Santiago, Chile: Incendiary attack burns six trucks and a butcher’s meat packing plant + Claim leaflet

During the early morning of Monday, September 19, even with the patriotic feast in the air, a group of at least 6 anonymous encapuchados (hooded ones) completely overtake the Susaron butcher’s shop on Matta Avenue, Quilicura commune.

With firearms they managed to reduce the guard, and then spray and set fire to about 6 trucks of the meat company.

Before disappearing completely from the place, they throw pamphlets for animal liberation, while the flames begin to spread, setting the meat packing plant on fire.

About 70 firefighters arrived at the site to extinguish the fire, and then the incinerated remains of the vehicles were examined by the PDI. The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, said:

“Unfortunately, we have seen during the last weeks the call for several events linked to the defense of animal rights, with which surely most of us agree to protect the rights of animals, but I think no one agrees is with the exercise of violence (….) has no link the defense of animal rights, which is completely legitimate and I think it has earned a space in the agenda of the country, to the exercise of violence that Chile rejects and that we will criminally prosecute.”

Press info: T13, Meganoticias

Pamphlets found in the sector:

“The attack is expanding and we are growing in boldness, mind and danger. Beware, the groups of intransigent anti-speciesist belligerence are blooming like daisies. Today we attack this company in its infrastructure, tomorrow it will be its owners and collaborators of any kind. For all of them we predict lead and shrapnel.

Animal liberation, without consideration for whoever crosses in front of us”.

Source: Noticias de la Guerra Social
via: darknights