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To block Greece’s participation in the imperialist wars

English translation of our collective’s text regarding the situation in Ukraine and Greece’s involvement. It is our duty to work against Greece’s participation, and to build international struggles against the war, against all capitalist wars. (You can find the text in pdf form as well, in the end of the page).
“Those at the top say:
Peace and war are of different substance.
But their peace and their war
are like the wind and storm.
War grows from their peace, like son from his mother.

He bears her frightful features
Their war kills whatever their peace has left over.”
In the early hours of February 24th Russia decides to invade Ukraine, with coordinated missile attacks and simultaneous raid of the army.
This move marks an escalation of tensions and rivalries in the region, with probably most notable events being the rejection of Ukraine’s 2013 EU accession agreement by then-President Yanukovych -who was pushing for an agenda of closer relations with Russia- and the uprising that followed (also known as the “Euromaidan”), with the active participation of the far right and the support of the Euro-Atlantic bloc, which led to the ouster of the president. The general unrest that prevailed at the time, gave Russia the “opportunity” to invade Crimea and annex it to its territory. It also sparked protests (with the support of Russia) against Euromaidan and the new regime, and riots, culminating in the arson of the Trade Union House in Odessa, in May 2014, by Ukrainian hooligans and neo-Nazis, which led to the horrific death of 42 of people who were burned alive. At the same time, and as separatists declared the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics in eastern Ukraine, the unrest escalated into a war, with more than 15,000 killed, and intensified attacks by Ukraine during the past months.

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Against War and Military Mobilization – Preliminary Notes on the Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian state is trying to conquer Ukraine. The same Russian state that supported the suppression of the Belarusian freedom movement and only a few weeks ago used tanks to put down the revolt in Kazakhstan. Putin is trying to extend his autocratic rule, crushing any rebellious or resistance movement inside and out. But when now all Western democrats sing the defense of freedom and peace in one chorus, this is an orchestrated hypocrisy: the same democrats now invoke peace whose “peace operations” aka. wars of aggression, drones, bombs and occupations enforce colonial relations of power and exploitation, supply dictators and torturers with weapons and are directly or indirectly responsible for massacres of refugees and insurgents.

The holy peace in Europe, which in any case has not existed as advertised for 70 years and which has always meant war in the global South – through proxy wars, through arms supplies, through borders and colonialism. If the West is fully behind Ukraine, it is because it is an ally. Both sides of this war disgust us: instead of positioning ourselves on one side of this war, we oppose all state armies and their wars – we abhor not only their massacres, but also their blind obedience, nationalism, stench of barracks, discipline and hierarchies. So, if we oppose any form of militarism and state, it does not mean that we think it is wrong to take up arms. If Ukrainian anarchists now choose to defend themselves at gunpoint – themselves and their neighbors, not the Ukrainian state – then we stand in solidarity with them. But an anarchist position against war – even against an imperialist war of aggression – must not degenerate into defending a state and its democracy – or becoming a pawn of it. We do not choose the side of the lesser evil or that of the more democratic rulers – because these same democracies are also only interested in their own expansion of power and are also built on repression and imperialism.
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Against their war,against their peace for insurrection , freedom and anarchy (UK)

A3 pdf
A4 pdf
Under our noses the imperialist armies are massing in Ukraine, make no mistake, they are preparing, yet again, for a generalised slaughter. The British Army are already deploying troops and ‘high tech’ weapons, including missile systems to be installed along the Ukrainian coast. The Russian Army are similarly massing thousands of troops along the border, preparing for all out war.
Ukraine is of ‘strategic’ interest in the ongoing energy crisis
engulfing Europe. One set of oligarchs want to place a new pipeline
carrying world-poisoning fuel from Russia to the west. Another set want to frustrate these attempts to profit their own national bourgeousie. In addition to this, the U.S. and the U.K. want to bring Ukraine into ‘Nato’, their gangster-imperialist international formation which dreams only of endless war and plunder, especially now Afghanistan has been looted for all its worth, of fossil fuels as well as its opium (which continues to flood the western cities, the spoils of war!). Russia also has brutal imperialist ambitions, the only way their disgusting government of tin-pot autocrats, thieves and murderers can perpetuate
itself is to redraw the class tension in Russian society into a
nationalistic clash between Russia and ‘the west’.

Accordingly, this provides excellent cover for their sponsorship of real state terror, rather than the laughable antics which the british media focusses on, of providing assistance at every level to the grey beuraucrat manikins, all basically interchangable, who run Belarus and Kazakhstan, enriching themselves and those who can bribe them, while using their police to stamp on any sign of courageous upheaval.

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Hamburg: anarchist interventions against all wars, borders and states

On Sunday 27.02.2022 about 60 people met for an anarchist rally in Arivati Park/Neuer Pferdemarkt Hamburg to take to the streets againstthe war in Ukraine and all militarism.
Banners (“Stop war!( in Russian) -Against the war in Ukraine! Against any war! Against any militarization!) were hung up and a speech was given. An anarchist anti-militarist poster was distributed and a solidarity photo was taken for the anarchist comrades in Ukraine.

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Italy : Don’t join, sabotage

Italy – Don’t join, sabotage
“It is easy to hit uniformly flying birds.”
Baltasar Gracián, The Art of Worldly Wisdom
One thing is sure.  Social peace is increasingly becoming a minefield of disasters. Two years of “war on the virus” did not pass unscathed. War metaphors are never neutral or by chance. In the face of the Enemy, it is necessary to close ranks, speak with one voice and isolate the deserters – as they cannot be shot. Confinements, drones over cities, forests and beaches, a NATO general as extraordinary Commissioner for the Emergency, curfews, green passes, bans on demonstrations in city centres, truncheon blows democratically distributed among logistics porters and any group of dissidents who try to approach an institutional building or a TAV tunnel: the sequence is neither accidental nor improvised. As the streets fill up with uniforms and cameras, bodies must be captured with no exception by the techno-industry and its miraculous products.
The language of power and its TV acrobats is becoming increasingly brutal – we need a Bava Beccaris, you’ll turn into green sludge, let’s organize separate carriages, only those who deserve it will get free treatment…- while the “antagonistic” language finds itself disarmed, forced to defensive premises (if anyone claims that Draghi expresses the interests of international financial capital, they will immediately add that this is not a conspiracy theory view…). Such a condition of submission – and of communication of war, as a technocrat in the mood for clarity put it – seems the ideal context for the international use of the military to bring a piece of Afghanistan inside Europe. Russian army exercises on the border with Ukraine, images of anti-atomic bunkers and voluntary enlistments in Kiev, NATO troops in Romania, Latvia, and the Black Sea. Who can rule out that from diplomatic manoeuvres and threats they will not move on to weapons? The boundary of the interests at stake is jagged. The very expression “Atlanticist and Europeanist camp” in no way defines a homogenous camp because NATO goals break up more or less explicit or unsayable political and economic balances in Europe (regarding the German and French States and not only). The Italian government itself servilely collaborates with NATO manoeuvres, by deploying fighter-bombers in Romania, tanks in Lithuania and aircraft carriers on the Black Sea, but the capitalists of ENEL, ENI, Banca Intesa and Unicredit continue to do business with their counterparts in Moscow. Nobody wants a USA-Russian clash, but States do not go where they want to go but where their power and the structural dynamics of domination and profit on which they are based take them. In the infinite variables, however, there is one constant factor. War – as a set of means that devour their alleged ends – always needs social peace. Therefore it won’t be with refined geopolitical analyses that we will stop the winds of war but by breaking up the home front, sabotaging national unity, making the danger of defeatism be felt. Continue reading Italy : Don’t join, sabotage

Chile: the Mapuche struggle continues under a state of emergency

In part of the Mapuche areas, namely the four provinces of Bío Bío, Arauco, Malleco and Cautín, the Chilean state declared a state of emergency on 12 October following the offensive of the struggle groups, which are multiplying land occupations and attacks on forestry interests. This has meant an increase in police roadblocks to prevent people from moving around and, above all, the occupation of the territory by armed forces who have come to reinforce the cops and carabinieri on the ground to protect the resource exploiters. Today, January 27, this state of emergency (called Estado de Excepción Constitucional) has just been renewed for the eighth consecutive time since October by the Parliament, setting its new expiry at February 24.
In an assessment of the first 100 days of this state of emergency at the beginning of January, President Piñera’s government boasted that nearly 56,700 checks on people and vehicles had been carried out in these two regions and 140 people had been imprisoned, resulting in a 44% drop in the number of “incidents of rural violence“. However, one cannot but notice that despite the heavy military occupation, the incendiary attacks, shootings and barricades against the cops have not at all stopped, officially going from 108 in the previous hundred days (July-September) to 89 since October. And even the arrival of the new left-wing leader, Gabriel Boric, who won the Chilean presidential election in December (he will take office on 11 March), has not changed the situation.

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War starts here: Let’s cripple its infrastructure where we can

via Zündlappen
February 6, 2022
It is difficult to judge the current situation in Ukraine from a political point of view. Is the whole thing just the well-known dick comparison, some megalomaniac and war-mongering armies and politicians or will it really come to war? This text leaves such questions aside and devotes itself instead to those questions that make much more sense from our point of view: how can a military conflict, a war, a potential NATO war be sabotaged? It is in the nature of things that this text can at most give a few suggestions and we do not want to present ready-made solutions, but simply put a few ideas into the room.
We publish this text on the Internet because we want to share these thoughts with as many like-minded people as possible, with whom it would be impossible for us to discuss these issues face to face. However, we think that any (strategic) exploration of this debate should not take place on the Internet above all because this merely serves repression but is unlikely to have any added value for those who are also determined to use their creative energy to pursue some of the thoughts raised here.

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CGL Pipeline work site attacked

Masked mob swarms Northern, B.C. pipeline work site, causes millions in damage

From Warrior Publications
British Columbia’s minister of public safety Mike Farnworth has issued a statement condemning the attack on the Coastal GasLink site.
“The RCMP is conducting a full investigation into this egregious criminal activity that could have led to serious injury or loss of life,” Farnworth said.
“The police report indicates that the workers’ camp was attacked in the middle of the night by unknown assailants wielding axes. There is no excuse for such violence and intimidation. All workers deserve to be protected from harassment and harm.”

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Grenoble, France : Tags on the rectorate in support of Ninon

via: attaque.noblogs
January 23, 2022
Tags on the rectorate of grenoble in support of ninon, against patriarchy and national education :
In early December, Ninon, a student in a high school around Grenoble, denounced on snapchat the actions of a PE teacher with whom she has class, who slapped the buttocks of another student during class, justifying himself with “oh it was in the lower back”. According to the students, this was far from being the first time.
This was followed by summons from the school management, who at first were falsely grateful for the exposure, but in good cop fashion, made it clear to her that this was not a valid way of communicating and that she should have had recourse to the school institution. In the end, she found herself excluded from the school permanently and the administration was much less lenient with her.

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Analysis of the file for putting three anarchists under surveillance

From Counter-Surveillance Resource Center
[Note of Sans Nom: In Germany, the state is obliged to officially notify the people concerned that they have been “placed under surveillance” (i.e., in German, “put under observation” with wiretaps, tails, surveillance cameras in front of homes…) when no immediate follow-up has been given to the latter, at least if the investigators wish to be able to use the evidence collected in subsequent legal proceedings. This is what has just happened to three anarchists from Hamburg].
In November 2021, three anarchists from Hamburg were notified that they had been put under surveillance by the Hamburg State Security Services of the Regional Criminal Police Office for two different periods of time. These measures are a continuation of the so-called “park bench” procedure. It is also likely that the authorities consider these people as “threats”.

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