La Nemesi: a new website in support of practices of attack and international revolutionary solidarity

La Nemesi is a website run by anarchists and dedicated to publishing texts about the conflict against the state, capital and all authority. With the opening of this website we intend to go beyond the characteristics of so-called counter-information, giving more space to texts and contributions that more often than not, in the counter-information spaces that populate the virtual world, end up being buried in the vagueness generated by the telematic tool.

La Nemesi was thus created with the aim of publishing and spreading claim or informative texts concerning actions and sabotage, as well as articles, reports and correspondences from uprisings and insurrections all over the world. It is a kind of ‘bulletin’ of the anarchist revolutionary struggle and more generally of the social war waged by the oppressed.

Equally space will be dedicated to the publication of statements and documents written by anarchists imprisoned in state prisons, as well as updates on the prison situation of comrades, mobilisations and initiatives in solidarity, past, present and future anti-anarchist repressive operations, and in general the repression against the movement.

In addition to this, editorial news (recently published papers, magazines, sheets, bulletins, books, pamphlets, etc.) and occasional articles or extracts of texts from more or less recent publications will be included. Unlike the other articles, these latter insertions will be dictated by the good and bad taste of those who manage the website.

A further part of La Nemesi will consist of a section, open as an archive, dedicated to articles and texts claiming actions carried out by anarchists in Italy from the 1950s until today. The geographic and temporal delimitation is placed not only to give a limit to a work that otherwise, if extended indefinitely, would be exceedingly mastodontic, but above all because we believed it was necessary to have an accessible space in which to collect countless texts paying attention to what has happened during these decades specifically in Italy. For this section, we will always welcome corrections, clarifications, information, new texts to be included.

Finally, we would like to make it clear that this website does not aspire to represent, homologate or be a spokesman for anyone. It is not the work of a collective, a group or a specific ‘area’: it is run by a few individuals who, quite simply, felt it necessary to amplify the scope and possibilities of the agitation and propaganda of anarchist ideas.

Our struggle, in a way, is a nemesis against a fate that power would like to define as inescapable. It is not a redistribution of justice or a balancing of responsibilities, but a rage that by its excess affirms a simple truth: the future, joy, life we wrest and make our own against all adversity, exploitation, oppression.

It is with this awareness in our hearts that we support the practices of attack and international revolutionary solidarity with all imprisoned anarchists and revolutionaries. We fight, until total liberation, for the destruction of this social order and all authority.

September 2022