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Chile: Words of comrades Ignacio and Luis, accused of sending an explosive package to the police station in Talca

It is difficult to start writing when my heart and mind are still in turmoil. The only thing I long for is a fraternal embrace, the sunlight and its warmth on my skin, and the only thing I have here is cement, cold, humidity and stench.
Perhaps it will be easier for me to leave by thanking: First of all my blood family who, far from all essentialism, have made me and my brother feel loved. Thank you for your sincere support. In 2nd place, to all the comrades and related who are “moving” outside, in some gesture of solidarity. In these moments everything helps and, as well as my family, thank you for your honest support.
Now, for those who wonder about it, I say: YES. Our prison is political. As political as any prisoners’ prison in this system. I would delve into more “theoretical” issues, but this is not the time. Continue reading Chile: Words of comrades Ignacio and Luis, accused of sending an explosive package to the police station in Talca

London ,UK : 2011 – 2021 ,10 years since the murder by cops of Mark Duggan.

UK – The struggle against the existent continues
Thursday, August 4, 2011 Mark Duggan, a ‘real straight up and down respected man’ (words of London rapper, Chipmunk) from Tottenham in London, was blasted to death while on his way home in a cab by a mob of cops wielding Heckler & Koch MP5 carbines. 29 year old Mark, father of four young children, lived on the housing estate known as Broadwater Farm, a depressed predominantly Afro-Caribbean area. The area is infamous since the riot of 1985 after 49 year old Cynthia Jarrett collapsed and died of a heart attack as police raided her home. (During the riot a policeman, PC Blakelock, was hacked to death with a machete.) Today, in the words of a resident, ‘if you’re from Broadwater Farm, police are on you every day, you’re not allowed to come off the estate. If you come off the estate they follow you.’ They followed Mark Duggan and he ended up dead.
August 6 – The arrogance of the killers in uniform in the face of the protest by the victim’s family and supporters, plus the brutal attack on a 16 year old girl by police during the vigil was the last straw.
That night in Tottenham the police station was attacked, police cars set on fire, a double-decker bus ends up a twisted wreck after being engulfed in flames, press photographers are beaten and relieved of their equipment for the decades of lies they have propagated. Bank windows smashed. Countless shops looted, stuff thrown all over the streets. Young guys storm McDonald’s and start frying up burgers and chips. Indignant anger clears the brain, flushes out the cops in the head. Collective fury at this latest police murder combines with the daily bullying and humiliation of being stopped and searched, the moralising, the false promises, useless lives, no future, desire for status-affirming ‘needs’ unattainable due to increased taxes, unemployment and cutting of benefits, 4 million cameras, glaring security cops at the entrance to every store, the colonization of all remaining urban space by trendy bars filled with the noisy chatter of the carefree… that and much more that we don’t know and will never experience welled up and fueled the will to smash through the invisible and plate glass barriers that hold everything in place. Continue reading London ,UK : 2011 – 2021 ,10 years since the murder by cops of Mark Duggan.


After more than two years, the verdict for the four anarchists and one environmentalist is acquittal, only one of them was recognized guilty for small offenses, and the court dropped from his punishment.
The main charges concerned the support and promotion of the Network of Revolutionary cells (SRB), insurrectional anarchism, as well as blackmail and harm of others property. SRB focused several years on sabotage of the property of police and capitalists. So far, no one was convicted and condemned for these actions.


Fort-de-France, Martinique: the return of the curfew does not go down well

[On 12 July 2021, a few hours after the President announced the health pass for the whole territory, and at the same time a return of the state of emergency from the next day for the French colonies of Reunion and Martinique, with curfew (from 9pm to 5am) and the return of night passes, the prefect of the latter managed to put it in place. Despite this, from the evening of Tuesday 13 July, demonstrations took place at 9pm to defy it in the capital of Martinique Fort-de-France, sometimes continuing during the week (110 fines handed out on the night of Thursday to Friday), and on Saturday 17 July they continued into clashes with the police all night long: jewellery shops looted, police station smashed up, cars and the EDF agency set on fire, and an attempt to set fire to the courthouse…]
Fort-de-France, Martinique, 18 July: jewellery shop looted then set on fire
Heuraux in Fort-de-France, where jewellery shops were targeted by looters
Martinique, 18 July 2021
This Sunday morning (18 July 2021), the inhabitants of the city centre of Fort-de-France are discovering the effects of the night’s clashes between the police and demonstrators opposed to the curfew.
A jewellery shop on Rue Lamartine was stormed shortly after 10pm. It was opened, emptied and set on fire at around 2am this Sunday, our journalists on the spot said. The neighbours of the three-storey building moved out during the night because they were bothered by the smoke.
Fort-de-France, Martinique, 18 July: the EDF agency completely ravaged by flames

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Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center

Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center, an online hub for building a culture of resistance against surveillance.
Around the world, anarchists and other rebels are subject to surveillance due to our activities. Surveillance can be carried out by state institutions or other actors – for example, private investigators, fascists, mercenaries, and law-abiding citizens. Surveillance can be intended to disrupt our activities, make arrests, secure convictions or worse.
As technologies develop, some surveillance techniques stay the same, while others change to incorporate these emergent technologies. While cops still follow us in the streets and keep records about us in their archives, nowadays cameras are everywhere, drones fly overhead, and DNA forensics are sending many comrades to jail. Continue reading Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center

Melilla (Morocco/Spain): the victorious assault on the border

Melilla: 119 migrants manage to enter the Spanish border
AFP/Infomigrants, 12 July 2021
A group of around 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa tried to scale the metal fence separating Morocco and Melilla at around 4.30am on Monday 12 July, Spanish authorities told AFP.
The Spanish Civil Guard and Moroccan police quickly mobilised to try to stop them, but 119 people managed to force their way through and enter the Spanish territory. Five civil guards and one migrant were injured in the operation.
The 119 migrants were immediately taken to the Temporary Stay Centre (CETI, detention centre) and placed in a special area to be tested for Covid-19.

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5 years of traveling with you – hugging words from nowhere

My dearest,
Consider yourselves embraced with each written word! It has been some time since I whispered something to you from a secret path from nowhere. But as they say: good things need time.
In my thoughts I cheerfully fire volleys of questions at you – how are you, what are you busy with, what’s happening at home, and and and… I would question you relentlessly to the wall and for every answer, ten new questions would arise from my side in the naive belief that in this way we will at some point reach the ground. And every time again this delusion would be replaced by the most beautiful of all realizations; there is no ground that limits our relations and connections. There exists only infinite depth.
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Toul (Meurthe-et-Moselle), France: a prisoner seizes the opportunity to climb on to the roof of the building

A prisoner barricaded himself on the roof of the prison in Toul
JSL, July 8, 2021
During this Thursday morning, a prisoner barricaded himself on the roof of the prison of Toul, in Meurthe-et-Moselle, as reported by our colleagues of L’Est Républicain. The man finally surrendered late in the afternoon after an intervention unit decided to climb on to the roof – the prisoner had refused to negotiate until then.
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People Set Fire to Police Station in Medellín in Response to Police Rape (Colombia)

A few days ago, during the anti-government protests in Medellin, Colombia a 15 year old girl was raped by the police. On July 2, groups of feminists set fire to the police station with Molotov cocktails.
This is not an isolated case, since the protests started, more than 2 months ago, 28 women have been raped.
The uprising in Colombia has hit its 67th consecutive day. Despite hundreds of people being killed and disappeared, and police shooting out the eyes of demonstrators, people have been returning to the streets, fighting back valiently, burning police stations and attacking police.
via: amwenglish.

EXPROPRIATE! From the trash cans to the malls

At two supermarkets I come to the garbage bins in which a heap of good food is thrown. I want to take it and feed myself and my friends. The security guard prevents me. Facing at the outrage, as if I wanted toclear the refrigerator in their home kitchen. They act aggressively and recklessly. I ask why it happens. „These are the rules. You can’t take it.”

Damn, they don’t call it with regret in voice. They enjoy that they can comply with these rules by violently or at least his threat.

I ask, „How do you fall asleep in the evening to oversee the food for
the landfill and not in people who are hungry?”

„I sleep well because I at least work”, says one of those fuckers.

What to say? The enslaved being boasts its enslavement. It uses its
enslavement as an argument against those who avoid the enslavement. I would like to regret it, but I can’t in this case. He doesn’t do it for fear of sanction. Makes it out of conviction. With pleasure and pride. Regret him? Fuck off! When someone is evidenced by his work, I will be what is being arranged from such a preventive measure. With thried hands certainly no one will take food from the mouth. Is it disgusting violent thinking? I don’t care. Deny the hungry food and prefer to end it in a landfill, it is damn disgusting violence. And do care for that. Continue reading EXPROPRIATE! From the trash cans to the malls