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Burning the centers of the technological virus On the necessity of cutting the networks of domination

In solidarity with Boris(, we have translated the publication which the police found in his house during a raid, and used as evidence against him. 
From Infokiosques (


Contents :
– Wann, wenn nicht jetzt? [When, if not now?] published in the anarchist weekly Zündlumpen no. 64, May 8, 2020 (Munich)
– Sabotages against digital normality, published on May 12, 2020 on Sans Attendre
– Incendiary walks along the railroad tracks in Munich, April 17, 2020, published on Sans Attendre
– Burn, antenna, burn! – a small (non-exhaustive) chronicle of sabotage from April to May 2020
When, if not now?
In recent years, all the devices around us have begun to take on a life of their own. Modern televisions record the conversations of those around them, modern refrigerators do the stock management and even modern ovens are no longer limited to being an electric fireplace: they have internet interfaces that are supposed to enable them to be switched on from “on the road” and through which they exchange data with their owners and other curious people at will. With smartphones, most people have long since bugged themselves voluntarily and in all their movements. So it’s hardly surprising that more than a few people are also willingly taking Amazon’s Alexa spying program into their homes. And while “technology enthusiasts” are excitedly building their “smart home” cage, the state and a handful of technology companies have even more extensive plans and visions. Voluntary (self-)surveillance within one’s own four walls was yesterday: the “smart city” of today and tomorrow includes an impressive repertoire of sensor technologies to not only meticulously record and monitor who is where and with whom, but also to control the movements and actions of the city’s inhabitants with subtle and less subtle methods, to direct and manipulate them. On closer inspection, this also seems bitterly necessary, because in the increasingly misanthropic environments of today’s cities, in which the highest priority is given to the transport of human livestock to offices, shops and factories, as well as to the transport of goods to satisfy false needs, any subversive potential must be silenced, or better yet, integrated into this illusion of life before it spreads like an epidemic and causes irreparable damage to this beautiful, perfect world.

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France: Anti-shoplifting biometrics arrive in supermarkets

Extract from Mainstream Media
Biometric video surveillance in our supermarkets
In order to detect theft, Carrefour, Monoprix, Super U and Franprix [and Intermarché] are experimenting with biometric analysis software to monitor our every move in their stores.
The health crisis had already unleashed the desire of private companies for biometric surveillance: thermal cameras at company entrances, detection of physical distances in offices, tracking of eye movements for remote university exams… Several French companies are now proposing to automatically detect thefts in stores “in real time” thanks to biometric analysis software directly connected to the cameras already present in the stores [behavior detection software that then sends an immediate alert to the security guard’s smartphone with a copy of the images].
While the idea of automatically detecting theft in stores has already been tested in Japan, several French companies have not hesitated to develop their own software:

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Received anonymously via email:
“We had never seen an intensive bird farm as disgusting as this. Birds shitting on each other whilst standing on wire mesh, a suffocating smell that we will not forget and cages so small the birds could barely stand.
The door proved to be easier than we thought. The lock took some convincing but our trusty bolt cutters were enough to access the shed. Once inside, we took 85 quails to safety.


Berlin,Germany: Sabotaging the Tesla industrial complex at the source

via: sansnom, Translated by Act for freedom now!
Monday 17 May 2021, the famous millionaire boss of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk moved to Grünheide, a small town situated east of the German capital in the Brandebourg, to visit the site of his future luxury electric cars factory, which will be his fourth « Gigafactory » in the world (after those of the United States and China), exploiting 12 000 people. He announced its opening programmed for the end of 2021, where Tesla should produce a quota of 500 000 Model Y cars, but also battery cells, making it the biggest factory in Europe in the field.
In the night of 25 to Wednesday 26 at around 3am, his beautiful projects got a little smoke in their wings however and will be delayed. In fact, at about 250 metres from the Tesla factory site of Berlin/Grünheide – more precisely right next to the A10 motorway at the level of the Freienbrink exit – the Volcan group successfully set fire to six high voltage electric cables (110,000 volts) of the Edis company which supplied the site and were in a dedicated corridor behind a fence.

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Attack on Deforestation Machinery in Atlanta Forest (usa)

No Whistling In The Atlanta Forest: A Communique
This is a story about a couple of queers who gathered last night in Intrenchment Creek Park to reject destruction in the name of profit and power and to destroy the machinery of the nefarious polities that have defiled the Atlanta Forest. We have deep respect and regard for acknowledging that this is Muskogee land and was the site of horrific abuses, of displacement, chattel slavery, and prison slavery.
They set out meandering through the forest, touching undergrowth, brush, breathing the cleanest air in the city, feeling the wetland take them in as their heels sunk beneath them. After a short walk, they reached an artificial break in the embrace of the forest. They found themselves upon the intrepid mound of dirt, a site of destruction, a jarring crack in the rythym of the forest. In the distance, 7 unguarded machines were illuminated by the moonlight. They knew what they had to do.

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received anonymously over email:

” ‘The Ginger Pig’ have many stores across the city. Last night, we made our way to their branch near Clapham Common. This area has recently had a lot of attention on it after the murder of Sarah Everard at the hands of a police officer. Naturally, they swore more would plague the streets. Last night, their presence was definitely felt, we were feeling stubborn though.

After a series of close encounters, our target windows were in sight. And so was a delivery truck. Doors wide open, proudly displaying the cruelty that compelled us to be there. The additional delay wasn’t ideal but this came as a heavy reminder of what we were there to do and why we were there to do it. No matter how many blue lights and sirens ripped through the sky, we weren’t going to be deterred. The slim possibility of being thrown into a van handcuffed felt very minimal in comparison to the animals’ certainty of being thrown into one bloody and dismembered. Continue reading “THE GINGER PIG” BUTCHER SHOP REDECORATED AGAIN 13th May, London UK

Strasbourg, France – Data centre fire
On 10th March a fire broke out in the OVH site in Strasbourg, OVH being the biggest French web hosting company. The company is based in Roubaix. The website Chez.Renart, currently inaccessible, received a text from L’Organisation Vraiment Hinfaillible [Really Hinfallible Organisation] and sent it to various users, including Reporterre, which presents it here for the knowledge of its readers:
Claim for the OVH fire
We have to reveal a piece of information that the media around the world won’t fail to ignore. We believe we are behind the fire that devastated the data centre of OVH, the most important French web hosting company, in Strasbourg on Wednesday 10th March. OVH includes 400,000 servers, 32 data centres, 2,500 employees, a turnover of 600 million euros in 2019. How many kilowatts of energy used? We don’t know exactly. However we know that the digital sector consumed 10% of world electricity in 2015. It must be even worse today.

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