France,Houdelaincourt (Meuse): sabotaging the ANDRA atmospheric station

Houdelaincourt (Meuse): sabotaging the ANDRA atmospheric station

When Andra offers toys to scientists, we also want to play
Indymedia Lille, October 31, 2022

In the spring of 2022, three months before the results of the declaration of public interest (DUP), the National Agency for the Management of Radioactive Waste unveiled an “excellent” atmospheric station in Houdelaincourt, near Bure (Meuse). The most modern in France.

In its constant search for ideas to gain acceptance for its radioactive waste project, Cigéo, and always in its drive to buy acceptance, to give itself a good image and support on the territory, Andra has offered the national and European scientific community an atmospheric station at the cutting edge of the latest technologies.

This station, financed by Andra, is already collecting data, data that is necessary to feed its application for authorization to build (DAC). Once again, Andra is forcing the issue and getting ahead of the game.

Thus, IRSN, OPE, AGE and other expert acronym agencies, will be able to play around with their latest sensors and thermometers to observe the deterioration of climatic and atmospheric conditions, and in the process, participate in the realization of the Cigéo project. The independence and the criticism of these structures of observation and “control” can be questioned. Andra’s cynicism is keeping up with its investments (see “if the project sees the light of day”).

Live from the station.

On an unusually warm and starry autumn night, a few comrades were gathered at Houdelaincourt to sabotage the redevelopment of the station. A sabotage carried out on the electricity supplies of the atmospheric station and largely by fire. We will not send you the bill, it’s a present.

Even if the damage is limited, we hope to have caused some chaos in the measurement results for the application for authorization to build. by cutting the power supply.

Ps: the fact that the station’s backup power supply was installed   right next to the main power line was an additional treat to easily demonstrate the fragility of the nuclear power grid. That said, once again, it does not reflect well on ANDRA’s safety systems, considering the ultimate nature of this project.

A special thought to the incarcerated and hunger-striking comrades.
Down with nuclear power and destroy the prisons.

the little scoundrels


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