Long live adventure! Long live attack! Long live anarchy!

Long live adventure! Long live attack! Long live anarchy!

We have been told repeatedly for years now that this is ‘the age of communication’. We too are convinced of this.

Communication of the civilisation of screens, of the destruction of language, of the disappearance, or almost, of the ability to show or feel emotion without robotic supports, the civilisation of freeze-dried feelings on silicon supports.

This communication is based on electrified concrete pylons, repeater towers that spread turmoil and leukaemia, server towers that make whole rivers evaporate, and communication increasingly overlaps with the control and domination they allow: global security experiments such as those put into effect with the advent of the Covid-19, or the brain-shredding war propaganda machine in the war between Nato and Russia are the most recent and devastating examples.

The effects of those experiments can be felt every day, for instance in the virtualisation (and consequent increased and refined control) of the world of school and wage labour. Although we are not partisans of school or factory, it does not leave us indifferent to see a new link being added to the increasingly oppressive chain of exploitation.

The main product of this communication is tons of data or mega-data, extorted at no cost from masses of humans put to profit by multinational corporations.

In addition to the tragic costs in terms of the robotisation of individuals, this communication is based on very concrete assumptions, i.e. physical supports that ravage the Earth, poison the air, intoxicate everything, producing, for example in relation to non-human animals, a real holocaust.

The other side of the coin, however, is that the offshoots of this immense system of communication and domination can be found almost everywhere, in every territory, thus also making them vulnerable.

On an adventurous winter night we attacked two telecommunication stations with a total of six antennas with tyres, petrol, rags and other inflammable material.
At the side of Alfredo and the other comrades in struggle who have gone on hunger strike in solidarity with him!
At the side of the comrades all over the world: in jail, in the streets, on the run!

Long live adventure! Long live attack! Long live anarchy!

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