Germany: After the raids on anarchists in Munich – the repression continues


After raiding several anarchists’ apartments in Munich in a §129 case a little over a month ago [Note of Sans Nom:”creation of a criminal organization”], as well as the Frevel anarchist library and a print shop*, the cops are continuing their repressive efforts.

Obviously, the theft of an entire print shop was not enough for them, since they also put pressure on the landlord of the Frevel library and succeeded in intimidating him into terminating the lease, so that the library will lose its premises at the end of the notice period, i.e. in early December.

What happens next is still uncertain, but those who still want to come to the library to say goodbye or to get to know us are cordially invited to do so.

Pieces of shit police!
More information will follow soon.

* See here for example: Munich (Germany), about the search and seizure of a printing house

via: sansnom translated by Act for freedom now!