Poster : Waging our own war ( France)

Waging our own war

Entire cities razed to the ground. Soldiers killing defenseless and terrorized people. The exodus of millions of people. In the face of such horrors, the condemnation of war is unanimous. Our stomach can only protest, overwhelmed by a feeling of nausea.

This does not prevent most of us from living in the midst of the machinery and infrastructures that make these massacres possible. Because yes, indeed, the war starts here, at home. In the hundreds of factories, workshops and laboratories that constantly produce the instruments of death. In the deadly logistics that allow the uninterrupted flow of weapons and equipment. In the energy systems that feed the war machine. In other words, all the tearful speeches about the end of war are a real hypocrisy, as long as there are industrialists to produce it, politicians to declare it, scientists to innovate it, generals to manage it, in short, as long as the interests of those who collaborate with it from near and far flourish.

Is the military industry protected from prying eyes by thick smoke screens? Does all this production take place in distant underground bunkers? No, it’s all there! Exposed to the attention of anyone.

If we still want to communicate something without being condemend to being drowned out by the days, then all that remains is to shout out this uncomfortable truth with all our breath. Massacre, the blood and the violence of war are not the exception; they are central elements of this infamous society to guarantee its survival.

The logic of all war is to plunge us into apathy and disarray. Indeed, in the face of military force that seems limitless, any human intervention may seem impossible. How can we act in a way that is our own when States and armies clash ferociously like giants on the surface of the Earth?

Daring to ask different questions can be a good starting point to get out of our powerlessness and to glimpse the possibilities of intervention. Where does the war begin? Who are those who produce it, innovate it, manage it… and in what way? Starting from there, what can we do?

Does being against war mean that we only want to oppose it peacefully? Certainly not. Passive indignation will not help us to prevent many more deaths following those in Ukraine and elsewhere. If we want to work to make the war of states and all that accompanies it disappear, there is only one way. We must declare war on the people, the factories, the research laboratories and the infrastructures that make it possible: the clay feet of this gigantic crushing machine.


[Received by email, August 12, 2022]

via:sansnom Translated by Act for freedom now!