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May14th in the morning the sentence was being pronounced in the court of Bolzano against 63 comrades accused of devastation and looting following a demo against borders that took place in Brenner on May 7th 2016, for whom prosecutors were asking for over 300 years’ prison. Meanwhile, a group of comrades went to Bologna station to the platform where an OBB train to Munich was about to leave and pass through the border where an anti-immigrant barrier was to have been erected in 2016 by the Italian and Austrian states. For months anyone on those trains who didn’t have a white face was subjected to police control.
Today a banner was unfurled on the platform along with a spoken intervention as leaflets were handed out to the passengers to remind them and everybody else that borders continue to kill and that those who are against them or try to cross them are harshly repressed.
Here is the leaflet distributed during the initiative:

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Italy: The trial for ”operation Scintilla” began in Turin on Tuesday 4th May
The first of the preliminary hearings – the usual bureaucratic ritual of formalities – was a chance to see Carla, currently under house arrest with all restrictions, and Natascia, unexpectedly transferred from the prison of Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Nat was moved, without her lawyer’s knowledge, as the hearings will take place in a courtroom in Turin not set up for videoconferencing.
From what we could understand she had been awakened at around 2am, taken by plane to Milan Linate where she arrived at 9:20, and escorted to the court over an hour late for the start of the trial. In spite of her lawyer’s insisting that she be allowed to sit next to him, the chief of the escort (4 screws from Santa Maria Capua Vetere) wouldn’t allow Nat to get out of the cage and threatened anyone who tried to exchange even a few words with her. In spite of the glass, bars and ugly faces, those in the courtroom shouted out and greeted her. Nat looked tired after the journey but was in good form otherwise.

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Italy, 15/04/2021: the big antenna’s silent monologue before switching off

“Let me out of here! I can’t stand the passivity of these people any longer as they walk by without even seeing me, catching my electromagnetic waves like bewildered automatons, eyes fixed to their smartphones that are no more than instruments to control them, anesthetize them and make them stupid, to their detriment but for the State and the multinationals’ benefit. They carry the stick and carrot of their obtuse servitude on them at all times, from the factory to a walk in the park with the dog. And it seems they don’t give a damn about being ruled by a rectangle of microchips and LCD colours. It seems they don’t give a holy shit about finding themselves like guinea pigs and puppets, stripped to the bone by a life governed, schematized, grabbed and raped by a schizophrenic power posturing as the ultimate defender of life itself, while it is a question of defending the economy and privilege, then demonstrating in deed that human life, real, free whole life, is worth less than nothing. These priggish unthinking people I see parading in the streets of Rome pass me by every day just as they let everything else pass them by.
Once they used to let themselves be killed in the workplace, in the streets, breathe all kinds of poison, close their eyes to the people who die starving and yell against the different, fearing they might lose their meagre privileges. Today you see them running from place to place looking for somewhere to get a chemical extract they know nothing about other than what they are told by whoever sold it to them, injected into their bodies. They all trust their government, prostrated and resigned to the fact that it is taking great care to protect them and make them healthy, clean and operative again.

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Sentence of the first instance trial against the anarchist comrade Giuseppe Bruna (Genoa, Italy, May 10, 2021)

On May 10th, the verdict of the first-degree trial that saw the anarchist comrade Giuseppe Bruna accused of having placed an incendiary device against a post office in Genoa on June 8th, 2016, was issued. The comrade received a sentence of five years in prison.
During the period in which the attack in question occurred Poste Italiane was attacked repeatedly because of its collaboration in the expulsion and deportation of migrants through the airline Mistral Air (controlled by Poste Italiane). Pre-trial detention in relation to this fact had come to Beppe on December 17th, 2019, following an investigation by the Special Operational Grouping (ROS) of the Carabinieri and public prosecutor Manotti of Genoa. The charges were based on the discovery of DNA traces that the cops attributed to the comrade. The device had not ignited and it could not have worked due to a malfunction.

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Appeal verdict in the “Panico” trial (Florence, Italy, May 4, 2021)

On May 4, 2021, the second instance of the Panico trial at the Florence court of appeal concluded fairly quickly.
In summary, among the main news there is the fall of the associative crime (article 416, criminal association) for nine comrades convicted in the first instance and the acquittal of Giovanni for the facts of 2017 New Year’s Eve [the bomb against CasaPound’s Il Bargello bookshop, which exploded and seriously injured a police sapper officer] (from a sentence of 9 years and 10 months to 3 months for a spray writing). The sentences for the facts of the Melograno (the brawl with the cops outside a concert), for which two comrades were acquitted, remain heavy: five others were sentenced with sentences all around 3 and a half years. The sentence of the comrade accused of robbery for having stolen two bottles of wine worth 20 euro (2 years and 3 months, plus a fine) also remained unchanged, as well as the sentences (although lowered compared to the first instance) for the assault and firecracker attack on the CasaPound bookshop (January–February 2016). Finally, Ghespe and Paska were convicted for the 2017 New Year’s Eve events, with sentences reduced from 9 years (Ghespe) and 9 years and 5 months (Paska) to 8 years for both.

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Italy: Update on the hunger strike of sardinian imprisoned deported anarchist Davide Delogu (May 4, 2021)

Davide informs us that he has broken his hunger strike because the management has ordered an end to solitary confinement and his transfer to a single cell in the general prisoners’ section. He will also be able to make phone and video calls again.
Sardegna Anarchica
[Update published in italian by, translated into english by].
Davide Delogu is a sardinian anarchist arrested in 2010 and convicted of several robberies and thefts. On May 1, 2017 he attempted to escape from Brucoli prison (in Augusta, Sicily), almost succeeding. The comrade in recent years has always been imprisoned in prisons located between Sicily and Calabria, in fact deported from his land, Sardinia. Since 2017 he was transferred to the prisons of Brucoli, Rossano Calabro, Pagliarelli (Palermo), Caltagirone, until his recent transfer to Vibo Valentia.

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Text of Alfredo Cospito from Ferrara prison: A Contribution About the “Proposal For a New Anarchist Manifesto”

A Contribution About the “Proposal For a New Anarchist Manifesto”
Let me preface this by saying that living in a “bubble” (a high security section) it was only today, April 2021, that I received the “Reflections on the contemporary informal, insurrectional and internationalist anarchist substrate. For a new anarchist manifesto“, written back in February–April 2020.
Although I don’t know how this has evolved, I would still like to have my say, by giving my contribution on what I believe is the real and concrete essence of what is sometimes called “the new anarchy”, sometimes “the black international”. I would like this writing of mine to circulate as much as possible outside the Italian borders and so I hope that some comrade will translate these words of mine into the various languages. My intention is simply to clarify a few points, I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes, mine are just slightly different points of view… The first thing I noticed in this document is that the Federazione Anarchica Informale – Fronte Rivoluzionario Internazionale (Informal Anarchist Federation – International Revolutionary Front) and the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire are never mentioned. This lack from my point of view is quite surprising and indicative because we are talking about experiences of armed struggle that, with all their limitations, gave the start to this phenomenon. These two experiences have bequeathed to us a concreteness that we only dreamed of before, a concreteness that was the product of a real “international”. An international that has allowed anarchists to communicate through actions without organizations and coordination of any kind. A force that has made itself recognisable by presenting itself to the world through acronyms. Acronyms behind which there were nothing but anarchists of action who related to each other through the words that followed the actions. Comrades who had only one aim in that specific field: the concrete and factual destruction of the existing and not recognition or self-representation within an assembly. In your writing (which, if I understand correctly, would have among many other beneficial purpose to “mitigate the discrepancies” between the so-called “social” and “anti-social” struggles) the real essence of this “new” anarchy is brought back on the tracks of traditional insurrectionalism. I say this because basic concepts that are foundational to this “new” anarchy in your words are distorted if not overturned. Words that would seem an attempt to give an organic, a structure to a phenomenon that by its nature is ethereal, unstructured and that finds its strength precisely in this its intangibility and unpredictability.
In Europe in past years, among more or less informal anarchists, attempts similar to yours were tried. Attempts of more or less successful international assemblies. Attempts that beyond the initial intentions did not lead to anything but books, documents prepared in common and various posters, reducing in fact to the usual scene for the usual known comrades. At this point I must reiterate what are (according to my lonely point of view) the founding concepts at the base of the new informal anarchist practices:
– Overcoming the assembly “instrument”, only the actions speak, only the anarchists who risk their lives by striking hard; communication takes place through the claims. Continue reading Text of Alfredo Cospito from Ferrara prison: A Contribution About the “Proposal For a New Anarchist Manifesto”

”Prometeo Operation”: updates on Natascia from Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison (Italy, April 2021)

On March 13, 2021, Natascia was transferred from the AS3 (“Alta Sorveglianza 3”, High Surveillance 3) section of the Piacenza prison to that of Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison. The lawyer was notified by the arrival prison. After about ten days in solitary confinement for quarantine, she was transferred to the section in a cell that the guards themselves call a “cubicle”: a single cell where two people are locked up, which became three with Natascia’s arrival. Apparently, overcrowding is chronic in the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison.
Although Natascia has been placed in the section, the same rules do not apply to her as to the other inmates in AS3.
As soon as she arrived, they requisitioned her CDs and CD player and, despite her protests, the situation has remained unchanged to date.

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Ancona, Italy – A text about Mattia Palloni and the other prisoners who denounced what happened in Modena prison during last year’s revolts 

via: infernourbano
15th April 2021
We receive and spread this text concerning the serious situation of pressure that they are putting on Mattia (one of the 5 prisoners who submitted a report on the state massacre in Italian jails, March 2020) in the prison of Ancona. Mattia is not the only prisoner [of the 5] they are trying to wear out in various ways. Since mid-February they have been applying mail censorship on Cavazza [another of the 5 prisoners] (in the prison of Piacenza). Moreover all of them have had to go through more questioning by the Modena prosecutors. It is clear that they want to put pressure on them to make them give up, and the intention of guards, conniving doctors and the prison administration to give a clear warning to anyone who still wants to raise their heads in the face of the violence inflicted on them is evident.
Mattia is one of the five prisoners who signed a report on the events in Modena of March 2020, the beatings after the revolt and Salvatore Piscitelli’s death in a cell, which occurred in the prison of Ascoli Piceno.

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Leipzig, Germany – Photos in solidarity with the prisoners of operation Bialystok
We send our flaming hearts to Italy, where our comrades are still being persecuted by the State. We gathered for a solidarity photo at Herderpark in Leipzig-Connewitz. The banner reads:
Freedom for the prisoners of operation Bialystock /Freiheit fuer den Gefangenen Op. Bialystok.
A hug full of anger and love to Flavia, Nico and Roby, released a few days ago, and to the others who are still waiting to get out of the vile jails.
For anarchy!
Translated by act for freedom now!