Berlin , Germany : Claim for arson against vehicle of Greek Embassy

Berlin: Claim for arson against vehicle of Greek Embassy

Attentively we have followed how the Greek state crushes demonstrations in the streets of Athens. The government of Nea Dimokratia and its judiciary have proven that in the hunger strikes of D. Koufontinas and G. Michailidis, they are ready to let prisoners die rather than give in one step. We know the videos of the lynching of Zak Kostopoulos with the participation of police officers. As well as the execution of N. Sampanis in Perama by DIAS is an expression of a ruthless regime, as is the murder of Vassilis Maggos in Volos. The blood drips from the hands of the Greek authorities.

The new junta thinks it is smart to use the August vacation period to start building the metro station in Exarchia. Their goal is to destroy every social base and occupy every place of resistance with troops. The evictions of squats in Thessaloniki and the police invasion of the university there have not escaped our attention either.

Everywhere the Greek state encounters resistance from parts of society. We want to support this resistance to bring down the project of ND. The system of ND, its justice and its cops, is the state of rapists. The release of rapists and the simultaneous attack on a feminist demonstration in July in Athens, symbolizes the values of the government of Mitsotakis.At the same time, the killings at Greece’s borders continue. In league with FRONTEX and mercenaries, Greek authorities are responsible for the daily deaths at the gates of the European fortress.

The diplomats stationed abroad at the Greek embassies are nothing but dealers. Dealers in the procurement of arms for the army and police. Dealers in the privatization of the public sector to international companies. Dealers in human trafficking to provide enough cheapest workers without endangering white male supremacy. Dealers in greenwashing environmental destruction for the benefit of industry. Diplomats establish contacts within the capitalist order.

On Monday, September 5, the Minister of Tourism Vassilis Kikilias is expected in Berlin. He will meet here with the top of German companies to expand the exploitation by tourism. Specifically, with the boards of Lufthansa, DER Touristik, DRV (Association of German Travel Agents), ATTIKA Reisen, Condor and TUI. Tourism is the most important source of income for the junta to carry out its murderous program.

If one of the tasks of Direct Action Cells is to ensure that fear changes sides, attacks must take place in the private surroundings of the opponent. For example, in front of the house of a diplomat of the Greek embassy in the quiet district of Lichterfelde. Here we set fire to his embassy vehicle in Magaretenstraße. And that was as a welcome to Minister Kikilias, at dawn on September 4. It was an expensive BMW, which certainly came into the diplomat’s possession through bribes.

Our attack is a sign of solidarity with all resistant neighborhoods in Athens. We support their struggle against police terror and gentrification. Even if our means are modest, let our determination to resist and defend ourselves be stronger than the will of our enemies.

Strength and freedom to the unrepentant prisoners in the Greek jails!

Death and decay to the Greek border regime – Stop Pushbacks!

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