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A text by Divine on his deportation from Italy (June 2020)

A text by Divine on his deportation from Italy
Greetings to everyone.
On the morning of July 15, 2019 I found the cops at home who asked me to follow them to sign a notification.
When I arrived at the police station, I found out that the notification was about my deportation for the following day, so they took me to Malpensa airport and kept me there.
Of course, the same day of the detention there was a medieval-style trial, with everything already decided at the beginning.
The next day, at Malpensa, I was told by a cop that the deportation had been blocked by the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights), so instead of just releasing me, not satisfied with the outcome of the European court, they decided to lock me up in the CPR [Centro di Permanenza per il Rimpatrio, “Centre of Permanence for Repatriation”, detention centres for migrants in Italy] of Bari.
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Genoa, Italy – Itinerant gathering against Special Surveillance

via: Inferno Urbano Translated by act for freedom now
From the struggles against the devastation and plundering of the earth to the struggles against borders that divide people and split up the world, from the antimilitarist struggle against the massacres of war and arms trafficking to the struggle of those who fight against work exploitation… The enemy is always the same: power, neo-liberal domination, the capitalist system that grabs everything for the privileges of the few to the detriment of the many.
For power those who rebel become dangerous individuals to be monitored. Repression transforms affinity between people into terrorist cells and subversive associations. Our response to these attacks is self-organization and carrying on the struggle in spite of the repression.

Italy – Updates on” Operation Bialystok”

via: roundrobin.infoTranslated by act for freedom now!
Concerning Claudio’s detention situation, about two months ago he was transferred from the AS3 unit to the “commons” unit in the prison of Syracuse. The reasons for his transfer have yet to be clarified, but it seems it is a “ministerial” order, i.e. by DAP [Department of Prison Administration] (actually the body that decides over placements in detention). Moreover it was declared that custodial measures for 280bis were not valid, but he remains in prison for ‘carrying and fabricating weapons and explosives with purposes of terrorism’.
We recall that the first grade trial for ”Operation Bialystok” started on 25th February 2021 with statements from the witness for the prosecution Luigi Imperatore, a ROS colonel. On 12th May Imperatore was still the protagonist, carrying on his historical ramblings regarding the anarchist galaxy and actually giving prominence to the usual written “evidence” for lack of concrete facts.
The next hearings will be on 8th and 30th June, when experts for the defence will be heard (concerning accusations against Claudio), who will present their consultation based on the reports produced by the prosecutor. After the summer break hearings will continue on 7th, 9th September and 6th October. From 30/06 hearings will be held in the bunker courtroom of Rebibbia.
This is the address to write to Claudio:
Claudio Zaccone
C.C. Siracusa
Strada dei Monasteri 20
96014 Floridia

A text by anarchist Natascia Savio on hunger strike (Italy)

S. M. C. V., June 17, 2021
E MENO MALE CHE IN CAMPANIA SE MAGN’ BBUONO! [And it’s a good thing we eat well in Campania!] –
Hi there!
A quick update.
Without wasting a minute, the night after the last “Scintilla” preliminary hearing [June 16], they put me back on a plane to send me back to this shitty place, S. Maria Capua Vetere. I knew that the transfer to the north was only a temporary support, but I sincerely thought that I would have some more time, just as I naively hoped that they would at least read the various petitions submitted, by me and my lawyer, for reassignment to another prison.Since the day I was transferred here, three months ago, I have not been able to communicate decently with my lawyer: interviews have been reopened, so no video calls or phone calls at the request of the lawyer, phone calls are only one per month lasting 10 minutes, even for defendants and even for those who are 1,000 kilometres away from the trial site or from home.

If he is in the mood, the director of the prison can grant a second extraordinary one during the same month, but obviously, as this is a concession, he is under no obligation to do so, and in any case it is out of the question to exceed two monthly. So 20 minutes per month, in a small stuffy room, and at the appointed time and day, hoping that your lawyer will be in the office that day.

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Anarchist comrade Natascia Savio is on hunger strike since June 16 (Italy)

From a video call this morning [June 19] with a comrade, Natascia made it known that on June 16, 2021, on her return to Vigevano prison after the preliminary hearing held in Turin for the ‘Scintilla’ trial in which she is a defendant, her temperature was taken and she was immediately put in an isolation cell. When she realised that she was there to be transferred back to S. Maria Capua Vetere prison [in the province of Caserta, southern Italy], she officially declared the start of her hunger strike, throwing the food out of the cell when it was delivered.
Requests for her to be assigned to another prison have been to no avail, given that her right to a defence is infringed, making it impossible for her to properly follow the trials in which she is accused in Genoa (‘Prometeo’) and Turin (‘Scintilla’) and to meet with her lawyer, both in the courtroom during the hearings and in the preparatory phase. It should also be added that the only motion she was able to present in person came from the prison of Vigevano, because from the prison of S. Maria Capua Vetere they never sent it, remaining in all probability to gather dust on a desk of the prison administration.

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Rome, Italy – 41 BIS=TORTURE – Some comrades on trial

On Thursday 20th May a trial will be held in the Court of Rome against five comrades charged with unauthorised demonstration. The “seriously illicit act” took place on 13th May 2016 outside the premises of DAP (Department of Prison Administration) and was one of a series of initiatives of the campaign “Pagine contro la tortura” [pages against torture].
The intention of the initiative was to give books to those responsible for the treatment of imprisoned people and prison management. A symbolic gesture, accompanied by speeches on the microphone where we expressed our contempt for those who, sitting comfortably at shiny desks, make decisions that heavily affect the lives (and more and more often also the deaths) of those inside the jails.
The campaign “Pagine contro la tortura” began in 2015 following the news, which became public after considerable delay, that since 2011 anyone held in 41bis units cannot receive books, magazines or other printed material by post or through visits with relatives and lawyers. The only possibility: buy them from the governor of the prison where they are detained.

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Bologna, Italy : Update to Chi non muore si ritrova [back from the dead, we meet again]

via: infernourbanoTranslated by act for freedom now!
Considerations concerning Operation “Ritrovo” and requests for special surveillance
A year after Operation Ritrovo [operation hangout] requests came for 5 years’ special surveillance with compulsory residence against 7 comrades involved in the investigation. A hearing has been set for 12th July. The move seems to us to be completely in line with what happened in both the recent past (Cagliari and Genoa) and that more remote. In the face of the failure or drastic reshaping of the contents of the investigation, they are trying to strike the same people with other means. The intent is clearly that of not giving up, weakening the contexts in which to think and to organize critique and opposition to the status quo is a practice that remains constant, even by simply having comrades feeling constantly watched, breathing down their necks, trying to put them under pressure.
Special surveillance, and in a different way “minor” custodial measures such as compulsory residence and prohibition of residence, are measures as devious as they are vile. Anyone affected by them is isolated in a way which is not as hard as heavier measures, such as arrest. However, even if with different means, the State’s aim remains the same: to narrow the space of those who act, take out of the way those who expose themselves and to give a warning to anyone who intends to do so. And it can succeed with both prison and other, even if lighter, measures. It is when comrades disappear from the contexts they had been struggling in until now, precisely because of these measures, that we can see that. And although we are not surprised that solidarity doesn’t express itself with the same impetus as for arrests, we still want to point out that what they are aiming for is often the same: to stop paths of struggle. And we cannot allow them to succeed.

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Head Up. Authoritarian Turn of New Form and Anti-anarchist Repression in Italy

Contribution for the debate at the anarchist space Motín by anarchists editors of “Vetriolo”. Madrid, February 27, 2021
Thanks to the comrades for the invitation, we regret that more comrades could not come. The reason for such a small presence is the restrictions related to the repressive laws enacted by governments, under the pretext of the pandemic. However, we would be happy to come back for further discussions as soon as possible.
On the pages of “Vetriolo”, we have defined the repressive climate in Italy, and in general throughout the democratic West, as an “authoritarian turn of new form”. Let us try to better explain the meaning of this definition.
One of the reasons that prompted us to search for a specific definition for the repressive climate of this historical phase is our dissatisfaction with the classic categories of anti-fascism. Some of us don’t believe that there isn’t in fact a fascist danger today. Obviously there are many fascists and they are very dangerous, but some comrades editors of the paper don’t believe that there is a historical and political danger of an establishment of fascist regimes in the West. In fact, we think that fascism was a response of the state to the revolutionary danger. Since there is unfortunately no danger for the power of a social revolution today, we also don’t believe that the liberal state will turn into a fascist state.

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At Natascia’s side – Who struggles is never alone! Solidarity gathering at the prison of Vigevano (Italy, June 13, 2021)

Sunday, June 13, 2021 – 11:00 am
Solidarity gathering at the prison of Vigevano
Natascia has been in preventive detention for over two years. In mid-March she was transferred from the High Security 3 section of Piacenza to that of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, in the province of Caserta. In that prison, she is treated in a totally arbitrary manner, partially reminiscent of 41 bis [the harshest and most restrictive prison regime in Italy]: no more than four books are allowed in the cell, CDs are forbidden, two phone calls per month, video interviews are halved, parcels are opened and searched. The punitive nature of this transfer and the further estrangement from her affections and her lawyer is obvious, but Natascia resists with strength and determination.
During the months of May and June at the court of Turin are underway the hearings for the Scintilla trial and for this reason she has been temporarily transferred to the prison of Vigevano.

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Anarchist comrade Natascia Savio temporarily transferred to Vigevano prison (Italy, May 2021)

This morning [May 28] we learned that Natascia has been temporarily transferred to the prison of Vigevano in order to get closer to Turin, for the hearing of the Scintilla trial this morning and the next one, which will be held on June 16.
Further updates will follow.
To write to her:
Natascia Savio
C. C. di Vigevano
via Gravellona 240
27029 Vigevano (Pv)
Italia – Italy
Note: Natascia was arrested on May 21, 2019 along with two other comrades for “Prometeo” repressive operation, carried out by the ROS (“Special Operational Grouping”) of carabinieri. The main charge is “attack with the purpose of terrorism”, as they are held responsible for sending three parcel bombs that arrived in June 2017 to prosecutors Rinaudo (prosecutor in several trials against the antagonist movement and anarchists) and Sparagna (prosecutor in the Scripta Manent trial) and to Santi Consolo, at the time director of the DAP (“Department of Penitentiary Administration”) in Rome. Natascia and Beppe are currently in prison for the “Prometeo” operation, the trial of which is ongoing in Genoa. The comrade is also a defendant (free, but under investigation) in the trial that followed the “Scintilla” operation of February 7, 2019, on charges of “subversive association”.
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