Gesture in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospita, from Bogotá, Colombia.

December 24, 2022
via: informativoanarquista

With a small (but not unimportant) gesture of complicity we show our solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito, kidnapped in the maximum security prison of Bancali. Demonstrating his firm conviction and fighting against this extreme measure of annihilation, he has turned his body into another trench of combat, maintaining a hunger strike since October 20 to break from the 41 Bis regime, which he has been in since May 5.

Unsurprisingly, the state and capital will try to break the fierceness and indomitable spirit of any subversive comrade, but solidarity is our greatest weapon, let’s wield it. Let’s continue to generate actions to get Alfredo out of isolation and strengthen the anti-prison struggle.

We send love and strength from these territories for these strong days of mobilization in Italy. Embracing the solidarity gestures of Juan, Ivan, Anna and Toby, each one joining in hunger strike according to their possibilities in solidarity with Alfredo. Embracing the communiqués of solidarity with Alfredo from all the comrades in prison from all latitudes! Winking at the solidarity gestures of the black international, which is everywhere.

Until the last bastion of prison society is destroyed!
Free prisoners at war!
Down with the 41Bis regime!
Solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cóspito!
-“Lock up the bodies, censor the idea”
-“Facing confinement, there is no room for resignation, only the unbreakable desire to see this world burn. They will never be able to shut us up”.
Bogotá, Col, December 1, 2022