Microphone solidarity with the uprising in Iran |Saturday 24/9 13.00 Monastiraki Area (Athens,Greece)

May the flame of the uprising in Iran spread across the earth

The assassination of Masha Amini by the vice police, has sparked a giant uprising in the territory of the Iranian State in recent days. Large-scale demonstrations, wild clashes with the repressive apparatus, attacks on police stations, destruction of State and capitalist targets make up a mosaic of a spontaneous anti-state uprising, which puts God and the State in the crosshairs. It sets its sights on decades of cruel repression and oppression.
In recent decades the rulers of the Iranian State have chosen religious fundamentalism as a mechanism of governance. A counter-revolutionary strategy by which those in power try to present exploitation, oppression, murder as divine and virtuous work. They impose national unity around a common religion so as to conceal social and class antagonisms. They divide them from below by creating false juxtapositions such as the issue of faith, reinforcing the oppression of women with their total control by men and of course by the State. The extreme oppression of femininity, heretics, those who deviate from official doctrine is the daily life of those from below in this corner of the world. It is precisely in this context that the horrific murder of Masha took place.

One cannot help but be outraged and disgusted by the hypocritical condemnations of Western States and political parties, calling for more rights for women and condemning religious fanaticism. The same States that fostered fundamentalist movements as a counterbalance to the growing radical movements and struggles in the `60s and `70s across the Middle East. The same ones that in their territories breed the whole world of patriarchy, carry out genocide and State murder of those who are left over or resist, the same ones that are waging and preparing to wage bloody wars for the interests of their masters and their power. The same States that have repeatedly bloodied the Middle East and plundered the “third world” so that the people uprooted by this Religious Fundamentalism and wars drowned in the Mediterranean, were trapped in fences, left to die by the thousands out of indifference.

Those who must be outraged and show our solidarity, we are the people from the bottom of this world who experience the exploitation, oppression and arrogance of the rulers daily. The only solution is to realize that our only and true enemy is the State, capital, patriarchy, power and exploitation.

The demonstrators who are fighting who are giving their lives these days in Iran, are a cry of resistance and dignity. The uprising in Iran is a bright reminder to the oppressed of this world that even in the harshest of times and under the harshest of regimes, the vision of freedom and equality cannot be stifled. A bright reminder that the horrors of the State and capitalist world can be defeated.

From rebellious Hong Kong, to Lebanon and Syria, from France, to the USA, Chile, Colombia, from Haiti to the torched parliament of Kazakhstan and the occupied prime ministerial palaces of Sri Lanka, breathes the vision of a better world. Let’s spread the flame of revolt across the planet, till the global social and class revolution, till the end of all power and the creation of a world of solidarity, equality, freedom, till Anarchy.

Microphone solidarity with the uprising in Iran |Saturday 24/9 13.00 Monastiraki.
Patriarchy is a regime as long as there is a State and capitalism
Civil roles give birth to cemeteries, down with States and all power
Neither Islam nor Christianity, no State, no god

anarchist collective Acte

Translated by Act for freedom now!