Besançon (Doubs) France : Whether in prison or in the hospital, down with power!

[After a first leaflet on the current situation of Boris released on July 28 -Besançon (Doubs): The medical and judicial powers are relentless against Boris-, a second text has just come out, focusing more specifically on the medical power that the comrade is facing…]

Whether in prison or in the hospital, down with power!
Solidarity with Boris
Indymedia Lille, August 13, 2022

The anarchist comrade Boris has been in prison in nancy maxéville since september 2020 for sabotaging two 5G** relay antennas during the first lockdown. He had been in prison for almost a year when, on the morning of August 7, 2021, a fire broke out in his cell. Boris was hospitalized in Metz hospital, then in the intensive care unit of Besançon hospital. He is currently in the palliative care department of the same hospital.

My first concern will be to restore, preserve or promote health (in italics, excerpts from the Hippocratic Oath)

Since the beginning of his hospitalization, and despite setbacks, Boris’ overall health has been improving. This did not prevent the “medical college” of the hospital in Besançon from deciding that it was not worth resuscitating him in case of a new sepsis, to stop any therapeutic care that would give him a chance of recovery and to throw him into the death ward that is the palliative care department. His current “doctor”, Elisabeth Batit, has “assessed” his condition and has decreed that he has “little chance of recovery”, despite the fact that his positive developments keep denying it. Are the doctors wrong? This is much more serious. Doctors base their diagnoses on imaging, examinations, analyses, without ever taking into account his clinical image, which is quite different from what results from the machines. The mechanized image has more diagnostic value than the real image. Therefore, since the machines say so, Boris is not “curable” and therefore there is no point in trying to improve his condition!

I will not use my knowledge against the laws of humanity

Especially since Batit systematically and deliberately blocks any transfer to another medical facility where he would have a better chance of recovery. She thus tramples on one of the fundamental principles of “deontology” and ethics that doctors are so fond of reminding us of, that of non-maleficence, of harm caused intentionally and voluntarily by a doctor against their patient.

Where Boris’s health is not dysfunctional or not very dysfunctional, he is directed towards an exceptional measure, causing a total loss of freedom in the decision-making aspect of his life. On the other hand, when he has significant difficulties (total or almost total paralysis of the limbs), these are denied by directing him to an ordinary environment: what is recommended in his condition is hospitalization at home(!)

I will respect all people, their autonomy and their will, without any discrimination according to their condition or their convictions.
I will not undertake anything beyond my competence.

No state has ever admitted the existence of political opponents who question and fight its very existence. They were “bandits”, “enemies of the nation”, often “psychiatric cases” in order to repress and discredit political speech and action. The police and the judiciary have repeatedly tried to depoliticize Boris’s acts of sabotage by trying to portray him as a pyromaniac psychopath. Boris, on the other hand, has always taken on political responsibility for both direct action and propaganda of the deed, as well as for his actions against the technology in the hands of the state and capital that leads to the generalized profiling, constant surveillance and commodification of our bodies and lives.

What the judiciary has failed to accomplish, the medical establishment has taken over. Elisabeth Batit reported to the public prosecutor of Besançon asking for his “legal protection”. Beautiful words (as if the justice of the State could “protect”) which hide behind them a sordid reality: that of the infantilization of an adult person who has from now on the same rights and leeway as a child. A social demotion, reserved for those who do not correspond to the social, health or mental norms defined by the State on behalf of capital. This elitist, selective, even eugenicist policy finds significant support within the medical profession which does not hesitate to legitimize it by its
“scientific knowledge”.

Descendants of the collaborationist doctors who took the pulse of tortured people to tell the torturers if they could continue, Elisabeth Batit and Thomas Carbonnel, a psychiatric “expert”, have decreed that Boris was “influenceable” (is that a medical term?), a pretext for putting him under “legal protection”. In the collective imagination, a person under guardianship is too often a “limited” person. Imposing a guardianship measure on Boris reveals a clear political goal: not only to “psychologize”, even “psychiatrize”, but also to discredit and depoliticize his speech under the pretext that he no longer has all his mental capacities. For us, friends and anarchist comrades who take the time to discuss with him for hours, it is clear that not only does he have all his intellectual capacities, but moreover he demonstrates at each visit that his memory works, that he has kept his taste for criticism of the social and political world, and more broadly this combativeness translates into an obvious desire to live.

Since for Batit, the Hippocratic oath is empty words, empty of meaning, let’s remind her of the fall that fits him perfectly:
may I be dishonored and despised if I fail to do so

It is already the case, Batit!

We call for solidarity action for Boris by the means that each individual deems appropriate.


Anarchist comrades

** Sansnom note: these two antennas burned on April 10, 2020 on Mount Poupet during the first containment, were not 5G, but 4G of Enedis, the gendarmerie, the police and the four operators (SFR/Bouygues & Orange/Free)

via:sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!