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en/de/ anarchist publication RUMOER #4

Anarchist publication RUMOER #4 is out! Check it on:
BOOOOOOOM!!! RUMOER number four on your screen (or preferably, on paper). Loaded edition with thoughts and reflections. About the curfew riots in the Netherlands, corona-stress of anti-authoritarian people but also on accountability-processes. Also there is lots of news from very far and  pretty nearby…
Like the last issues, this RUMOER will be spread on the streets, in
spots that are not 100% hygienic. You may also find it in your better bookstore or (anti)social-center. If you cant find it there you can also just print it, or send us an email with your order. You could order a couple more, so your friends and family profit from it as well. Quite nice is that you can send us some money, if you have any, otherwise we will just send you one for free. Send your request to RUMOER at RISEUP dot NET. Continue reading en/de/ anarchist publication RUMOER #4


May14th in the morning the sentence was being pronounced in the court of Bolzano against 63 comrades accused of devastation and looting following a demo against borders that took place in Brenner on May 7th 2016, for whom prosecutors were asking for over 300 years’ prison. Meanwhile, a group of comrades went to Bologna station to the platform where an OBB train to Munich was about to leave and pass through the border where an anti-immigrant barrier was to have been erected in 2016 by the Italian and Austrian states. For months anyone on those trains who didn’t have a white face was subjected to police control.
Today a banner was unfurled on the platform along with a spoken intervention as leaflets were handed out to the passengers to remind them and everybody else that borders continue to kill and that those who are against them or try to cross them are harshly repressed.
Here is the leaflet distributed during the initiative:

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Mexico: Explosive attack against an Armed Forces bank

via: Attaque

After midnight…
Just a few minutes after midnight on May 23 2021 we placed an explosive device composed of black powder and butane gas at number 7700 of the Calzada del Hueso, in the Tlapan area, town of Mexico, with the aim of destroying the installations of Banjèrcito, [a bank belonging to the Mexican armed forces] an objective that we fully accomplished.
We did it because…
We remember Mauricio Morales, a Chilean anarchist comrade who died tragically on May 22 2009, while transporting an explosive device apparently destined for the school of prison screws of Barrio Matta, in Santiago… You are present comrade !
We hear the call to action launched by the anarchist prisoners throughout the world. From Mexico to Greece, from Montevideo to Belgium, from Argentina to the United Kingdom, may armed joy continue to find us!

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[Estado Chileno] ES: Documental: “Lo Prado en llamas”

Actforfree received by email:
Desde Lo Prado. Hemos compilado en este material diferentes acciones que se desarrollaron en nuestra comuna -como en otras- desde el inicio de la revuelta el día 18 de octubre de 2019 hasta el 18 de marzo de 2020. También, hemos incluido un anexo sobre la continuidad de los hechos de violencia política desde el anuncio del Estado de Catástrofe hasta la conmemoración anual de la revuelta en medio de la pandemia por Covid-19.

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Capital and pandemic (Spoleto, Italy, May 29, 2021)

A year and a half after entering into a ”state of reanimation”, the world’s economic power has not yet been able to emerge from the violent crisis that erupted with the spread of Covid-19. On the contrary, in perfect confusional state, the more the crisis worsens, the more its courtiers preach of wonderful news in store for the near future. The magnificent and progressive destinies of science promise a totally renewed world, a humanity freed from fatigue and disease.
Behind this miraculous delusion, however, lies another reality: ecological destruction, physical and moral poverty, exploitation; a process inaugurated by the prison massacre of March 2020. The economic transition is accompanied by a change in the features of the state. An authoritarian turn of events that is transforming the new democracies into the kind of society that – from the vaccine passport to the curfew, from social distancing to the virtual network – we are just beginning to glimpse.
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Attack on Deforestation Machinery in Atlanta Forest (usa)

No Whistling In The Atlanta Forest: A Communique
This is a story about a couple of queers who gathered last night in Intrenchment Creek Park to reject destruction in the name of profit and power and to destroy the machinery of the nefarious polities that have defiled the Atlanta Forest. We have deep respect and regard for acknowledging that this is Muskogee land and was the site of horrific abuses, of displacement, chattel slavery, and prison slavery.
They set out meandering through the forest, touching undergrowth, brush, breathing the cleanest air in the city, feeling the wetland take them in as their heels sunk beneath them. After a short walk, they reached an artificial break in the embrace of the forest. They found themselves upon the intrepid mound of dirt, a site of destruction, a jarring crack in the rythym of the forest. In the distance, 7 unguarded machines were illuminated by the moonlight. They knew what they had to do.

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Montevideo, Uruguay : Solidarity

via: Attaque

From the territory usurped by the Uruguayen State.

During the night of Tuesday May 18 we decided to block one of the access roads to the town of Montevideo by fire.
clink for video action
We feel alongside the compas who, day after day, defy the daily routine of the prison, using their bodies as a stronghold in the struggle.
We send them a complicit wink of love and rage, which transcends the borders imposed by States and capital.
In memory of Mauricio Morales, comrade fallen in combat on May 22nd 2009; we want to send a loving warm hug to his friends and affinities, who remember him every day in the struggle.
Solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners throughout the world! In this month of May of black memory, we remember the compas fallen in combat and, in solidarity with the anarchist and subversive prisoners in Chile, in Italy, in Greece and all over the world, we materialize our rage with the complicit anarchic fire of the struggle.
To transcend the borders, walls and bars.
Long live anarchy!
For the spreading of the revolt!
Long live permanent insurrection!
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Unmarked police car arsoned (Germany)

By chronik on 1. Mai 2021
Bremen, May 1, 2021
Another spark in Bremen: Against the curfew! Against the world of order! Unmarked cop car torched downtown!
We join the Autonomous Group that lit a fire on the first night of the curfew (
The curfew is enforced with a massive contingent of cops and property protection, which leaves no other association than that of a police state.
If you are still on the street after 10 p.m., you are suspect. Until midnight you are exposed to police arbitrariness, which certainly has no witnesses. Cops decide whether you look like you could be doing sports or on your way home. After midnight there is no escape.

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Solidarity campaign, appeal court for the anti-fascist demo at 17/9/2015 (Athens,Greece)


At 17/9/2015, 2 years after the murder of antifascist Pavlos Fissas by the hand of fascist Roupakias, an anti-fascist – anti-state – anti-capitalist demonstration ( was called at Kaningos square by the «Anarchist’s assembly against state, capital, fascists».
As it has been historically proved, fascism is the right hand of bosses and states. Fascists are the useful front-men for the expansion of the capitalist interests on military terms, always embraced by the narrative of national consciousness and supremacy. Whenever needed, this narrative has been ideologically and materially employed on the purpose of redefining the social balances and the exploitative conditions.

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Mauricio Morales – Let’s turn the city to ashes, a collection of writings by and for a fallen comrade. $antiago, $hile, Septiembre Negro 2009. English Edition 2014.

cover pdf:
book pdf:
See to it that anarchy lives
Contents: Introduction – Poems – Correspondence with Axel Osorio – Music – Some found writings – Conversations – Stories – Love, kaos and anarchy – Words of your brothers – The fire spreads – Prologue
Published by Elephant Editions 2014.
Printed by some anarchist comrades, with contribution from comrades of Act for freedom now! project. Layout by Antonia.
(contact re book version)