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Italy: Cassation of the ”Scripta Manent” trial

The cassation for the ”Scripta Manent” trial ended on 6 July.

The court requalified the explosive attack against the carabinieri cadet school of Fossano (Cuneo) of June 2nd 2006, claimed by Rivolta Anonima e Tremenda/ Federazione Anarchica Informal [Anonymous and Tremendous Revolt/Informal Anarchist Federation] and which Anna and Alfredo were accused of, into “political massacre” (art. 285 of the criminal code), referring to the court of Turin for the aggravating recalculation of the sentence. All the other sentences were confirmed including 1 year and 9 months and 2 years and 6 months for 11 comrades and acquittals for the rest of the accused, convictions and acquittals that have thus become final.

The time will come for more in-depth reflections. What seems evident is the State’s determination to break the anarchist movement and the revolutionary struggle, further worsening what emerged from the Turin court with a ruling that does not seem to contain any margin for review. As the contradictions on which this society rests become more and more ungovernable, before social tensions take unmanageable forms for power, the State is trying to strike a blow to the movement and send out a warning to those who do not give up: two or three years for writing a newspaper, dozens of years in prison and even life imprisonment for those who pass to the road of action.

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Rome, Italy: No surrender – National meeting against 41bis on 16 and 17 of July 22


On May 5th anarchist Alfredo Cospito, imprisoned in the prison of Terni, was notified that he had been put under the regime 41bis and was transferred a few days later to one of the toughest prisons that apply this regime, the prison of Bancali (Sassari, Sardinia), aimed at isolating him even more from those close to him and from the anarchist movement.

41bis is a prison regime aimed at preventing relations between inside and outside prison by limiting visits and telephone calls, subjecting correspondence to constant censorship, limiting the quantity and contents of permitted books, and at annihilating the individual through particularly stringent “security” measures, constant body searches and of the cell, restrictions of contact between prisoners, etc. A prison within the prison, or rather, a true “annihilation prison”, aimed at breaking those who for one reason or another constitute a threat to the established order and the powers that govern it.

After using 41bis to bend organised crime that could not be subdued or co-opted, after using it to punish the resurgence of the communist armed struggle, the Italian State now want to use it as a tool to attempt to crush revolutionary anarchist prisoners and intimidate all those who still undermine internal social peace. Continue reading Rome, Italy: No surrender – National meeting against 41bis on 16 and 17 of July 22

Rome, Italy: Police car set on fire

We receive and circulate: 13/6/2022

Guess who is the enemy of every lella [lesbian]?

For example, cops and thugs with their truncheons

for those who have stepped outside the norm and will certainly not return.

Guess who is the enemy of every frocia [faggot]?

Surely the military that on land, sky and sea

defends national capital and this odious social peace.

Guess who is the enemy of every trans?

Every good citizen, too, behind their mobile phone,

loves decorum, has a good job

and a vaccination certificate: the banality of evil.

Since the first pride was a revolt, we thought it would be nice to celebrate it this way.

May the pride of our fabulousness never be divorced from the pride of our anger.


Translated by act for freedom now! with apologies to the poet.




Written June 25, 2022

Grazie a tutti i compagni e le compagne, senza di voi e i vostri contributi non sarei stato in grado…

Many thanks to all the comrades,
without you and your contributions I would not have been able to keep this blog alive for so long.
Inferno Urbano remains online however, although it will no longer be updated.


Anti-militarist meeting from the 1st to the 4th of July – LUGANO,ITALY

Anti-militarist meeting from the 1st to the 4th of July – LUGANO

40 nations, International Monetary Fund (FMI), World Bank, European Investment Bank (BEI), European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), European Union, NATO, Organization for Economic Co-operation and
Development (OECD)…

What reconstruction, though?
They are the ones who carry out the oppression of the people, the
plundering and destruction of the earth.
The sharing of profits in the ”reconstruction” of Ukraine and other
parts of the world Deals and business between states and the war industry in the global arms race.

The implementation of artificial intelligence, surveillance technologies and robotics, in everyday life as in the countless ongoing wars.

Wars, states of emergency, militarization of territories, walls on

Climate and humanitarian disasters, forced migrations, deportations, repression, incarcerations, murdered people, and the strengthening of structural racism.

They make war on us, we won’t leave them in peace!

4 anti-militarist days from 1st to 4th of July
against the ‘URC-Ukraine Recovery conference’ on 4 and 5 July in Lugano.

There will be a camping with meetings with anti-war groups,
presentations and discussions on the direct responsibility of research and techno-industry.
Reflections, ideas, confrontations, video, initiatives and all the will
and determination possible to defect and oppose the war and its

Round table:
“War, Peace, Neutrality”.
Switzerland and its model of hypocrisy

A detailed programme will follow in the coming days on sites and




Saluti antiautoritari
SOA Molino


Italian Leonardo merges with Israeli RADA

Italian Leonardo merges with Israeli RADA

After the marriage blessed by Draghi, Guerini & C. with Israeli RADA, the shareholders and managers of Leonardo are confident that the war business portfolio in the States will be significantly strengthened.
Apartheid is also ours.

Much of the business of the Israeli company, specialised in the production of land combat systems, are linked to the “successes” of certain systems of the Tel Aviv armed forces in the latest attack operations against the Gaza Strip.
According to Minister Lorenzo Guerini (Pd): “This news confirms the international excellence of our Defence and security industrial sector.”

INDUSTRIE MILITARI. L’italiana Leonardo si fonde con l’israeliana RADA

Sassari, Sardinia – Against the 41bis regime, against all prisons. Initiatives in Sassari on 25-26/06/2022


The last hearing of the Scripta Manent trial will take place at the court of cassation on 27th June. On 5th May comrade Alfredo Cospito, accused in this trial, was SUBJECTED TO the 41bis regime and transferred to the prison of Bancali. A regime of torture and annihilation at the height of the repressive system of the Italian State.

SATURDAY 25TH JUNE, 5:30PM: itinerant initiative, Piazza Tola, Sassari

SUNDAY 26TH JUNE, 5PM: gathering outside the prison of Bancali (Sassari)

The prison inferno was built by human beings and by human beings it can be destroyed.


fuoridallariserva Translated by Act for freedom now!

Italy – You’ll find us in our place as we can’t stay in yours. On the “Diamante” investigation

You’ll find us in our place as we can’t stay in yours. On the “Diamante” investigation

At dawn on 16th March 2022 two anarchists were arrested in Rome by the DIGOS police and the ROS carabinieri on orders of the Power of Attorney of Genoa and Public Prosecutor Federico Manotti.

The charge is fabrication and possession of explosive material (article 1 and 2, bill 895/67) with the intent to attack public safety (article 435 of the penal code), all this with purposes of terrorism and subversion of the democratic order (article 270 bis 1) in collusion with other persons yet to be identified.

Alongside this investigation named “Diamante”, there is another open investigation named “Tenaglia” following incendiary sabotages on pylons, repeaters and server booths which occurred in 2021 in Liguria, and even episodes that happened many years ago, listed, even only formally, and mentioned in previous investigations and failed investigations by the same prosecutor in Genoa. This seems to be more like a strategy to exaggerate the repressive operation, given that there is little or nothing that concretely links these episodes to the reason for the arrest for possession of explosive material.

Obviously in the investigation there is the usual revisitation of significance and analyses often incoherent and botched, which intend to schematise the “trends” of the anarchist movement into “formations” and a superficial job of copy-and-paste on things already written in other anti-anarchist investigations, which we absolutely think are pointless to dwell on.

The investigation that led to the arrest started with the finding of explosive material, electrical material and other devices in a forest in Liguria in June 2021. In the papers of the investigation we read that containers were found by an unknown person who later declared he was looking for drugs, and who after the finding went to report it to the carabinieri together with a friend. The pair collaborated with the police and gave directions and descriptions, and were considered suspects, investigated, intercepted and shadowed by the same carabinieri they turned to, and were later exonerated.
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Spoleto, Italy – Nothing new on the western front. Two days against war and repression, 26-27/06/2022

Spoleto,Nothing new on the western front. Two days against war and repression, 26-27/06/2022

Nothing new on the western front. Two days against war and repression

Sunday 26th June 2022

5pm: The ongoing war and the reasons for our internationalism. Against the wars of bosses and rulers. Against all States, starting from ours. For the defeat of NATO. Discussion with comrades of the internationalist anarchist fortnightly “Bezmotivny”. Continue reading Spoleto, Italy – Nothing new on the western front. Two days against war and repression, 26-27/06/2022

Italy: Statement of Juan Sorroche in front of the court of Treviso and against the telematization of the democratic inquisition.

In this umpteenth hearing in videoconference and after many requests, all denied, to appear and attend in person and not in absence to all the hearings of the trial that sees me charged, for the heavy and infamous accusation of massacre, I have to face the issue of videoconferencing, which enters, or to be more precise, was entering, in the infamous logic of the differentiation of the penitentiary circuits, in which the individual prisoner and accused is demonized and dehumanized by the said “considerable social dangerousness”. And I said that I was entering, because the videoconference, the trial in absentia, has been extended to all the prisoners in Italian prisons, who have been left without a real defense and with the marginalization that all this implies for all the defendants who suffer this imposition, through a liberticidal dynamic of the umpteenth emergency, this time for the Covid-19 emergency, which then became law. It is known, it is already evident and unmasked – and I am not only talking about the contradiction of this problem especially, or of one law or another – how the specific problem of the videoconference has reduced the defense to be a farce, annulling in fact the defendant within the trial.

This court will probably say that this has nothing to do with the trial taking place today.

But I believe it does, and what is more, I believe it is a fundamental issue. I am talking about the contradiction that the States possess by their own systemic nature, the fundamental problem is the disintegration and degeneration that dresses itself as emergentialism, and has the objective of breaking and directing the consolidated and ordinary legality at will, transforming it into another legality. We see it with the same dynamics of the perpetual emergency, and the specific plan of the videoconference is only an example of how the systemic authoritarianism liberticidal system expands in a capillary way. It is the exception, the emergency of today, that forges the law of tomorrow, reducing it more and more. The trials by videoconference, that is, in absentia, have been established by the continuous emergencies within the said social dangerousness, which is already the norm, such as the trial by videoconference for all the prisoners in Italian prisons. And it is not that this does not have repercussions on the real conditions of the entire trial, since it hinders the management of a real defense of the accused, creating a contradiction with what your own democratic and bourgeois law argues.
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