Italy: number 1 of “Soffi e Graffi” [?Whiffs and Scratches] is out – 18 November 2022

Number 1 of “Soffi e Graffi” [?Whiffs and Scratches] is out – 18 November 2022

Blowing on fire. Fuelling fires. Searching for the powder keg in the wind. The spark of anarchist thought has always aimed at this as it strikes in the most unexpected places. Even before it took a name, the tension towards freedom and revolt already sparked off adventures and instilled courage against subjugation and domination. Blowing away voluntary servitude is a way to look at the world with unprecedented perspectives. From everyday misery one can always set off for an elsewhere, arrive at new forms of thinking and living.

Scratching skin. Some from marks left by the tangled brambles of the Dark and Mysterious Forest. Others the claws of the beasts that make themselves known  looking the enemy in the eye. The latent feeling is that there is still a hostile place, intricate and refractory to those who wish to map and explore it. An untamed being in the world with an existential rage that transcends resistance to mutate it into attack, permanent conflict, autonomy. A small fragment of freedom inside each one of us, unknown even to ourselves, which however at times seeks paths of affinity with other sensitivities. But what use are names for something that is unnameable?

Blowing on water. Watching the ripples refract and diffuse. What will reach the depths of the eyes? The deception of language. The betrayal of words that from indistinct thought become handwriting. That is why we cannot adorn ourselves with any truth. Much less tell it. And yet, with the stirring of the soft foundations, the ideas about the world that we already carry within us can unravel, so that we can venture into the abysses of our own ego. Discover that survival is not everything. Dreams and passions still exist. What conclusions to draw from them? Onwards, without certainty, day after day, by whiffs and scratches.

Potete scaricarlo QUI


Translated by Act for freedom now!