, there is nothing new under the sun. Since the emergence of cities, economic power has basically always walked on the same two feet: energy and extraction. From slavery to nuclear power, economic progress adds up the energy sources that give more and more power to the dominant, and vice versa, because it is the exploitation of energy sources that directly fuels domination. Just as the extraction of oil has released a massive energy force, millions of years old, giving unprecedented dimensions to industrialism and war on a
global scale, the digital and electrified economy depends on the speed of extraction of the metals it needs. This is how the front lines are drawn, where terrible battles are and will be fought.

Part III: “The marxian church against anarchist “sectarianism””. by Gustavo Rodriguez

In Defence of Associative Specificity – Concerning (Inherently) Anarchist “Sectarianism” Part I.
Consulting the dictionary: concepts and definitions of “sectarianism”part ii
Part III: “The marxian church against anarchist “sectarianism””.
Anti-sectarian grammar achieved preeminence amidst the entanglements of the First International between 1864 and 1872. While during its first years the conceptual discrepancies between Proudhonians, Blanquists, Lassalleans and Marxists had been resolved without major tantrums within the International Workingmen’s Association (IWA), in 1868 tensions increased with the incorporation of Bakunin and a large group of like-minded people. The anarchists went so far as to demolish all the economistic onanism of Saint Charlie and his acolytes, placing in their sights the “gravest evil”. That is to say, the State (in particular) and all authority (in general). Thus, they erected their strongest theoretical specificity on the assumption that property or, generically, the relationship with the means of production, was not the only and excluding factor of “class” domination, but that the very instances of domination – and the State in particular – were also mechanisms that generated social groups that could be considered privileged.
On top of all that, the anarchists defended the full autonomy of the different sections of the IWA against the statutory centralism of the General Council tooth and nail. This position provoked the definitive rupture with the Marxists during the celebration of the V Congress of the Association in 1872. The theoretical-practical positions were irreconcilable and markedly antagonistic. For Saint Charlie, the International had to be the centralizing and guiding organ of the “movement”; while for the Russian anarchist and his comrades, it had to be a planetary conspiracy lacking a directing organ, centred on the concrete individual and his freedom; capable of eradicating all authority from the face of the earth, even that which was instituted in the name of the proletariat. By placing individual freedom and voluntary and autonomous association “before the historical development of society”, they received the eternal condemnation of the marxian Church and were accused of being “sectarians”; becoming the target of the wrath of Saint Charlie and his fervent sacristans. Continue reading Part III: “The marxian church against anarchist “sectarianism””. by Gustavo Rodriguez

Lecce, Italy – Down with the army!

Published by on 2022/03/22
Translated by act for freedom now!

An act of violence.
This is the definition given to what happened in Taranto a few days ago when insults and stones were launched at a Navy frigate as it pased by. What can we say? We can only agree… It is an act of exceptional violence that a missile frigate, a military operational unit named after the carabinieri army, can return to an important NATO base in grand style following a mission, crew lined up on deck. These are images that lacerate your heart.
Fortunately that day, near the revolving bridge, there were some enemies of militarism who expressed all their disgust at this violent repulsive spectacle. Their shouts and insults thrown at the military broke the deafening, complicit silence of those who held back, enjoying the show, and the stones thrown at the frigate tore away the grey area of silent collaborationism of those who never have the courage to call things by their name.

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Sardinia – Issue 0 of Su Nudha, a Sardinian Anarchist Paper (A-periodical), is available

È disponibile, da oggi, il numero 0 di “Su Nudha” – Foglio Anarchico Sardo. (A-periodico)

Translated by act for freedom now!
From the editorial:
«The proposal to create a new editorial instrument was born as a continuation of the experiences that some of us have lived in the more or less recent past and from which each one drew their own conclusions, defining their own path. We feel the urge to write our own history through the exclusive use of our own words, eliminating all sorts of softening of the radicality of intentions and blurring of their objectives by making them flicker before our eyes. Moreover, now more than ever it is necessary to equip ourselves with our own instruments that exclude power’s channels of communication by self-organizing in anticipation of the increasingly urgent and criminal restrictions that capitalism is inflicting on the new dissidents (for example impossibility of travel for non-vaccinated).

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