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Colombia: A Month of Incendiary Revolt

In Colombia, the revolt that has taken over the streets since April 28, now more than a month old, shows no signs of stopping. Conservative President Iván Duque, whose term ends in 2022, has tried a number of classic manoeuvres to appease the rioters, but nothing has been done: neither the suspension of the tax reform that had been the initial spark (including, for example, an increase in VAT from 5% to 19% on basic goods), on May 2; nor the resignation of the Minister of Finance who had carried it, on May 3; nor the opening of negotiations with the National Strike Committee on May 10 (followed by a pre-agreement on May 24 that is currently being validated); nor the rejection by Congress of the bill on the reform of the health system, which was modelled on the liberal North American model (this rejection was requested by many demonstrators), on 19 May; nor a few crumbs dropped on particular categories, such as the extension of free university education to the poorest for one semester, which did not help the government. a semester, which did not calm the students; nor, of course, the police terror against the protesters.
In a Colombian context marked by poverty and the informal economy, the government’s blackmail of confinements and curfews against the spread of covid-19 has not worked for a long time to prevent protesters from gathering en masse either, so much so that the government even officially lifted many restrictions on May 19, which were not respected anyway (the curfew being maintained, however, with an anti-riot objective in Medellin and Bogotá, and all weekend in Santa Marta and Cartagena). For the past month, street blockades and roadblocks have been scattered throughout the country, with demonstrations and gatherings that are more peaceful during the day (nearly 10,400 in one month), often followed by riots, looting and looting at night.

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About the mafia-style attack on anarchist comrade Giannis Dimitrakis in Domokos prisons (Greece)

On 24 May 2021, anarchist fighter G. Dimitrakis was murderously attacked with multiple blows to the head by a group of prisoners in Domokos prisons where he is currently being held. Following the attack, Giannis was transferred to the hospital of Lamia in a critical condition. Eight days on, although our comrade has escaped the danger to his life, the damage done is still very serious. Giannis’s strength and mental vigor make us optimistic that he will also come out of this battle victorious.
The cause of the attack on Giannis was his refusal to accept and subordinate himself to the authoritarian and brutal laws that the prison mafia are trying to impose on the prisoners in full consensus with the prison services. The cause of the attack is that he has steadfastly defended his ethical, value ​​and political substance as anarchist, as an insurgent, as a social struggler. The cause of the attack was his refusal to kowtow to those who want to humiliate and violate the weaker prisoners to affirm their prestige in their sick “code of conduct”. It is his refusal to subject himself to the unfavourable correlations and mentalities that prevail nowadays in prisons and overall in social and class antagonism. So his refusal to accept prison as a life condition is ultimately his refusal to submit to the State and its mechanisms.
Strength to the anarchist fighter Giannis Dimitrakis
Giannis stay strong, until freedom!
comrades from act for freedom now!


Urgent updated information 3 and 5 of june – Comrade Giannis Dimitrakis is in solitary confinement in Domokou prison, an isolation that in the situation of the comrade is obvious torture. Giannis survived the danger that his life was in the first hours, but the blows he received caused multiple haematomas in the head, affecting the basic functioning of his brain.
Wednesday, June 9 at Exarcheia Square at 7pm: Gathering – Microphone of solidarity with the Anarchist Giannis Dimitrakis (followed by a march in the neighborhood of Exarcheia)

Attacks in solidarity with anarchist comrade Vaggelis Stathopoulos (Athens,Greece)

“By convicting me, they are convicting and sentencing solidarity in a court that just processed the prefabricated case file of the counter-terrorism service. Refusing all the accusations made against me I remain a political prisoner in the modern prison hellholes … “
Vaggelis Stathopoulos

In a political trial with fake data from the counter-terrorist service, comrade B. Stathopoulos was sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment without suspension. This tactic is used repeatedly by the prosecuting authorities to bend those who fight against the State and authority.

As anarchists, we consider it unthinkable that a comrade’s sentence of 19 years’ prison for the consistency and solidarity he has shown, pass in funereal silence by the anarchist movement almost in its entirety. This seems to be the consequence of the movement’s wider sense of defeat and lethargy at the present time. We for our part chose to break the silence and send a signal of solidarity to the imprisoned comrade V. Stathopoulos.

For this reason, on Friday night 11/5/21 we attacked the following:
1 post office at Piraeus
1 post office at N. Faliro
and a social services office at Moschato

To break inertia, to create direct action groups and hit the State mechanisms and their dogs until the noise from the attacks is heard inside the last cell of their  rotten system.

Direct Action Groups



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Bad News for the state and the capital from different places in the world Episode 45 (05/2021)

Welcome to the 45th episode of our monthly podcast, this time put together in Berlin. Every month we try to bring you the Bad News for the state and the capital from different places in the world. We broadcast this to show that our hearts and our thoughts are with all our friends who are in a constant fight with oppression but still are trying to organize their communities in solidarity.
1. Frequenz A: On the current uprising in Colombia
2. The Final Straw: Interview with Palestinian Filmmaker and activist Yousef Natsha
3. A Radio Vienna: Callout for international solidarity on June 11th
4. Crna Luknja: Interview from sister radio collective show Kilavo Seme
5. A-Radio Berlin: Remembering Josef Selnik,a romnja antifascist also known as Black Partisan, from Czech Republic
6. Frequenz A: On a repression case in Russia
Length: 1:20 h
And the music in this episode comes from Alice Dee and Mother Tareka
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June 11, 2021 statement from John Paul Wootton

I suppose my story is far from usual. It begins as a teenager, not yet 18 years old and angry at socio-economic conditions within his community.
Growing up in working-class Irish Republican areas, it was inevitable that I would be intensely exposed to that ideology and its propaganda. It claimed that all the ills in Irish society could be blamed on British state interference and that only an independent socialist state could offer a solution. The history, the romance, and the already strong presence in the community were hard to resist. I had found my answer.
Being young and inexperienced, my involvement was quite peripheral. It amount to not much more than attending street protests and distributing propaganda. However minor my role, the state took a dim view. I had dared to challenge its status quo; I was now a legitimate target.

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25–26–27 June 2021: Anarchist Bookfair in Carrara (Italy)

Presentations, debates, exhibitions, stands and distributions of books, pamphlets, papers, magazines and various materials. At Teatro P. 38, via San Martino 1, Carrara.
11am — Meeting and discussion with some comrades of the magazine “I giorni e le notti” on Anarchism in the era of the Emergency and the techno-totalitarian turn.
3:30pm — Presentation and discussion with the author of the book Sempre primi nelle imprese più arrischiate. Sabotaggi e colpi di mano delle prime bande partigiane in provincia di Cuneo [“Always First in the Most Hazardous Ventures. Sabotage and Sudden Attacks by the First Partisan Groups in the Province of Cuneo”], published by Il Picconiere – Biblioteca Popolare Rebeldies.
5:30pm — Presentation and discussion with the comrades editors of the internationalist fortnightly “Bezmotivny”.
11am — Meeting and discussion with some enemies of every border starting from their book Nemici di ogni frontiera. La lotta contro il Cpt nel Salento [“Enemies of Every Border. The Struggle Against the Temporary Permanence Centre in Salento”], Edizioni Anarchismo.
3:30pm — Meeting and discussion with some comrades editors of the paper “Vetriolo” on New technologies and crisis of globalisation.
5:30pm — Meeting and discussion with Alfredo Maria Bonanno and comrades of the magazine “Negazine” on Derealization and technological process. What is the current link and interaction between the economy, techniques, the structures of social control and the apparatuses of the State? What dimension do the action of anarchists, destruction, revolutionary transformation of reality take on today in the context of the ongoing technological process?
10:30am — Presentation and discussion with some editors of the books Anarchici di Bialystok. 1903–1908 [“Anarchists of Bialystok. 1903–1908”], Edizioni Bandiera Nera, and Varkarides – I battellieri. Il gruppo nichilista di Salonicco. 1898–1903 [“Varkarides – The Boatmen. The Nihilist Group from Thessaloniki. 1898–1903”], Edizioni Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot.
3:30pm — Presentation and discussion with the editors of the special issue of the aperiodical paper “Cheddite?” dedicated to the environmental and social devastation of the Apuan Alps and the district of Carrara.
5:30pm — Presentation and discussion with the author of the booklet Contro la pedagogia, qualsiasi pedagogia [“Against pedagogy, every pedagogy”], Edizioni Nero Abisso.
Throughout the three days there will be an exhibition against repression and stands with books, pamphlets, papers, magazines and other materials.
For contacts and informations:
PDF: Poster | 25–26–27 giugno 2021: Fiera dell’editoria anarchica a Carrara + PDF: Flyer | 25–26–27 giugno 2021: Fiera dell’editoria anarchica a Carrara

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Lecce, Italy – Thought and action: 3rd year of the Anarchist Publishing Fair 2021

Three days of diffusion and propaganda of anarchist ideas. Three days of books, meetings, presentations and discussions to talk about the history and actuality of anarchist thought and action, about the indissoluble link that unites them and about their ability to affect the world in the perspective of changing it.
Friday 4th June
6:30pm: Opening of the fair and of the anarchist press stands
8pm: Live music with Past&Fasul, between swing, gipsy, folk and jazz
Saturday 5th June
11pm: Control of the body and compulsory vaccination: a question that can’t be postponed – By some comrades and followed by discussion
1pm: Lunch
3:30pm: A look at war and borders through the identification of some of those responsible
Discussion from: Nemici di ogni frontiera. La lotta contro il Cpt nel Salento, ed. Anarchismo, 2019, by Some enemies of all borders
Leonardo-Finmeccanica and militarism in the Taranto territory: short recognition by some comrades of the Masseria Foresta
5:30pm: Radical critique of techno-industrial society in the thought of Ted J. Kaczynski – By some comrades and followed by discussion
8pm: Dinner
9pm: live music with Pippop, rap hardcore
Sunday 6th June
11am: Fuoco! Sangue! Veleno! Patto con la morte. Anarchici a Marsiglia alla fine del XIX secolo, Ed. Indesiderabili, 2020 – Presentation of the book by the editors followed by discussion
1:30pm: Lunch
4pm: Science, technics and technology are increasingly invading every aspect of the existent, aiming at the realization of total Domination. What can this awareness suggest? A multiple voices discussion with one of the editors of Contre le scientisme, by Pierre Thuillier, S-edizioni, 2020 and some of the editors of Chrysaora, anarchist magazine, Chrysaora edizioni.
8pm: Dinner
Via Silvio Pellico Lecce, side street of Via Taranto
Distributions of anarchist press and radical critique are welcome
We ask those coming from far away to let us know a few days before so that we can be organized
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June 11, 2021 statement from Thomas Meyer-Falk

A Call from the Dark Dungeons – 2021
Millions of people are in the prisons and dungeons of the world’s rulers. Countless people are on death row, others are there for days, weeks or months, and still others have been there for decades. Only a few weeks ago, it was announced in Germany that Hans-Georg would be released in 2021. It was January 20, 1962, when the Berlin prison gates closed behind Hans-Georg – he has been in custody since that day. He had shot two people after a robbery.
Long-term incarceration is in some ways similar to the death penalty; only, perfidiously, with the death penalty the state is more honest, openly wanting to kill the delinquent. With decades of imprisonment, death is also the often realistic prospect of escaping the walls, but on the way there, body and soul wither away.

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