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Italy – Quale internazionale? [What international?], a book by Alfredo Cospito and many others, is out

Quale internazionale? published little more than a year after the publication of the third part of an homonymous interview with imprisoned comrade Alfredo Cospito in the anarchist paper Vetriolo, is finally available. This booklet, edited by Alfredo and the other comrades editors of the paper, is the expression of a passionate trajectory of in-depth study and analysis and at the same time a cognitive and historical contribution for anarchism, a volume which we hope can bring about a lively involvement with anarchist ideas, drawing the attention of those who care for the destruction of this world centred on authority.
«Today just to publish a discussion on the practice of internationalist anarchist action, just putting together a chronology of the actions carried out by the Informal Anarchist Federation and some of their claims involves the concrete risk of ending up in prison for years. This pocket book has a great merit: it goes straight to the specifics of the Informal Anarchist Federation without any dissociating or demonizing prefaces. How is it possible that a phenomenon that involved (whatever one thinks of it) a consistent part of anarchism was never analysed in a serious, deep way, even less from a historical point of view? Perhaps it is time to face this piece of anarchy in a balanced way, without rancour. Perhaps to do otherwise would be demented because certainly it is not by mystifying or erasing pieces of history that don’t correspond to our fine printed theories that we will be able to affirm our anarchy in the world» – Alfredo Cospito.

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Genoa, Italy – In solidarity with those searched for organized crime

Written on 27th March 2021
On 24th February the Digos of Genoa raided 5 members of the Collettivo Autonomo Lavoratori Portuali (CALP, Autonomous Collective of Dock Workers) and of Genova Antifascista [Antifascist Genoa]. The investigative hypothesis of the police is criminal association (art. 416) aimed at opposing the fascist presence in the city and arms trafficking in the port of Genoa, with particular reference to the struggle against the transit of ships owned by Saudi company Bahri, with their cargos of weapons destined for wars.
We express our solidarity with the comrades under investigation not only because we think the struggle against fascists and against all wars is right and legitimate but also because we were together in these struggles – on many occasions. The Police are trying to present these struggles as the work of a restricted group of people who “exploit” others, and this attempt must not pass.

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Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information (UK)- en/ gr/ it / fr/es/de

On 29.03.21 the Dutch police raided the data center that holds the server, seizing the server itself as part of a criminal investigation into ‘terrorism’. is a collective that provided a platform for international movement websites from prisoner solidarity groups, multiple campaign collectives, anti-summit pages and international counter-information. Significant sites that used as a platform that have been targeted by this repressive attack by the Dutch police are Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Montreal Counter-Info, Northshore Counter-Info, Act For Freedom Now! (now re-activated on and 325.
We as a collective are aware that this was not just an attack by the Dutch police, but was done in coordination with the Counter Terrorism Unit of the United Kingdom in connection with their recent repressive attacks upon the anarchist circles in this country. Not only have they been threatening ourselves, but recently threatened unless they shut down our site. Along with this they demanded information be given to them of the identity of anyone involved in 325. The extent that the authorities will go to attack us and anyone they suspect of aiding us is of no surprise to us, the examples through history of state forces repressing anyone who dares to stand and fight them are numerous.
This repressive attack should be seen as an attack upon all
counter-information, on anarchist circles internationally. Under the present ongoing environment of Covid-19 and the repressive actions of states around the world, it is no surprise to us that they work together on an international level, the recent repression against anarchist comrade Gabriel Pomba da Silva, with co-operation between Spanish, Italian and Portuguese states, is a more than obvious recent example. Continue reading Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information (UK)- en/ gr/ it / fr/es/de

Anarchist Leonardo Landi released from Sollicciano prison (Italy, March 25, 2021)

Every now and then a good news: yesterday, March 25, 2021, our comrade Leonardo Landi was released from Sollicciano prison (Florence) for the end of his sentence. We embrace him again with affection, and with unchanged anger against all prisons!
As long as even one is behind bars, we will never be free!
Anti-Repression Fund of the Western Alps [Cassa AntiRepressione delle Alpi occidentali]
Note: Anarchist Leonardo Landi was arrested on February 26, 2019 following a cassation sentence related to a trial for a robbery that took place in 2007, for which some anarchists were arrested and investigated in the context of the “Ardesia” repressive operation. He was convicted to a residual sentence of 2 years and 8 months. The other convicted defendants served their sentences. During these years he was imprisoned in Lucca, Vibo Valentia and Sollicciano (Florence) prisons.
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Italy : Your sentence doesn’t trouble us

1st April 2021
Your sentence doesn’t trouble us
Everything began in defence of the earth, in defence of a centuries-old campaign, in defence of the memories which that land aroused in the hearts of many inhabitants of the area. A struggle against TAP, SNAM, against the companies which through their great works have become owners of land, legalized usurpers.
Everything that has remained of a struggle that didn’t stop for almost two years, where day after day, night after night, we gave our all to prevent or slow down a devastation announced by the coming of TAP, are 77 years of sentences handed out at the end of a trial farce, where it seems that two years of struggle against TAP have transformed themselves into a struggle against the Lecce police, against the digos.

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Updates on sardinian imprisoned deported anarchist Davide Delogu (Italy, April 2021)

We learn that Davide is still in solitary confinement since his transfer to Vibo Valentia. He also informs us that in this prison books can only be sent by parcel and not as ordinary mail. This is problematic because of the question of the total weight of the parcels we can send him each month.
So Davide explicitly asks for a massive mailing of postcards, press reviews, even old pamphlets and newspapers; in short, anything on paper sent by ordinary mail to make the mail pile up. Specifically, he asks that all mailings be concentrated in one week, perhaps between the second and third week of April.
To write to him:
Davide Delogu
C. C. Nuovo Complesso
Contrada Cocari
89900 Vibo Valentia
Italy – Italia
To support the Solidarity Fund for the Sardinian Imprisoned Deported Anarchist Davide Delogu: IBAN IT27E0306967684510327514549 | Accountholder: Laura Gargiulo | For more information and updates (in italian language):
Sempri Ainnantis! [“always forward!” in sardinian language].
Sardegna Anarchica
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