France : Pyrénées Orientales : quadruple optical fiber sabbotage

From France Bleu 10 and 11 sptember 2022 : “this is sabotage” internet alimentation cable cut in Pyrénées Orientales

Since several days, a lot of Pyrénées Orientales inhabitants are victims from mobile and internet network cuts, lasting long hours. According to to the network responsible, Altitude Infra, cables feeding all the departement (area) have been indeed sabotaged, touching more than 10 000 Orange, Free, SFR and bouygues clients.

“We noticed 2 times, Wednesday and another time at the end of the week, that the department internet feeding, coming from Paris, by a cable, has been cut”, details Jean Roque, departmental Councillor for the Very high speed internet. Everything let thinks it is a deliberate act. “This is very worrying” says the elected representative, “this is sabotage, moreover it can touch everybody, specifically professionals, ADSL client, optical fiber, or even just mobile phone.”

Thursday 8 September, the first incident happened at 6.36pm on a cable feeding all Pyrénées Orientale, then a second at 9.32pm, on the secondary cable. On the spot, technicians notice that cables have been cut, they work all night to repair the network. The day after, friday, a new incident touch the users, around 7pm. “A new cut occured, on the same links, confirming a vandalism act” explain Ilham Djehaich, general director of Altitude Infra.

Once again , technicians operate all night long to repair the network.
But this saturday 10 september, again, this very same cable is cut, at
4.15pm. “We directly set up a guarding to watch the place”, explain the director, for who those acts are vandalism : “This is clearly someone who is an expert, who knows where to cut and to the right place”.