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Bologna, Italy : Update to Chi non muore si ritrova [back from the dead, we meet again]

via: infernourbanoTranslated by act for freedom now!
Considerations concerning Operation “Ritrovo” and requests for special surveillance
A year after Operation Ritrovo [operation hangout] requests came for 5 years’ special surveillance with compulsory residence against 7 comrades involved in the investigation. A hearing has been set for 12th July. The move seems to us to be completely in line with what happened in both the recent past (Cagliari and Genoa) and that more remote. In the face of the failure or drastic reshaping of the contents of the investigation, they are trying to strike the same people with other means. The intent is clearly that of not giving up, weakening the contexts in which to think and to organize critique and opposition to the status quo is a practice that remains constant, even by simply having comrades feeling constantly watched, breathing down their necks, trying to put them under pressure.
Special surveillance, and in a different way “minor” custodial measures such as compulsory residence and prohibition of residence, are measures as devious as they are vile. Anyone affected by them is isolated in a way which is not as hard as heavier measures, such as arrest. However, even if with different means, the State’s aim remains the same: to narrow the space of those who act, take out of the way those who expose themselves and to give a warning to anyone who intends to do so. And it can succeed with both prison and other, even if lighter, measures. It is when comrades disappear from the contexts they had been struggling in until now, precisely because of these measures, that we can see that. And although we are not surprised that solidarity doesn’t express itself with the same impetus as for arrests, we still want to point out that what they are aiming for is often the same: to stop paths of struggle. And we cannot allow them to succeed.

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Athens,Greece Event: Procession for the Exarcheia area of Rebellion not Capital.

Event: Procession for the Exarcheia of Rebellion not Capital.
Day: 16/6/2021
Time: 19:30
Place: Plateia Exarcheia
Exarcheia does not only have a history, it has a present. And in this moment the neighborhood is a glimpse into the uprisings and repression, hope and battles captivating the world.
Exarcheia is not a museum to be showcased, a moment of fun had and discarded and certainly not a space for capitalistic efficiencies creeping need to devour.

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Greece: Solidarity Support Lesvos Mutual Aid and Solidarity Network

Greece. Lesvos. The world as we have known it is currently being reshaped by a pandemic. This ongoing situation is being exploited to amplify existing inequalities, increase forms of social control by the state, close borders, and push through measures that would have otherwise been met with heavy resistance. Those already with the least before the pandemic–the poor, the elderly, survivors of domestic violence and gender-based violence, homeless people, people struggling with addiction, and migrants– are now even more exposed, with fewer and fewer support structures still operating.
Originally published by Fire Fund.
However, many things remain the same: geopolitical interests provoke interstate conflicts, the consequences of which land on the backs of those with no power, who are already at the margins.

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Detroit, Michigan (USA): Noise demo for June 11th (en / es )

The June 11th noise demo outside of Wayne County Jails in downtown Detroit happened one day after the new interim police chief announced a plan to enforce strict noise and crowd ordinances in the wake of a fight in Greektown, which is one block from the Wayne County Jails. This included a plan to significantly increase police presence downtown on weekends.
Wayne County Jails are also presently experiencing a severe staffing shortage, which has led to officers refusing to work and likening their jobs to “being on death row.” In spite of this, we noticed police buses and vans downtown, parked and ready to load up more arrestees. We were not deterred by these intimidation tactics, as we were committed to showing up for the folks in our community being held captive by corrupt Detroit police.

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London, UK: Two Manifestations – In the Context of June 11 International Day of Solidarity with Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

Images from the wild demonstration on 11th of June  at  HMP Pentonville prison in North London

images of the  wild demo visit at Google London HQ  11th of June 2021

We decided to mark June 11 by calling our little ‘manif sauvage’, with two targets: HMP Pentonville and the forthcoming Google London HQ. The point of this is twofold. Firstly, to start again a trajectory which has ebbed during lockdown – that of constant antagonism at the houses of confinement. In a sense, this seems to us to be an affirmation of the sense of the day of June 11th: to clarify that any repressive installations are a part of the global self-sustaining matrix of social control and exploitation. As such, we have seen no contradiction whatsoever in offering a brief disruption to the grotesque regime of control in an English prison, and agitating, speaking in the language and reality of, the international anarchist tension.
But, unsatisfied with simply repeating a well-trod ritual, we also decided afterwards, to move to the Google ‘Campus’, still under construction only a short while away, overlooking the central metropolitan artery of Kings Cross station. There are material reasons for this: Lendlease the construction company is a main contractor for the UK prison industry, responsible for building the new megaprison in South Wales (a recent spontaneous insurrection in that territory should tell us something as to why authority has granted these contracts at great expense). On top of being responsible for a hideous ‘luxury housing development’ on the site of the former Heygate housing estate, they are now constructing Google’s London HQ: this repulsive worm, which will be as long as the ‘Shard’ skyscraper is tall, when completed. This is a monument to the power of social planners and technology multinationals to run the new crisis-ridden economy and categorise, collect and control all the minutia of our lives.

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Paris, France: Night visits to builders of prisons!

Those who participate in their construction, those who decide, order and design them (not those exploited in the building works)are content and capitalize on other people’s misery.
To disturb their tranquility, we paid two of them a visit at the beginning of this month of May.
More prisons! Passed on to each new government. There are those who have the honour of programming them and those who manage their construction. The excuses are always the same: to face overpopulation in unworthy conditions, in collective cells.

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Montreuil, France: Surprise visit to prison builders

Tuesday May 11th at around 2pm, about thirty people met up between two downpours at Montreuil (93), with leaflets, a banner, posters, paint and a little inspiration.
A few streets of Montreuil will remember their (lightning) visit but especially the Egis company at 4 rue Dolorès Ibarruri, who in growing their harvest in prison construction, also reaped a free makeover!
Until we meet again !
Via: nantes.indymedia.
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Argentina: Explosive Attack against Police Car in Buenos Aires

Responding to the appeal of action by our subversive and anarchist comrades on hunger strike from May 16 to 23.
We say that after the completion of the hunger strike, we felt the same urgency of action. To absorb the incendiary / destructive activity as an accomplice continuity form with whom today and yesterday, we fight from the enclosure of the State / Capital dungeons.
On the night of May 18 we left a tube sealed at its two ends, stuffed with fragmented munition, ground aluminum and black gunpowder. Activated by a timer of washing machine. Deposited below the infamous police vigilant patrol a few meters from the commissioner of the commune 15 of the neighborhood of Villa Crespo, Calle Camargo. Caba.

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