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Greece: On Saturday night 30/7, we chose to carry out a smashing-up attack on 2 Piraeus Bank ATMs on the old highway of Larissa by anarchists.

Larissa, Taking responsibility

On Saturday night 30/7, we chose to carry out a smashing-up attack on 2 Piraeus Bank ATMs on the old highway of Larissa. The action was in solidarity with the anarchist Giannis Michailidis who, despite the suspension of his hunger strike since Friday 29/7, is still claiming his freedom. So, the announcement of this suspension did not prevent us from fighting back against the state’s vindictiveness against our comrade.



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Athens, Greece: By lighting an improvised incendiary device

 By lighting an improvised incendiary device

The anarchist comrade Giannis Mihailidis already served 3/5 of his sentence 7 months ago. He has completed more than two months on hunger strike demanding his release. His health is in poor condition with the possibility of permanent damage almost inevitable. The judicial authorities consider that the period of time (9 years) he has spent in prison is ultimately insufficient to rehabilitate him, basically accusing him of committing future crimes. The bourgeois justice system does not even try to hide its hypocrisy and contradictions, which are becoming more and more visible to an increasing area of society. During this same period, the judicial mechanisms have released from prison the child rapist Lignadis, the cop and murderer of A. Grigoropoulos, Korkoneas, the murderer of zack/zackie Horteria and the abuser Filippidis.

In recent months the impoverishment of the population is galloping at an even faster pace. The power/water cuts by the various utility companies, the extreme prices of basic goods in the super markets, evictions and gentrification compose a dystopian scene that is driving large parts of the world to impoverishment. At the same time, however, millions are given with frightening frequency by the state for armament programs to the army, cops and all kinds of repressive media.
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Rome, Italy: 10 cars are not enough…

Rome,  10 cars are not enough…

In the early hours of May 27, we carried out an incendiary action against the Enjoy carpooling vehicles belonging to the multinational ENI s.p.a. (national hydrocarbon company) in the Tuscolana-Cinecittà area of Rome. According to local newspapers, 10 cars were completely destroyed, while four others were seriously damaged.

ENI has always been one of the pillars of Italian capitalism, and its interests coincide with those of the State and, consequently, of the governments that succeed one another in administering it, whether they are of the right or the left, because its profits and infrastructures are strategic insofar as they strengthen the State in which they are located, being fundamental for the preservation of economic power, in the contemporary configuration of the capitalist productive system.

ENI is present in many countries where local and international conflicts are active for the control of energy resources: Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Kazakhstan (note that not a word was heard against the oligarch Putin when he sent his troops to quell the uprisings that broke out in that country), to name but a few. In these places, energy in the form of fossil fuels has been extracted from the earth for decades to feed the energy needs of Western industry, in a pattern that takes the form of true neo-colonialism. These extractive activities, it should be remembered, carry great risks for the environment and indigenous populations, especially in countries where controls and safety systems are consciously minimized in order to maximize profits, as in the case of the Niger Delta, an area severely devastated by continuous crude oil spills and the dispersion of gases and combustion residues resulting from extraction activities into the air.
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Thessaloniki, Greece: Responsibility claim for the placing of an incendiary device at a branch of the National Bank of Greece in 25th of March in the morning of 19/7, by Anarchists

 Thessaloniki,Responsibility claim

We take responsibility for the placing of an incendiary device at a branch of the National Bank of Greece in 25th of March in the morning of 19/7. This action took place in the context of the intensification of the multiform struggle and as an act of solidarity with the anarchist hunger striker Giannis Michailidis. The comrade, a prisoner of the State for almost 9 years, has maintained a consistent and dignified attitude towards the power mechanisms, having committed the most heinous – for the regime – crimes, such as participation in social struggles and mobilisations within the walls, bank robbery and prison escape.

Of course, these actions are unforgivable for the judiciary and political authorities, although he never asked for any forgiveness from them. He did not make any declaration of repentance or compromise his values, instead he put up his body as a barricade and decided to fight and claim his freedom.

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Chile: a fiery July in the Mapuche territories


A fiery July in the Mapuche territories

On July 9, 2021 in Carahue (Chile), Pablo Marchant Gutiérrez was assassinated during an attack against vehicles of the company Forestal Mininco, subsidiary of the cellulose giant CMPC. The 29-year-old former anthropology student, who later joined the Mapuche struggle through CAM (Coordinadora Arauco Malleco), was participating in the burning of a minibus, a skidder and a tanker at around 5pm on the Santa Ana-Tres Palos estate, when he was shot in the head at close range by carabinieri charged with protecting the interests of the loggers. Following this police assassination, the whole Mapuche area was set ablaze for many weeks.

Today, one year after the death of Pablo Marchant, how do we think that comrades who fell during the struggle can be commemorated? By organizing marches where we sit with dignity on the ground in a stony silence? By organizing unitary demonstrations to wave their big flags in the wind between two conferences, while making sure that nothing can boil over, in the name of “dignity” and “memory”, of course? Or by multiplying dispersed attacks in order to continue the struggle, thus continuing to make their ideas live within it? In any case, this is what the decentralized groups of the CAM, called Territorial Resistance Organizations (ORT*), but also other Mapuche struggle groups and anonymous people, have chosen, with a multiplication of forest interests destroyed around this anniversary in different areas of the region.

A brief chronological overview of these recent attacks in Mapuche territory (La Araucanía, Los Ríos and Bío Bío regions) …

Cañete, July 2, 2022. The four vacation cottages of the former head of the criminal police of the area go up in smoke

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Spoleto, Italy: Preventive class war of the Italian State

Preventive class war of the Italian State

The arrests that took place in the early morning of Tuesday, 19 July on a warrant from the Piacenza public prosecutor’s office are indicative of the repressive climate in Italy and the authoritarian turn in course. Four SI Cobas trade unionists were placed under house arrest for the long cycle of struggles that inflamed logistics from 2014 to 2021. Together with them, two USB trade unionists were also placed under house arrest and two others are the recipients of other precautionary measures. The prosecutor Grazia Pradella’s accusations are of conspiracy, assault, resisting a public official, sabotage and interruption of a public service aimed at extortion in order to obtain better wage conditions for workers.

We do not think we should be shocked by this repressive operation, as is happening at the moment, but rather that we should emphasise that it is an open manifestation, a true confession, of the mentality of the bourgeoisie in this historical period: for the gentlemen of GLS, Amazon, FedEx-TNT, as well as from the arrogant statements that are uttered every day by the leaders of Confindustria, everything must be allowed, everything must be permissible for them. Even putting up a tough fight for a wage increase becomes extortion. The whole loot belongs to them by right, one must not dare ask, one must not fight. The accusation of extortion is therefore not a scandal, but rather a sign of the times.

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7th July, Atlanta Forest.

…We noticed that police escorted a white work truck with boom lift affiliated with The City of Atlanta to install a very large & approximate 40 foot wooden pole on Key Road near the prison ruins in south Atlanta yesterday, for what appeared to be a high altitude surveillance tower…

Us beavers just so happen to LOVE a good hardwood pole, & will surely gnaw down more if you bring them!
Thanks for the snack APD!

We saved some leftovers for you on the side of the road in what also appears to be a mounting pile of broken surveillance cameras…

In Solidarity with Forest defenders holding it down in the South Atlanta Forest,
The Beaver Gang

Via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

Italy: From Valsusa

From Valsusa

In August 2018, an improvised explosive device struck the provincial headquarters of the [Northern] League in Villorba of Treviso, imposing a pause on Carroccio leader Salvini’s round of hate rallies. On July 9 of this year, the Court of Treviso held Juan Sorroche responsible for the attack, sentencing him in first instance to 28 years’ prison. Juan is our friend and comrade, present also here in Valsusa in the notav struggle, for which he is serving a prison sentence of over eight years for the day of struggle of July 3 2011.
Twenty-eight years. Unfortunately the enormity of such a sentence is not unique. Just three days before, on July 6, the court of Cassation requalified as “political massacre” an explosive attack against the Carabinieri barracks of Fossano (CN) of 2006 attributed to the anarchists Anna Beniamino and Alfredo Cospito, effectively sentencing them to life imprisonment. Moreover, from May 5 Alfredo joined the buried alive locked up in 41bis, a regime of total isolation and deprivation, real white torture aimed at crushing the resistance of those who, even behind bars, show that they do not intend to stop struggling.

To our knowledge, these are the highest sentences, ever imposed in Italy for similar charges. Just to get an idea, the definition of ‘massacre’, was not applied to the massacres of piazza Fontana or of Capaci. Using it to define actions that caused neither victims nor wounded is a juridical abomination, as well as semantic, which reveals all the persecutory will towards dissent and conflict, clearly less and less tolerable today. In fact, such cases can only be understood in their overall dynamic, to outline which we need only cite two other recent examples: the Turin public prosecutor’s investigation against dozens of militants of the Askatasuna social centre on charges of criminal conspiracy, and the operation against the SI Cobas and the USB of 19 July, in which the leaders of these trade unions were investigated and arrested on the incredible accusation of having wanted to ‘extort’ better working conditions and wages from the bosses… in other words, what every trade union should do!
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23rd June,2022

According to local media, Sandy Park Butchers and Tarr’s Ice Cream Parlour were attacked by the ALF, smashing the windows of both shops as well as spray painting “ALF” and “GO VEGAN”.

Mr Tarr told the local papers he had to stop production for the day and open a lot later as they had to clean up after the action.

Steve Cooper, from Sandy Park Butchers, said that he was not totally surprised to see the windows smashed as he has been attacked before. He says it is business as usual, although he will be affected by the expense and will have to get the isurance involved again.

This two attacks follow a relentless campaign by ALF activists in bristol who have been smashing windows at a steady rate for the best part of 2022.


Sassenage (Isère), night of May 18, 2022. The production workshops of ” Précis Mécanic “, supplier of the war industry and other technological nuisances, go up in smoke…

Night of May 18, 2022. The production workshops of ” Précis Mécanic “, supplier of the war industry and other technological nuisances, go up in smoke…

A plume of black smoke

It was exactly two months ago. On the night of May 17 to 18, 2022, shortly before midnight, a large plume of black smoke rose above Sassenage (Isère). A large blaze was in the process of devouring hundreds of square meters in an industrial zone located northwest of Grenoble. Major resources were deployed on site, but the firemen only managed to save the company’s administrative offices and a storage depot. The production workshop was completely destroyed. The 40 skilled workers and engineers employed by the company were put on unemployment until production could be restarted on another site.

If the press did not conceal this nocturnal fire with a modest veil of silence, it did not look further than the plume of smoke that rose that night over the Grenoble basin. This is perhaps because the name of the company ravaged by the flames is not particularly evocative. And indeed, one cannot prove them wrong: “Précis Mécanic” does not seem to be a name designed to attract attention. Yet, among the clientele of this precision mechanics and machining SME, which celebrated its fifty years of existence in 2016, appear well-known names from the technology industry: Schneider Electric, Siemens, Orano, Bosch, JST Transformateur. And that’s still without mentioning the services Précis Mécanic has already provided to the military industry, a merit it boasts on its own website: “production of card baskets, boxes for electronic cards embedded in nuclear submarines and fighter planes.”

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