Hualqui (Chile): to make the power of this world explode


Hualqui: to make the power of this world explode

Sunday September 4, 2022, around 6 am, the same day when the Chilean population had to vote by referendum on the project of the new Constitution (the vote was obligatory), unknown persons placed four explosive charges on a high-tension pylon located in Hualqui (region of Bío Bío).

The pylon of the Hualqui-Lagunillas high-voltage line of the Transelec company collapsed to the ground, while two others were seriously damaged in its fall. According to the Chilean investigators, three charges did their job, while a fourth one failed, and the explosive used would be high density dynamite of mining variety.

At the scene, a banner signed Resistencia Urbana Autónoma (RUA) was found, saying: “Let’s launch sabotage against extractivist projects in the territory / Those who forget the prisoners forget the struggle / Freedom (with a circle A) for Víctor Llanquileo* and all Mapuche, anarchist, subversive and revolt prisoners.

* The Mapuche prisoner Víctor Llanquileo, incarcerated in Arauco, has been on a dry hunger strike since August 30.

[Chilean Press Summary, September 5, 2022]