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Dutch police seized servers of nostate collective – 325 and Act For Freedom Now!, North Shore Counter-Info, Montreal Counter-Info and more other sites.. (EN/ IT/ GR/ FR/ ES/ DE/indonisian

Part of the nostate ★ net infrastructure was attacked in early spring 2021. At the investigation of British security forces, the Dutch police stole a server with two hard drives from a data center used by the platform. This meant that some of the projects could not be reached for days.
The aim of this attack was to prevent the anarchist collective 325 from being present on the web. The link archive version after the project name goes to the internet archive with the version last saved at the time of the state attack.
Freedom & happiness
nostate collective
Communique from 325 Collective on the Repressive Attack upon International Counter-Information (UK)
On 29.03.21 the Dutch police raided the data center that holds the server, seizing the server itself as part of a criminal investigation into ‘terrorism’. is a collective that provided a platform for international movement websites from prisoner solidarity groups, multiple campaign collectives, anti-summit pages and international counter-information. Significant sites that used as a platform that have been targeted by this repressive attack by the Dutch police are Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Montreal Counter-Info, Northshore Counter-Info, Act For Freedom Now! (now re-activated on and 325.
We as a collective are aware that this was not just an attack by the Dutch police, but was done in coordination with the Counter Terrorism Unit of the United Kingdom in connection with their recent repressive attacks upon the anarchist circles in this country. Not only have they been threatening ourselves, but recently threatened unless they shut down our site. Along with this they demanded information be given to them of the identity of anyone involved in 325. The extent that the authorities will go to attack us and anyone they suspect of aiding us is of no surprise to us, the examples through history of state forces repressing anyone who dares to stand and fight them are numerous.
This repressive attack should be seen as an attack upon all
counter-information, on anarchist circles internationally. Under the present ongoing environment of Covid-19 and the repressive actions of states around the world, it is no surprise to us that they work together on an international level, the recent repression against anarchist comrade Gabriel Pomba da Silva, with co-operation between Spanish, Italian and Portuguese states, is a more than obvious recent example.
Our minds cast back to the repression of Indymedia in Germany and Greece, as well as not so long ago the imprisonment of comrades involved in Culmine, ParoleArmata and Croce Nera Anarchica in Italy. Through time the anarchist movement internationally has had its modes of communicating to the people attacked with countless anarchist publications having their premises raided, comrades arrested and even publications being censored, even destroyed, such as in the not too distant past with Alfredo M. Bonnano’s ‘Armed Joy’ in Italy, even Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’s ‘The Sun Still Rises’ in Greece.
It is also no coincidence that this repressive attack occurs now after our recent publication of ‘325 #12 – Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’. This publication that we feel hits to the core of what the states and capitalism are pushing forward, before and even more so now, under the cover of the Covid-19 pandemic, is a direct threat to their plans of subjugation, of robotosizing and automizing everything. Their attack has momentarily affected our distribution of the publication both online and physically, but it has inevitably failed. The technocrats that want to shape our world into one heaving technological militarized prison society are being exposed, not only by ourselves but by the already growing attacks internationally upon their infrastructure. This is what they fear, that this can grow and this is why they have come after us. From what we know, the police who are trying to hunt us down, they are relying upon tactics from their old repressive book of tricks, attempting to get others to snitch and shutting down counter-information. Ever since their ‘Operation Rhone’ aimed at attacking the anarchist circles in Bristol, they had only caught one person involved in an attack, but not anyone involved in the Informal Anarchist Federation or the other countless anarchist attacks.
Clearly they have not repressed any fire of rebellion as the riot, attack on the police station and burning of cop cars last month shows.
It has been silent for too long on this island of conformity, while the world outside starts to burn again, those embers are still glowing and we feel their warmth. More than ever there is an absolute need for co-ordination internationally between comrades, to attack directly this stinking corpse that attempts to resurrect itself, to further imprison us. Counter-information is an integral part of this international co-ordination, to allow those who want to act for freedom in this world to see the signals of complicity in every language possible, to speak the one language of insurrection and anarchy. There must be a re-energization of the international counter-information network, to once again become a threat internationally, after the repressive reaction that seeks to isolate anarchists from each other, not just around the world but even locally. The 325 Collective continue to move upon this path we already tred, even now we continue with our publication projects including a new re-print of ‘325 #12’, a new expanded issue of ‘Dark Nights’ and further projects for the future internationally. They will not silence or stop us and we will have our
About the website, we do not know yet whether it will return, it is very clear to us that if it is resurrected as ‘325’ anywhere else online, that the authorities will immediately target it once again. This also means that we could put at risk any provider in the future, as well as put other counter-information and movement projects at risk of being shut down as happened with the recent repressive attack. Who knows where all this will take us? What we do know is that we are far from backing down, not one step back, in the face of the enemy. Maybe it might be best to revert to the traditional printed word, to see peoples faces, to speak words, to conspire. We will not say never to the site returning, neither to it re-manifesting itself as a new project, only time will tell.
For now, our absolute solidarity with the comrades of & Act For Freedom Now! Along with all the other counter-info projects affected.
325 Collective

Komunike dari Kolektif 325 terhadap serangan represif kontra-informasi internasional
Pada 29 Maret 2021 pihak kepolisian Belanda menggerebek pusat penyimpanan data server, menyita data server sebagai bagian investigasi atas tindakan kriminal ‘terorisme’. adalah kolektif yang menyediakan platform situs gerakan internasional bagi kelompok untuk solidaritas tahanan, berbagai kampanye kolektif, situs anti-KTT, dan  media tanding kontra-informasi internasional. Situs yang menggunakan sebagai platform, yang  secara signifikan menjadi target serangan represifitas dari kepolisian Belanda diantaranya  Anarchist Black Cross Berlin, Montreal Counter-Info, Northshore Counter-Info, Act For Freedom Now! (saat ini coba diaktifkan kembali dan 325.
Kami sebagai kolektif sadar bahwasanya ini bukan hanya sekedar penyerangan oleh polisi Belanda, tetapi merupakan tindakan terkoordinasi dengan Unit Penanggulangan Terorisme  Inggris karena  sehubungan dengan serangan represif mereka yang baru-baru ini terhadap lingkaran anarkis di kawasan Inggris. Tidak hanya mereka mengancam diri kita sebgai individu, namun baru-baru ini mereka pun mengancam, untuk munutup server. Bersamaan dengan tindakan ini, mereka menuntut informasi diberikannya identitas siapa pun yang terlibat dalam jaringan 325. Namun sejauh mana pihak kepolisian  menyerang kami dan siapa pun yang mereka curigai membantu kami bukanlah hal yang baru dan mengejutkan bagi kami, kami telah melihat melalui sejarah, kekuatan negara secara massif  akan merepresi siapa pun  yang berani berdiri dan melawan mereka.
Serangan represif  ini mestinya dilihat sebagai serangan terhadap semua orang dan tiap kontra-informasi di kalangan anarkis internasional. Dalam kondisi Covid-19 yang sedang berlangsung saat ini dibarengi dengan tindakan represif  berbagai negara di seluruh dunia, tidak mengherankan bagi kami bahwa mereka bekerja sama di tingkat internasional, tindakan represif baru-baru ini terhadap kamerad anarkis Gabriel Pomba da Silva, melalui kerja sama  Negara Spanyol, Italia, dan Portugis, ini merupakan contoh yang jelas. Ingatan kita kembali pada tindakan represi Indymedia di Jerman dan Yunani, serta belum lama ini terjadi penangkapan kawan-kawan yang terlibat di Culmine, Parole Armata dan Croce Nera Anarchica di Italia. Seiring berjalannya waktu, gerakan anarkis internasional telah memiliki mode komunikasi untuk orang-orang yang mengalami penyerangan melalui publikasi anarkis yang tak terhitung jumlahnya, kawan-kawan ditangkap dan publikasinya disensor, bahkan dihancurkan, seperti yang terjadi di masa lalu kepada  Alfredo M.Bonnano’s ‘Armed Joy’ di Italia, serta  Conspiracy of Cells of Fire’s ‘The Sun Still Rises’ di Yunani.
Tentunya bukan kebetulan bahwa serangan represif  ini terjadi  setelah publikasi ‘325 #12 – Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’ baru-baru ini. Publikasi yang kami rasa menyerang  inti dari apa yang distimulasi oleh negara dan kapitalisme, di masa lalu dan  terlebih lagi sekarang, di balik kedok pandemi Covid-19, yang merupakan rencana pembungkaman, penyerangan serta perampasan segala hal yang dianggap menggangu. Serangan kepolisian untuk sementara mempengaruhi distribusi publikasi kami, baik secara online maupun fisik, namun itu tak akan bertahan lama dan gagal. Para teknokrat yang ingin membentuk dunia kita menjadi masyarakat penjara yang termiliterisasi dengan teknologi sedang diekspos, tidak hanya dari tiap individu tetapi juga  serangan yang sudah berkembang secara internasional terhadap infrastruktur mereka. Inilah yang mereka takuti, bahwa ini bisa tumbuh dan inilah mengapa mereka mengejar dan menyerang kita. Dari apa yang kami ketahui, polisi yang mencoba memburu kami, mereka mengandalkan taktik penindasan lama mereka, mencoba membuat orang lain mengadu dan menutup informasi tandingan. Sejak ‘Operasi Rhone’ mereka bertujuan menyerang lingkaran anarkis di Bristol, mereka hanya menangkap satu orang yang terlibat dalam serangan, tetapi tidak ada yang bersangkutan dengan Federasi Anarkis Informal atau serangan anarkis lain yang tak terhitung jumlahnya.
Sudah terlalu lama senyap di pulau konformitas ini, sementara dunia di luar mulai terbakar lagi, bara api itu masih bercahaya dan kami merasakan kehangatannya. Lebih dari sebelumnya ada kebutuhan mutlak untuk koordinasi internasional antara tiap jaringan, untuk menyerang secara langsung mayat busuk ini, yang mencoba untuk membangkitkan dirinya sendiri, memenjarakan kita lebih jauh. Kontra-informasi adalah bagian integral dari koordinasi internasional, agar memungkinkan mereka yang ingin bertindak demi kebebasan di dunia ini untuk melihat sinyal keterlibatan dalam setiap bahasa dan cara  yang memungkinkan, untuk berbicara dalam satu bahasa pemberontakan dan anarki. Harus ada re-energi dari jaringan kontra informasi internasional, agar sekali lagi menjadi ancaman internasional, setelah serangan represif yang berusaha mengisolasi anarkis dari satu sama lain, tidak hanya di seluruh dunia tetapi bahkan secara lokal. 325 Kolektif terus bergerak di jalur yang sudah kami lalui, bahkan sekarang kami melanjutkan proyek publikasi kami termasuk cetak ulang ‘325 # 12’, edisi baru yang yang memperluas isu  ‘Dark Nights’. Mereka tidak akan membungkam atau menghentikan kita dan kita akan mendapatkan milik kita
Tentang situs web, kami belum tahu apakah akan kembali, sangat jelas bagi kami bahwa jika kembali sebagai ‘325’, maka pihak berwenang akan segera menjadikannya target kembali. Ini juga berarti bahwa kami dapat membahayakan platform mana pun di masa mendatang, serta menempatkan proyek kontra-informasi dan pergerakan lainnya dengan risiko ditutup seperti yang terjadi pada serangan represif baru-baru ini. Siapa yang tahu kemana semua ini akan terjadi? Apa yang kita tahu adalah bahwa kita jauh dari kata mundur, tidak ada satu langkah pun untuk mundur, dalam menghadapi musuh. Mungkin yang terbaik adalah kembali ke cara tradisional, bertatap muka langsung, berbicara secara nyata, serta  berkonspirasi. Kami tidak mengatakan tidak akan kembali ke media situs, juga tidak memanifestasikan kembalinya sebagai proyek baru, hanya waktu yang akan memberi tahu.
Untuk saat ini, solidaritas mutlak kami kepada & Bertindak untuk Kebebasan Sekarang! Bersama dengan semua proyek kontra-info lainnya.
325 Kolektif
Alih Bahasa : Palang Hitam Anarkis Indonesis (WA)
The server, with all the projects hosted on it, was seized by the Dutch police on March 29, 2021. We have no official information about the reasons for the seizure.
The links on the right-hand side of the main page now lead to the latest pages of the websites stored in the Internet Archive. March 30, 2021
Note: the server is also home to several anarchist-run websites, including the international information and translation projects Act for Freedom Now! and 325, which have existed since 2008 and 2006 respectively. Following the seizure, the sites can no longer be reached at their addresses. [Text by published in German on the same website, translated into English by].
IT: È stato sequestrato il server di Il server di, con tutti i progetti che vi sono ospitati, è stato sequestrato dalla polizia olandese il 29 marzo 2021. Non abbiamo informazioni ufficiali sulle motivazioni del sequestro. I link sulla destra della pagina principale di adesso conducono alle ultime pagine dei siti memorizzate nell’Internet Archive. 30 marzo 2021 Nota: nel server di sono ospitati anche vari siti internet gestiti da anarchici, tra cui i progetti di informazione e traduzione internazionale Act for Freedom Now! e 325, esistenti rispettivamente dal 2008 e dal 2006. A seguito del sequestro i siti non sono più raggiungibili ai loro indirizzi.  [Testo di pubblicato in tedesco nel medesimo sito, traduzione italiana in].
GR: Ο server του, με όλα τα εγχειρήματα που φιλοξενούσε, έκλεισε απ’ την ολλανδική αστυνομία στις 29 Μάρτη 2021. Δεν έχουμε επίσημη ενημέρωση για τους λόγους του κλεισίματος. Οι σύνδεσμοι στη δεξιά πλευρά της κεντρικής σελίδας του πλέον οδηγούν στις τελευταίες σελίδες των ιστοσελίδων όπως έχουν αποθηκευτεί στο Internet Archive. Continue reading Dutch police seized servers of nostate collective – 325 and Act For Freedom Now!, North Shore Counter-Info, Montreal Counter-Info and more other sites.. (EN/ IT/ GR/ FR/ ES/ DE/indonisian

Athens,Greece: Solidarity Gathering in Loukareos courts for anarchist V. Stathopoulos

If the reason for the imprisonment of the anarchist Vaggelis  Stathopoulos is practical solidarity, we are called to answer that solidarity is not criminalized, is not suppressed and is not imprisoned.
To stand by him in the battles until his release. Monday 5/4, Tuesday 6/4, Wednesday 7/4 , Friday 9 April  2021 at 09:00 in Loukareos courts in Athens
two write letters to vaggelis:
Vaggelis Stathopoulos (βαγγελης σταθοπουλος)
Dikastiki filaki Larissas
T.K. 413 34


Solidarity is the bulwark on which state repression will be crushed. The trial against Vaggelis Stathopoulos for the repressive operation on November 8, 2019 begins (Athens, Greece, March 17, 2021)
The trial of anarchist V. Stathopoulos begins today, Wednesday 17/3 at 09:00 at the Loukareos Court of Appeal
Solidarity is the bulwark on which state repression will be crushed

Continue reading Athens,Greece: Solidarity Gathering in Loukareos courts for anarchist V. Stathopoulos

Greece:Text by Anarchist comrade prisoner Dimitra Valavani,trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops

Dimitra Valavani. Trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops.

Over the last year, more and more stories have reached the public about isolated moments of a continuous phenomenon which is as old as the existence of the state and authority. The phenomenon of police brutality.

From the murders of Afro-Americans in the USA, the murders in Myanmar after the coup, the riots in Paris after the voting of new laws in favour of cops, the murder of a ‘suspect’ in Albania, the fascist practices in Turkey, to Greece with the countless beatings of demonstrators and citizens, the vengeful transfers of prisoners, the continuous tortures in the Police Headquarters of Athens (Gada) and in the Police stations, the rapes and not only of refugees in the Deportation and Transfer Centre of Petrou Ralli, and many more incidents among which I can’t forget the torture of my comrades in Police stations, their beatings in demonstrations, and of course the violent treatment I faced from the cops of the Counter-Terrorism Unit when they attempted to take a DNA sample from me. After our arrests on Jan. 29 2020, while we were detained on the 12th floor of GADA, they asked me to give a DNA sample, which I refused, as I refused any type of cooperation. Since 2015, after the big hunger strike of prisoners, the prosecutor’s order that forced the taking of DNA, changed to ‘mandatory taking of DNA with respect to human dignity’. Continue reading Greece:Text by Anarchist comrade prisoner Dimitra Valavani,trial for the violent taking of my DNA sample by cops

Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility by Unrepentant Arsonists in the Westside.

We take responsibility for the arson of Alpha Bank’s ATM in Aigaleo on 10/03/2021 in Iera Odos str. This act expresses our solidarity to all those charged for the attacks against the uniformed torturers at the events in Nea Smyrni.
Defeat is death, the struggle continues, strength and fast recovery to the fighter Dimitris Koufontinas.
Original text in Greek here:
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Updates on sardinian imprisoned deported anarchist Davide Delogu (Italy, April 2021)

We learn that Davide is still in solitary confinement since his transfer to Vibo Valentia. He also informs us that in this prison books can only be sent by parcel and not as ordinary mail. This is problematic because of the question of the total weight of the parcels we can send him each month.
So Davide explicitly asks for a massive mailing of postcards, press reviews, even old pamphlets and newspapers; in short, anything on paper sent by ordinary mail to make the mail pile up. Specifically, he asks that all mailings be concentrated in one week, perhaps between the second and third week of April.
To write to him:
Davide Delogu
C. C. Nuovo Complesso
Contrada Cocari
89900 Vibo Valentia
Italy – Italia
To support the Solidarity Fund for the Sardinian Imprisoned Deported Anarchist Davide Delogu: IBAN IT27E0306967684510327514549 | Accountholder: Laura Gargiulo | For more information and updates (in italian language):
Sempri Ainnantis! [“always forward!” in sardinian language].
Sardegna Anarchica
[Published in italian by, translated into english by].

Komotini, Greece: Taking Responsibility by Arsonist Faction Commando Mauricio Morales

On 27/2 at dawn, we set fire to 2 ATMs (one of Piraeus Bank and one of the National Bank) in the city centre resulting in their complete destruction. An act of solidarity to the political prisoner Dimitris Koufontinas who faces the maniacal vengeance of state mechanisms and Bakogiannis family who has taken power in the last two years.
We are on the verge of having the first dead hunger striker in Europe after the state murder of Bobby Sands and 10 other members of the IRA in the English prisons 40 years ago with Margaret Thatcher in charge.Dimitris Koufontinas is an unrepentant revolutionary continuing with coherence his active struggle all the years he has been captive in the cells of “Democracy”. As such, he could only be embraced by the people of the movement.
The solidarity activities that took place and continue to take place for him, are a small taste of what awaits you if something happens to him.If you act with vengeance we will also do so for our part.
Hopefully with our incendiary attack we can give him a little warmth and strength to continue his struggle.
Arsonist Faction Commando Mauricio Morales
Original text in Greek here:
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Barcelona – Update on latest arrests (Spain)

(05/03/2021 posted by round robin/it)
As part of the riots that broke out in Barcelona during the last two weeks, 8 anarchist comrades were arrested on the night of February 27th during a cop charge.
On Monday morning, the Mossos d’Esquadra (catalan police) searched two squatted warehouses, in Mataró and Canet de Mar, neighbouring towns of Barcelona, where they seized material.
After a statement on Tuesday at 5 p.m., the judge validated the arrests without bail and sent them all to preventive prison.
The charges against the 8 anarchists are: attempted murder, organized criminal asociation, conspiracy, unauthorised demonstration, aggression, public disorder, assault and violence against public officials and damages.
The comrades decided not to answer the prosecutor’s questions, but to answer only to their lawyer.
The next day, they all received a PCR test and, according to the new anti-covid rules, they were forced to get vaccinated. (?!!)
They are now in solitary confinement in Brians 1 prison and for the moment they are not allowed to receive any clothes or money.
A team of three lawyers is taking care of their defence.
More updates coming soon.